How To Escape Prison In Bitlife

Every prison architecture you’ll face in BitLife is represented by maps and videos in our how to escape prison in bitlife Guide! For all of the jail layouts in the game, we provide cheat sheet maps.

If you’re seeking to finish a variety of ribbons, including Houdini and Jailbird, this tutorial will guide you through the process.

It is a general smartphone game that endures rising admiration. People are only moving to BitLife in 2022 because of its mini-games. BitLife has a plethora of mini-games that will keep you occupied for hours.

In BitLife, there is a mini-game in which players must escape from all jails. Persons who have played BitLife will be alert of how much hard it is to escape prison in the game.

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To Get Arrested And Placed In Jail Or Prison, Follow These Steps:

First, before we discuss how to get out of prison, let’s discuss how to go into prison, or jail because there are several ways to end you in prison.

These include reacting to pop-up scenarios in the most incomprehensible way possible, utilizing the “crime” option to commit one of a variety of crimes, going AWOL from the military, and many more.

In the Crime tab, you may choose from a variety of targets, including family, friends, and random strangers.

Even if you are a well-known celebrity or a social media sensation, going to jail can put an end to your career, but you have to always know how to escape prison in bitlife and restart it.

Ribbons That Need You To Escape From Prison:

There are a number of ribbons that you must acquire by escaping from prison. Cunning, Deadly, Houdini, Scandalous, and Jailbird are the ribbons that necessitate a jailbreak.

Now that you know how to go to jail and prison, and what ribbons are affected by escaping, here is a list of every president’s map in the game.

How To Escape From Prison In Bitlife?

How To Escape Prison In Bitlife

On the checkerboard with you, there is one security guard who will make two movements for every move you make. He won’t just make two moves in any direction; he’ll make them all in the direction of you, commencing horizontally.

If the guard finds you while you’re attempting to flee, you’ll have a couple of extra years added to your sentence for attempting to flee.

The idea is to stop the security officer in the maze’s walls so that his movement is limited, allowing you to get out of BitLife jail. In the Bitlife jail, he can be locked in three-sided boxes, and you can simply maneuver toward the escape.

If he does the same, we’ll have to barricade the officer against the jail walls. You may simply go to the right or left, even if you are surrounded by police officers since they will move horizontally first.

Because he only goes horizontally, if there is a wall above him after that, he will be able to capture you. This is not the only method to get out of jail in BitLife, but it is the most straightforward.

Aside from this strategy, we also offer a cheat sheet for each map layout as well as a video that explains everything in the most straightforward way possible.

How To Escape Prison In Bitlife 6×6?

The map might be both distinctive and difficult. When you’re on a mission to get out of prison, you can find yourself returning to the same spots over and over again.

To begin your voyage, take a step forward on the left side and then a step downward. Take a step to the right and begin traveling in a downhill manner until you reach the end. To go off the map, follow these steps and know how to escape prison in bitlife 6×6:

  • Following the row to the end, begin climbing upward until you reach the top.
  • You should now return to the starting point where you came from and then descend to the bottom.
  • Take a step to your left and then a step back to your right. Take a step to the left again, and then two steps upward.
  • Remember to take two steps to the left for the following two steps, then one step upward and two steps to the left.
  • Continue descending until you reach the bottom, then turn around and return to the three stairs.
  • Make a right turn and take two steps. Continue moving higher until you reach the exit location.

Escape Prison In Bitlife 6×6 Second Map

How To Escape Prison In Bitlife

For many players, it might be a difficult map since fooling the Guard isn’t as simple as they think. Whenever they attempt to deceive the Guard, it will retaliate from the opposite end.

As a result, you’ll need a comprehensive how to escape prison in bitlife 6×6 Guide to go through all of the difficult stages.

  • We are willing to assist you if you wish to be a prison only for the purpose of obtaining the BitLife Prison Ribbon. To earn a Prison Ribbon, the first step is to become a criminal.
  • Being a criminal is no longer a concern since robbing a bank, killing someone, or stealing money from others may all land you in prison.
  • There are no violent visuals in the game; instead, it includes mini-games and multiple-choice quizzes to assess how you spend your time.
  • From the beginning to the conclusion, every decision you make counts and will influence how many Ribbons you receive.

In the 6th map, you must perform certain illogical actions in order to catch the Guard’s attention or get him to your preferred spot.

How To Escape Prison In Bitlife 4×4?

It’s a grid-based map in which both characters, like you and the Guard.

  • When the Guard notices that your movement is horizontal first, they will begin marching toward you.
  • It’s probably the most accessible level since you walk from right to left until you reach a dead end and then start moving forward.
  • Then, return your character to the dead end and begin traveling back to your starting point.

After that, get to the exit location to get out.

How To Escape Prison In Bitlife 4×4 Second Map?

how to escape prison in bitlife
  • Each map includes both a start and a finish point.
  • The map introduces you to a cop and a prisoner who are both on the lookout for a way out.
  • The Guard moves in a certain rhythm, thus catching him in a safe location might help you win.
  • As a result, you must move in such a way that the Guard does not catch you.
  • To win, stay one step ahead of the Guard and reach the exit point.
  • To fool the Guard and escape on this map, you must take your character around the bend and toward the exit point step by step.
  • Here’s an illustration of how to catch the Guard and flee.

Maximum Prison In Bitlife

To begin how to escape maximum prison in bitlife, there’s something to keep in mind with tough maximum-security jails. The highest-security jail follows the same rules as the minimal and medium-security prisons.

The guard will move horizontally instead of vertically if they can do so the first time. As a result, utilize your expertise to trap the guard and try to flee.

Also, keep in mind that the following maps are frequently rotated 180 degrees. As a result, it appears like there are more than seven maximum security maps, although half of them are essentially reversed versions of the other maps.


Nobody loves being locked up in any of these prisons, so you’ll want to get out as soon as possible. Jailbreaks, on the other hand, aren’t easy.

So, in order to save you from some jail time, we’ve compiled all of Bitlife’s jail maps as well as information on how to get out of jail.

However, there are situations when using the BitLife prison how to escape prison in bitlife method is not the greatest option. It’s just not worth the trouble if you’ve only been in prison for a few years.

You’ll be on the run for the rest of your life if you succeed in escaping. If you fail, you will be sentenced to an additional year in prison.

As a result, if you’re just going to be in prison for a short time, it’s advisable to hurry through it rather than face additional punishment.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

BitLife, how do you get out of prison?

The following is a list of the game’s keys to escaping: For every step you make, the guard moves twice! He’ll only travel in the direction of you, and he’ll try to walk horizontally initially. The most crucial aspect of this is that he will always attempt to walk horizontally first!

In BitLife, how can you win a jail riot?

The riot will be finished before it starts if you strike a wall or a guard with any of your character symbols. Once you’ve rounded up all ten inmates, a slew of guards will emerge, and everyone will fight it out. If the inmates prevail, you and the others participating will have a chance to flee.

In BitLife jail, how can you earn respect?

When your character fights, initiates a jail riot, commits homicide, or retains authority in their group, they acquire respect from the other convicts. Characters can also be asked whether they want to join a gang and have the option to accept or reject the invitation.

On BitLife, how do you get to prison?

If you commit a crime, get caught by the police, and lose your court case in BitLife, you will be sent to prison. It’s usually preferable to work with the police rather than oppose them or cause a scene in court.

In BitLife, how can you terrify someone to death?

Go to the Activities menu and scroll down to crime to terrify someone to death. “Murder” is an option on the list of crimes that you can commit. When you click this, a pop-up window will display, allowing you to select a victim and a method.

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