Wondering How to Change Snapchat to Dark Mode? We’ll Tell!

how to change snapchat to dark mode

Nowadays, we use our mobile devices a lot. Probably more than we should. At night, the blue light coming from our screens can cause issues like eye strain, headaches, and an inability to sleep. Lots of apps and devices have created ways to reduce these problems, and one of them is Dark Mode. Dark Mode is available on a range of apps and devices. You can even set your phone to only work in this way. In this article, we’re going to focus on the social media app Snapchat, and we’ll teach you how to change Snapchat to Dark Mode.

Dark Mode: What It Is

Dark Mode is all about altering the colors on your phone screen to make them easier to read in the dark. It is also called night mode or bedtime mode for this reason. You can turn on Dark Mode on your phone to help ease any issues you get with using your phone in bed at night or anywhere with dark lighting, like a bar.

Most apps have created a Dark Mode due to popular demand for this feature. Dark Mode on Snapchat is one of them. In the subsequent sections, we’ll tell you all about how to make Snapchat Dark Mode appear on your device, whether it’s an iOS device or Android.

how to change snapchat to dark mode

Guide for iOS Users: How to Turn on Dark Mode in Snapchat

If you want to know how to put Snapchat on Dark Mode and you have an iPhone or iPad, here is the information you need.

It’s quite simple to turn on Dark Mode on an iPhone. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open up the Snapchat app.
  2. Select the Bitmoji icon that’s in the top left corner.
  3. Next, tap the cog to access the settings. This is in the top right corner.
  4. Scroll through the menu until you see ‘App Appearance’. Select it.
  5. Select ‘Always Dark’.
  6. Dark Mode will be enabled.

Now you’ve enabled Snapchat Dark Mode, you’ll be able to browse your feed and send messages comfortably, no matter the brightness of the room.

Secrets for Android Users: How to Use Dark Mode

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Snapchat Dark Mode Android version yet. It’s been a long time — around four years — since the iOS Dark Mode came about. This likely means it probably won’t ever arrive for Android users. However, some people can have Dark Mode (beta) in their location. 

There is an alternative solution, however. This means you’ll need to turn on a function called ‘Android developer mode’. Then you can use the ‘settings’ to force Snapchat into Dark Mode. This might alter some of the app’s visibility features. Here’s how you can try it.

  1. Swipe your Android screen down and choose the settings icon (the gear) in the top right corner.
  2. Select the section named ‘display’.
  3. Toggle the switch next to Dark Mode to turn it on. It might also be called ‘Dark Theme.’
  4. Go back to Settings, then select ‘system.’
  5. There will be an advanced dropdown menu. Within this, tap on ‘developer options’.
  6. Scroll down the next menu to find the section called ‘hardware accelerated rendering’ then choose ‘override force-Dark Mode’ to enable it.

This ‘force Dark Mode’ means the Dark Mode will always be on, which means that apps like Snapchat that don’t have Dark Mode will use the phone’s Dark Mode settings rather than the app’s settings themselves.

Another option for Android is to download an app called Blue Light Filter from the Google Play Store. This won’t mean Dark Mode on Snapchat is possible, but it does mean you can change the harsh light of your phone to make it more nighttime friendly. Some phones are already built with an adaptable blue light filter. You can even set them to come on automatically with sunset.

Snapchat Dark Mode FAQs

Many people have questions about changing the settings on their phones, especially when it has to do with appearance. This is especially true now there are so many different phones out there, each with their own settings and layouts.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Snapchat Dark Mode:

Can Dark Mode affect Snapchat’s performance?

No, it doesn’t. When you turn on Dark Mode on Snapchat, you won’t encounter any problems or issues with functionality. The app simply works in the same way it did before, but it just has a different color.
You’ll be able to use the app exactly as you did before. This includes sending videos, live video chats, sending messages, sharing your story, adding filters, and finding your friends on a map. All of these work just the same when Dark Mode is running. The only difference is the appearance of the screen. Instead of having a white background with black text, you’ll have a black background with white text. This reduces eye strain but not functionality.

Is Dark Mode Available on All Devices?

It’s not as simple as answering the question, “Does Snapchat have a Dark Mode for all devices?” because it doesn’t. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get Snapchat to work in Dark Mode on all devices. You just need a little technical expertise. For iOS, it’s a pretty straightforward process. Dark Mode can be enabled within the Snapchat app itself, following the steps we outlined above. For Android users, however, things are a little more complicated. It is possible though, if you know a little bit about how Android phones work but it’ll mean you’ll have to be a bit ‘developer savvy’. Don’t worry, we’ve explained the step-by-step instructions above.

Is It True That Dark Mode in Snapchat Can Save Battery Life?

One other added benefit of using Dark Mode on Snapchat is that you will also save on battery life (screen-dependent, though). For example, when Snapchat runs in normal light mode, the background is mainly white with black text. Dark Mode is the opposite of this. This means that potentially, depending on your screen type, it could consume less power because it’s ‘easier’ for the phone to show dark pixels than light ones. However, if you have an LCD screen, the difference in battery consumption is negligible due to how these phones work. An OLED screen, however, will definitely consume less power in Dark Mode.


For anyone wanting to know how to turn on Dark Mode on Snapchat, we hope you’ve now learned how. If you have an iPhone, you’ll find the process to be a lot simpler than if you have an Android phone. However, with a little bit of inside knowledge of how Android phones work, you can also make Snapchat appear in night mode with your own phone’s settings. As so much time has passed since Snapchat created Dark Mode in the iOS Snapchat app, it’s very unlikely that this function will appear on any Android updates any time soon – these things usually happen at the same time or shortly thereafter

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