How to Create Company-wide Email signatures for Office 365 using Sigsync?

Businesses in the modern era are constantly striving for continuous improvement and innovation. Email is an important part of day-to-day business communication, and when it is accompanied by a signature, it becomes a powerful tool for marketing and business promotion.

Email signatures can be used to display important contact information for your company, add promotional banners, and include a legal disclaimer. A consistent and company-wide email signature is essential for conveying a sense of professionalism, reputation, and creating brand identity.

When the design of the email signature is inconsistent, it leaves a false impression or may even go unnoticed. When employees are left to design their own signatures, they may forget to include the company’s logo or leave out important legal disclaimers.

Additionally, managing the signature across a team becomes challenging. To manage the signatures of all employees in one place, a company-wide email signature solution is required. One such email signature service is Sigsync.

Common email signature limitations with the native Office 365 account

Before we get into the benefits of Sigsync email signature for Office 365, let’s take a look at the limitations of adding email signatures from an Office 365 account using the traditional methods.

The native method is intended for single users and does not provide the option of centrally managing signatures under one roof. Office 365’s native method lacks a drag-and-drop HTML signature creation function and necessitates HTML programming knowledge to create professional signatures.

Furthermore, it does not support advanced features such as adding one-click surveys and analytics. It is also time consuming to change the email signatures for all users instantly on different occasions such as holidays, events, and discount periods. There is also a limitation of signature templates that can be customized to meet one’s specific requirements.

How does Sigsync help in creating Company wide Email Signature and disclaimers?

With its feature-rich, centralized email signature management, Sigsync Office 365 email signature overcomes all of the above limitations and makes it simple to create email signatures and disclaimers for meeting the company’s requirements.

You can add an HTML, a plain text signature, a legal disclaimer or other information in your email messages that enter or leave the organization. Create rules to automatically add the required information to email messages.

Sigsync supports server-side, client-side, and both server-side and client-side signatures (Mixed Mode). Server-side signatures require connector configuration, whereas client-side signatures require only the deployment of the Outlook add-in.

The simple-to-use dynamic signature editor enables personalization or creation of a signature from scratch. Simply drag and drop the signature components into the signature layout to see a live preview of all the changes.

Advantages of using Sigsync email signature solution for Office 365

  • Allows you to create and manage email signatures for your teams and company all in one place.
  • Compatible with all devices and email clients (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile, and so on).
  • The entire configuration is automated, and secure TLS channels are used. It also supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as an added security measure.
  • The Add Admin feature allows you to delegate all signature management to your marketing team. After the IT team completes the setup process, different departments can easily handle the corresponding signature management.
  • WYSIWYG Signature generator handles all HTML while you place design components for your signature such as tables, text, social media, and so on.
  • 100+ free pre-defined professional signature templates for your business needs.
  • Allows you to conduct a survey for your customers and instantly obtain customer satisfaction through signature. 
  • Provision to schedule the signature on your timeline for different occasions such as holidays, promotional events and so on.

Sigsync is a low priced, reliable and feature rich Office 365 email signature solution.

Businesses rely on expensive marketing techniques such as advertisements, posters, and flyers, which may not be effective. Sigsync is a low-cost email signature solution for your entire company.

It is simple to add company-wide Office 365 email signatures with Sigsync and effectively use email communication to promote and market your business.

Some of its noteworthy features include signatures under the most recent reply or forwards, scheduling email signatures for out-of-office scenarios, adding tenant specific admin, signature preview, free live demo, and many more. As a cost-effective solution, it provides up to 90% off and 24/7 technical support for all of your queries. 


Creating a consistent and company-wide email signature is crucial for establishing a brand for your product. Native solutions lack the functionality and make managing email signatures difficult.

Sigsync Office 365 email signature is a highly recommended low-cost alternative that simplifies the process of adding organizational-wide signatures. It includes all of the features essential to maintain and manage signatures for your entire team. If you’re looking for a low-cost, high-benefit solution, Sigsync is the way to go.

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