How to Deal with a Frozen Phone Screen Problem?

When we operate too many steps on your phone, the phone screen gets frozen phone, all the downloading and uploading processes also get stuck. It is considered a general problematic issue. After passing a while, the phone frozen monster irritates the Samsung and android phone users.

Phone Frozen Event Scenario

The phone either gets stuck during the booting process, an application, and games execution. One common way that most of the users performed is, switching off the phone. If this won’t work at all you don’t have to take any stress line on your face, this guide will help you to deal with such slow software problems.

This guide may save you from additional expenses that you might spare in purchasing a new phone or service center. Get more technology news in Marathi, Hindi and other languages.

What to do if the phone screen gets frozen?

Resetting the phone

If the problems are not as bigger then you can try the ‘soft reset action’ to fix the frozen phone screen problem.

Removing the battery from the phone

Nowadays not all phones are assembling with a removable battery. Removing the battery from the phone is a convenient way to troubleshoot the frozen screen problem. A few years ago when the phone was manufactured with the removable battery, at the time of battery-draining it was convenient to change it with a new battery to enhance the performance of the phone and to remove the frozen phone problem.

This battery removing process is done in a while.

  • Before performing this method ensure that the phone is not connected to the power adapter and switchboard now go ahead with the power button and remove the battery.
  • Wait for 10 sec.
  • Insert the battery to its position. 

When we remove the battery in standby mode the phone gets switched off so it’s time to turn on the phone by using the power button again.

  • Have some patience for 5 min so the phone can start and start functioning.

Factory resetting

Factory resetting is another way to deal with such frozen screen problems, in that case, you will receive a popup or info with the message that all the data you have stored on your phone will be removed shortly by confirming this ‘proceed’ or ‘OK’ action.

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You will receive a confirmation message telling you that your phone has set up with all the required settings and now you can use the phone.

An advanced way to deal with Samsung non-removable battery phone

The latest android phones are coming with the safe mode feature that keeps your phone secure from hidden malware, threats, and unauthorized events or actions. We download the battery saver, storage distribution management apps that contain a different type of system files, impacts on the phone functionality. Safe mode is a much more affordable way to deal with the frozen phone problem or hanging issues.

  • Safe mode has a ruling ability to disable the problematic apps that are creating obstacles in processing and restricting the phone to behave appropriately. When your phone enters safe mode you have a way to delete or force stop these apps on your phone.

As after entering into safe mode, you got full control of your phone and you have deleted the problematic app then you should reboot the phone. When you uninstall the problematic app only the data that is associated with the app will be deleted it doesn’t impact your image files, music files, google data, or accounts.

  • If you don’t have any idea about using the safe mode function of the phone you can check the user manual or search on the web. Usually, to access this safe mode, one should use the power button or volume key option together, for different android phones and operating versions may have different functionality to access safe mode that you can check further.

Once the app is deleted you can enjoy the other functionality of the phone. If the situation is not resolved yet then enter again in the safe mode, reboot, and restart the phone with an effective alternative way.

Whenever you are seeing the problem with a new updated software, application or themes, etc. then please switch off the phone, wait for a while, and restart it so the app can recollect the processes and operate easily accordingly.

Usually, the phone encounters hanging events when a new update is resting on your phone. This process will consume a few hours of your busy life, giving your phone the required time. Launch the new system software update soon and enjoy the fast speed of the phone. If after updating the phone problem isn’t resolved.

  • If an app is not behaving properly it may be a lack of required information or maybe the files have crashed at some moment then you should uninstall the app as there is no purpose to keep a phone without proper information or incomplete system data.
  • Reboot the phone, wait for a while again, go to the play store and locate the app to install or download and get it on your phone home screen interface. Now the app has all the essential files then access it when you love to.
  • If after doing the uninstall/ install process, system updates, and factory reset processes you are facing the same issues then you should move to the Company’s website you may check the billing details that are associated at the time of purchase to know the warranty and guarantee of the phone and its accessories.

Last option to get relief from phone frozen problem

If you have any phone that is in its warranty period you can call the service center or go to the company website to write your feedback and can complain about the performance issues of the phone.

We will advise you to download the apps and music from the authorized sites and sources and also do not use any app to reset the phone so you wouldn’t have to face any unfamiliar events with your phone. You can easily get a safe and fast ride on your phone. Find more technology updates on marathi news live channel.

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