How To Design A Photo Grid To Advertise Your Next Event

Are you looking for a visually compelling way to attract attendees to your event?

Why make a photo advertisement when you can create a whole photo grid? Photo grids are one of the hottest social media trends, gaining traction on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and more.

Once used as mood boards, photo grids have become a surprising marketing method in recent years.

Here are a few ways to use photo grid collages for marketing campaigns.

What Is a Photo Grid?

Photo grids are simple. They contain multiple images, ranging from two images to as much as twelve or more.

Image grids typically have nine grid squares. However, 4-square grids, two square, or even 12-square grids work, depending on your goal.

a nine or 12-square grid requires more images. Plus, the squares are smaller. However, you can make a compelling statement with animated images, color combinations, and captivating font.

How to Make Photo Grids

There are a few ways to make photo grids.

First, you can just upload pictures into a gallery. For example, Tumblr will format multiple photos into a grid. However, the grid squares aren’t always even.

Facebook is similar.

You can upload multiple images, but Facebook won’t create a grid with even measurements. You would need a photo grid maker to create grids with perfect dimensions.

Grid Tips for Weddings

There are plenty of ways to leverage grids in marketing.

Wedding marketing is an excellent example.

Suppose you’re a wedding planner. You can use compelling grids to showcase the following skills:

  • Floral arrangements
  • Wedding decor
  • Cake decorating
  • Wedding production design
  • Catering
  • Dress styling
  • Invitations
  • Wedding photography

You could even create a dancing GIF to make the grid pop on social media!

Grids aren’t just for marketers.

Engaged couples can use image grids to announce engagements on Facebook and Instagram. Assemble your engagement photos into a grid to celebrate your big day. Photo grid makers can help with the layout and font.

Make Grid Colors Pop

Color has a proven impact on consumer behavior.

For example, most traditional weddings feature creams, pearly shades, lavender, and more soft hues. That’s why they’re the perfect color palette for wedding marketing.

Grids allow you to truly set the mood. They’re also more engaging since you can feature photos and GIFs in the same grid. Now, add color to the mix to create some magic.

Monochromatic color themes work great in photo grids. For example, you could make a monochrome red and pink grid for a Valentine’s Day event. Green and gold grids are ideal for St. Patrick’s day parades.

Alternating colors is another strategy. Use a color wheel to select appealing and relevant complementary colors. For example, blues and sandy shades are excellent for aquariums and ocean-themed events.

Put Grids to Work

It’s time to make a bigger impact on social media.

Grow your skills with photo grid makers. Brainstorm dazzling themes and color combinations. You can also use grids in your professional portfolio!

Learn more about grids, and follow to discover the latest creative trends!

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