How To Handle Employee Shifts Better With A Scheduling Software?

Have you ever wondered how large institutions like hospitals seem to have employees all the time? In other words, they have nurses, attendants, guards, doctors, etc. at all times of the day, 24×7? Do you think that there is one person who tells everyone to turn up at some time of the day, manages their shifts and ensures that everyone is on board with everything?

Well, you are wrong. To be honest, it is difficult for any one person, or even a team of person to handle this in an efficient manner manually. So how do these large institutions with thousands of workers handle shifts in such a seamless manner? The answer is simple and obvious- they use an employee shift scheduling software by Staffany

What is Staff Scheduling for Employee Shift Work?

When it comes to effectively managing employee shifts, some of the best organizations and managers use a staff scheduling software. Technology has come to the aid of bigger organizations and allowed them to handle their staff shifts in such a manner that is beneficial both for the business, as well as for the employees. 

According to experts, the perfect staff scheduling for employee shifts needs to take into consideration two main things- 

  1. Whenever you are scheduling employee shifts, you need to ensure that you have adequate workers for the duration of the shift. For example, if you are running a restaurant, you know that you require extra hands-on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. You might not need the same on a Tuesday afternoon!
  2. The second thing that you need to remember is that you are not scheduling staff for the wrong position. For example, you should not put in a server to work for the bartender on a Friday night. While both are employees for the business, you cannot staff for the wrong position. Additionally, do not over or understaff your business organization.

How to Create the Perfect Work Schedule for your Employee Shifts?

Did you know that you will be able to boost productivity by at least 2x times if you are able to get your shifting right? In this section, we are going to outline three major tips to help you create the perfect work schedule for your employee shifts- 

  1. Build schedules according to the competency of your employees-

Let us once again try to take the example of a restaurant to drive home our first tip. Business lunch hours require the fastest and most efficient staff on the floor. Casual dinners require more amiable servers when guests are expected to linger. Identify the strong points of the employees and build schedules accordingly. This will ensure maximum productivity for the business. 

  1. Understand your team and pay close attention to their skill-sets-

According to experts, business organizations need to be completely aware of the credentials, personal and professional of every employee. You do not want to schedule a night shift for a single mom of two young kids. This is why you need to understand which employee will be perfect for what kind of role. Work to know about professional skills and certifications. 

  1. Foster a climate of great and open communication in the organization-

Strong teams and businesses are built on the back of effective communication. For example, if your team members are always communicating with one another and the management, the chances of something going wrong to get reduced to a minimum. This coupled with scheduling will be able to highlight whether everyone is on board with the same or have some reservations. 

The Bottom Line

While most businesses ensure a top-down process as far as scheduling is concerned, some younger businesses hand over the responsibility to the employees themselves. Yes, they do this after establishing some ground rules. 

This handing over of the scheduling work means that employees are able to engage with their own schedules. Not only does this save time for the higher management, but also productively ensures that everyone has a say on their own work. 

Managing employee shifts is as much an art, as it is a science. Thankfully with the advent of technology, you have great and credible scheduling software like Staffany that is helping business organizations with all of their shift setting requirements. If you have any questions, you would like us to address the subject, please let us know in the comments below. 

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