How To Make A Post Shareable On Facebook?

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Today we are sharing our working guide on how to make a post shareable on Facebook. Many peoples share posts on Facebook to generate leads and make sales for their businesses.

Let’s start this guide, and we hope this guide will help you get your post spread to the maximum peoples.

This method is one of the most used ways of the leading social media companies and some of the most significant websites present on the internet.

Sharing is the ultimate when reaching more people with your social media content, and social media algorithms love shares.

This goes beyond Facebook as well, like on Instagram, if somebody shares your post via DM or into their story, that helps you a lot to reach more people. 

Three Things For How To Make A Post Shareable On Facebook

Three things I’m going to cover today: What to keep in mind when you’re creating your posts so that you get more shares with your content.

I’m going to talk about a few posts that I’ve done for agency clients that have gotten a ton of shares and talked about why those worked in particular, and third, three easy things you can do after your post is up to get more shares.

Share Something Emotional To Make A Post-Shareable On Facebook

The one thing to keep in mind if you want to know that making a post shareable on Facebook when you’re creating content and creating posts is to create something that causes an emotion in somebody.

When somebody feels an emotion from your post, that is the number one indicator that they will share it.

There’s nothing more powerful than emotions, and they are contagious. Let’s unpack that a bit here.

An emotion can be anything anyone feels – so making them laugh is great – happy, sad, patriotic, or even angry counts as an emotion – if you make somebody feel something.

Nostalgia counts as an emotion. Even though sadness and anger are emotions and can lead to shares, the University of Pennsylvania did a significant study. They found that positive post articles got way more shares than negative post articles.

This method works for how to make a post shareable on Facebook.

Make Sense Of Your Post To Make A Post Shareable On Facebook

But if that makes sense for your brand, people will share things that make them upset and angry. Basically, the stronger the emotion they feel, the more likely they are to share it.

So how do people decide what to share? Most people are motivated to share based on their networks online which are their friends and family.

Who are they going to be sharing with how to make a post shareable on Facebook? The New York Times did a massive study about why people share content, and these were the top five reasons people share content on social media:

Top 5 Reasons Why People Share Content On Social Media

how to make a post shareable on facebook

Number one, they wanted to better the lives of others. Whether it was a motivational quote or something like that, they wanted to improve their friends and family’s lives by sharing.

Number two, they want to spread the word about something they believe. This could be a political thing; this could be a charity thing, anything that they believe in. By sharing it, it’s part of their identity.

Number three, they share because they like the idea of having people comment and engage. So they share something because they think their audience, and again, I’m talking about an individual, their friends, and family will engage with it.

Number four, they want to grow and nourish relationships. This again comes down; we think of their identity to an extent.

If you share something that you’re into, then other people realize you’re into it, and they go, “Oh, we didn’t know you were into that I’m into that let’s have coffee! Let’s talk! Let’s talk in the comments section!”

Number five kind of sums it up, they want the content to reflect their online identity. So how do you create more shareable content? Well, first of all, try and make it fit into one of these three categories.

They did an extensive UCLA study and the majority of things that get shared online fit into one of these three categories.

Three Categories Described By UCLA

The number one category for how to make a post shareable on Facebook is utility. We like to share things that we think will be useful or helpful to other people. Life hacks are a huge one of these.

Number two categories for making a post shareable on Facebook type are content people share: entertainment.

We all love to be entertained, so if we see something that makes us happy or amused or something from a reality show or makes us laugh, we want to share it for other people to feel that same thing that we felt. And the

The number Three category for making a post shareable on Facebook is the most shared content is inspiring.

Things that inspire us are very sharable, and it’s not just inspirational quotes like that’s where my mind went first. It could be an inspirational story for any number of things.

Example For How To Make A Post Shareable On Facebook

how to make a post shareable on facebook

Now keep in mind if you want to know that how to make a post shareable on Facebook for your brand, even if you look at some of the biggest brands that get the most shares (like BuzzFeed, for example), every post doesn’t get 500 shares or whatever it might be Only some of them take off like that.

So for you, don’t focus on trying to create 30 pieces of shareable content a month. You’d be better off focusing on trying to make one or two and going from there.

We wanted to tell you about a few posts that I’ve done for clients that have gotten a ton of shares and just kind of talk about why we think they worked.

The first one was right after the Seattle Seahawks had gotten bounced from the playoffs, and we put this up for a sports bar/tavern.

You know, we think it caused emotion in people because it reflected their identity of them at that moment.

The fans were devastated but at the same time happy with the way the season came out, and because of that, again, caused an emotion, reflected how they felt and reflected their online identity, and let others know how they were feeling.

It got shared 271 times. This next one was for a collision center, and this is a little simpler – it didn’t have to be topical or anything like that. In this case, it caused an emotion, nostalgia, perhaps joy, seeing a photo of that car.

This was not a particular photo, this was just a stock photo that we found, and we put up, and obviously, it did well; it got 113 shares.

The last one was honestly a bit of a mystery; this was for a car dealership, and the air show was coming up, including the Navy’s Blue Angels, and it caused an emotion of some sort.

We don’t know; it could have been some patriotism of people who may be in the Navy, or it could have just been the emotion of, “Cool! Jets!” And it got 46 shares.

There are a few examples of making a post shareable on Facebook and why based on the psychology that we just talked about. We hope those examples were helpful.

We create stuff that does not do well all the time too. It’s an art to get it to go, and it doesn’t always get shared.

Alright, last thing: Your post is up. You feel like you should be getting more shares. What can you do?

Three Things You Need To Do For How To Make A Post Shareable On Facebook

how to make a post shareable on facebook

Now three things you can do how to make a post shareable on Facebook once it’s already up. 

1) Ask people to share it.

Not in the post – Facebook doesn’t like it when you use engagement bait language like, “Share if you love puppies too.”

But you could DM a few critical friends or people that you know have a good following that would be interested in that anyway – think about the type of people you ask – say, “Hey, would you mind sharing this and adding a thoughtful comment to the top?” Nothing wrong with doing that.

2) Share it yourself.

If it’s on your business page, share it on your messenger and add a comment to it. Please share it in some Facebook groups.

Every time you share it, it increases the little number at the bottom of the posts that says, “3 Shares.” If somebody sees a post and it already says”3 Shares,” that’s a psychological nudge of, “Maybe you want to share this too, huh? Huh?” I’m a terrible winker. And the number

3) Get people to tag friends in the comments.

You might start this on your own – you put something up on your business page, and then you go down to the comments with your page and say, “Hey @Adriana, thought you might like the post too.”

Then she comes and checks it out, and then Adriana will share it. You’re just getting new people to the post by tagging them.

This method works perfectly if you are serious about how to make a post shareable on Facebook.


Again, don’t spam your friends too much – this is all to be done within reason – but every little bit helps if you have the time.

Alright, best of luck with getting more shares on Facebook. Do not be discouraged – most things are not going to go crazy and get shared – but every little bit helps. Of course, create the best content that you can; that’s also the ultimate in getting shares.

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