How Long Can Instagram Reels Be?

Instagram is a widely accepted social media platform that is a hub of content creation. Instagram allows people to make reels and show their talent to the rest of the world.

Now you might be wondering how long can Instagram reels be. Is it possible to use different sound effects or music?

The creators can successfully use Instagram reels that increase account exposure. Since the advent of reels users can prefer using different sound effects and music to make their reels more entertaining.

Instagram has made multiple changes while adding more features. One of the main things is the length of reels that is steadily increased over time.

How long can Instagram reels be?

In July 2022, Instagram users can share reels with their audience that is up to 30 seconds long. But later on, the authorities extended the duration of reels.

It shows users can make Instagram reels that are up to 6X longer than initially launched.

At first, the reels can last up to 15 seconds but the creators extended the duration up to 30 seconds. The concept of “30 seconds” lasts over a year.

After that, authorities of Instagram further extended the duration of reels up to 60 seconds. Even though you publish Instagram reels more often still you need to ensure the content reaches more people.

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What is an Instagram reel?

Most of us must be wondering how long can a reel be on Instagram. Is there any specific need to create content online?

Instagram reels are short videos that are fun to create and highly entertaining content that can offer possibilities of gaining wide attention.

It is a type of content that appears in two places like the user’s feed and reels tab.

Ways to determine the length of Instagram reels: 

Preferred goal

If your goal is to create content and get attention via video then recommended video length should be 2-10 seconds.

The content should be short and entertaining which helps you to gain massive attention without hustling a lot.

The intro of the video should be energetic and impactful. The reel cover should be interesting which helps you to hook the audience and gain more views.

Fast-paced video

Fill your video content with impressive texts and background images that are an important part of reels. The reel videos go by too fast as the users can read and watch them only one time.

It provides a great opportunity to gain attention while getting a single chance. So, it will be better to gain information regarding reel length and make content accordingly.

Add an element of surprise: –

You should add an element of surprise if you want to elevate the number of views on your reel video. According to professional content creators, it will be beneficial to post a reel of 3-10 seconds.

But it will be more of a GIF rather than a content creator. This is why you should an element of surprise to gain attention within 10 seconds or feel free to make perfect use of “60 seconds”.

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