How to Create A Memorable LinkedIn Profile?


Modern times are quite hard on people as people need to maintain social distance, and this puts a toll on our ability to socialize in different areas of life. Although the situation is pretty sad, societies are slowly beginning to return to normal, but something has changed.

The pandemic caused an explosion in the use of social media by people around the world, and this affected the labor market as well. Companies are actively using social media platforms such as LinkedIn to find promising candidates to fill their vacant positions. So, if you are looking for a job via LinkedIn profile, it is advisable to make your profile look good — this guide will help you out.

4 main tips

A photo

First things first — just like with any social media platform, you will need a photograph. In the case of LinkedIn, this is twice as important. After all, this platform is dedicated to creating connections between professionals and employers; so, you will need a quality photo of yourself. If you think that it’s appropriate to be creative with a profile picture, go ahead!

A headline

This section is right below your profile picture, and it has to be eye-catching! It is similar to your profile bio on Twitter, and it’s the first thing that a visitor sees after entering your profile. So, this section is filled with your current position by default, but you can write your own thing. In this case, LinkedIn profile writing can be as creative as you desire — just don’t overdo it and consider how a potential recruiter will see it. 

A summary

A summary is what sounds like — a section of your profile that provides you with an opportunity to tell something about yourself. It is a lot larger than a headline so you can expand on the information that you think might be relevant for the employers. Although it is possible to write 2,000 characters of information, try not to make it into an essay and remember to use keywords!

Experience section

Every LinkedIn profile writing service will pay close attention to this section of a profile. Think of the previous jobs and/or projects that provided you with an experience that you deem to be relevant and interesting to a potential employer. 

If you have trouble with wording your experience, it might be better to hire a LinkedIn profile writing service to help you out. After all, precise wording is imperative in this section as this is what recruiters are looking for the most in the profiles of the potential candidates for a job.


Probably the trickiest part in creating a memorable LinkedIn profile. In the case of this specific social media platform, it is imperative to have as many connections as possible. This works pretty simple — more connections means more mutual “friends” who can create leads to your page. So, it is better to begin connecting with people who you personally know and/or have worked with before. Everything else will follow naturally.

Final thoughts

LinkedIn is an interesting social media platform that is focused on helping people find connections to advance their careers. That’s why it can be used as an effective instrument in finding a potential employer and even landing your dream job. 

However, just like with everything today, setting your LinkedIn profile requires some things to be considered if you want to get noticed. This guide provides effective tips on some of the most important profile sections that you want to properly fill in order to make a memorable LinkedIn profile.

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