How To Make A Water Elevator In Minecraft That Looks Powerful

Hello and welcome to Tech Parle a perfect tech and gaming world that gives you perfect guides to solve your problems. Today we will talk about how to make a water elevator in Minecraft for the Minecraft lovers.

If you want to make more fun into your game, I will show you more methods to build an elevator in Minecraft.

In later versions of Minecraft, you only have a simple one regular ladder you can use as an elevator, and it cannot make so much fun into the game.

There are two methods to make your way. One is the vertical way, and the other one is the vertical way. Horizontally, you can make your path with horses, while in the perpendicular method, you have some ladder to make a path vertically.

But if you want to make a path in water, you have to take the elevator out of Redstone. There are many methods to make the path into the water, which gives immense fun while playing the game.

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How to make a water elevator in Minecraft with soul sand and Magma blocks?

If you guys worried and thinking that how to make a water elevator in minecraft then no problem there are many ways to build a water elevator in Minecraft. You can make the elevator of your own choice and can make a path as long as you want.

Minecraft is a fun game with so many motion moves that you will want to research those parts of many different structures you can make in your world. For those who are excited to reach different stories of their buildings and structures quickly, there are various ways from which you can make your elevator and then start moving on to your destinations.

This article is completely based on water flow systems; you can move up and down with water push or splash. Now you are worried that you might get drowned in the water. But the procedure we are using will create air bubbles for you as you ride up and down.

No one wants to keep on running up and down staircases all day long. That is why you must read this article completely to make the elevator.

I will guide you step by step so that it is easier for you to how to make a water elevator in minecraft with soul sand.

how to make a water elevator in minecraft
how to make a water elevator in minecraft

Step no 1: Filling the water in the bucket is the first step to make the water elevator, so you need some iron bucket to make the elevator. 

Step No 2: The very next thing you have to do is gather the blocks. But it is your own choice from which block you want to build. There are types of blocks such as sul sand, magma blocks, and soul sand. 

Step No 3: The third step is setting up the iron buckets by inserting three bars each. After crafting the iron bars in the iron bucket, you have to put down some soul sand or magma water blocks. 

Step No 4: If you want to search those blocks, you can gather them from the ocean or river. You can also gather the magma and soul sand blocks in the nether in a very larger quantity. This is very important step for how to make a water elevator in minecraft.

But, I suggest you always wear armor on you because neither are sometimes dangerous. If you want some cool figures in your building, I suggest choosing the water block as an elevator building.

Step No 5: To start further steps, get started to build up a vertical column with your building blocks that you have gathered. Suppose you are interested in surrounding a single block with only a going up to open space.

Then dig out the floor level one block down and place your soul sand in the middle of the column you are building blocks.

Step No 6: Next, you have to structure a tall walkaway onto the soul sand and place two signs on the sides. These signs help you in climbing your elevator by blocking the flow of water from your elevator.

If you want to go down from the top, then flow the water into the open space, and you can go down into the sand.

Step No 7: Keep in mind that every open space in your space should be rich with the water block, or otherwise, you are unable to move up and down. If you want to ensure whether you have made the right elevator, see if the bubbles are moving upward.

Step no 8:Next to step inside; you can go inside it because the water will flow, and you will not get drowned in it because of the water bubbles surrounding your elevator.

The step is done to go up, which is the time to make another column go upright down. The same steps will be done to go down but instead of soul sand at the bottom, put down the magma blocks in your building blocks.

If you want to ensure that you have constructed the right procedure, see if bubbles are moving up and down. You can also check planet minecraft for more minecraft hacks.

Magma blocks can give you some damage, so try to kit your health. So when you go down the elevator, ensure that you have to apply your health while going down and swim against the water flow. 

how to make a water elevator in minecraft


So, these are some steps you can consider how to make a water elevator in minecraft with soul sand and with with magma blocks. Minecraft is completely dependent on fun and motion.

So, it is useless to play the game without some adventurous play. So, it is your choice to take the elevator as long as you want.

You have now built a high-speed elevator with magma blocks and soul sand, and now you can go up and down with great speed and fun. You can now go as high as you want and search the hidden sky.

I hope that this article will help you a lot in making the water elevator in Minecraft.

Just follow the steps and make the easy water elevator, and enjoy your journey.


how to make a water elevator in minecraft
how to make a water elevator in minecraft

What are the different types of elevators in Minecraft?

There are two kinds of elevators in Minecraft. First is the Redstone Minecraft, while the other one is the water elevator Minecraft. You can make both of the elevators in the Minecraft game according to the choice of your blocks.

What is the maximum distance the player can travel through an elevator?

In Minecraft, there is not any distance limit because you can build the elevator as long as you want. You can travel a long distance in this game by making a long elevator.

The magma blocks and soul can help you a lot in moving up and down and building the elevator without water flow against you.

Which types of blocks can I use to build the elevator?

how to make a water elevator in minecraft
how to make a water elevator in minecraft

There are various types of blocks you can consider to make the elevator:

Magma blocks

Soul sand

Water blocks

Water buckets

Blocks of your choice


Doors of signs

What block pushes up into the water:

The water bubbles and magma blocks push up into the water and that’s how to make a water elevator in minecraft. It greatly resists you for draining. A bubble block is a type of block generated by placing the sand soul and Magma blocks. The bubble column pushes the entities into different directions.

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