How To Plat And Win Video Poker: Rules And Strategies

Many players are interested in the question: How to play video poker to constantly win a large sum of money? First of all, read online casino reviews and choose a reliable casino. In order to play properly, you must at least know the rules. The principles of video poker are identical to the rules of classic poker. The player’s task is to make as many combinations as possible.

The player can make 9 combinations, including royal flush, street flush, square, full house, flush, street, triple (or set), two pairs, and a pair. The strongest card combination is considered to be the royal flush, this combination will bring the player the maximum win.

The most common combination is jacks and above. The downside is that it provides a minimum payment. In this case, the player can count on a payout of 1 to 5 coins, depending on the bet.

Video poker uses a standard deck of 52 cards that are formed into various combinations. Also, given the different types of video poker, it is typical to use several decks of cards.

In some games, there is a joker, which replaces the missing cards, thus helping the participant to build a winning combination. And you can double your winnings in the risk game, which is also quite common.

At the first hand, 5 cards are issued, after which you evaluate them and leave those that are potentially profitable combinations. Next is the second hand of cards for those positions that you have decided not to leave. At repeated distribution, the result is defined. If you form a winning combination, you get a reward.

If you are interested in the following questions: How to beat video poker? How to win at video poker using tactics? Are there win-win video poker strategies? Then keep reading this section.

Indeed, there are many gamblers who argue that the outcome of the game significantly depends on the choice of strategy. And this is not surprising, because strict adherence to algorithms of action can reduce the advantage of the casino to zero and change the game in favor of the player.

But due to the fact that each participant has their own characteristics of the game, you need to choose the strategy that suits your style of play.

Card replacement strategy

This strategy is based on the fact that if your cards are a complete combination, for example, royal flush, street flush, street, flush, full house – you need to keep all five cards.

In the absence of four single or consecutive cards, three consecutive cards of the same rank, and one high-ranking card, feel free to change all five cards. If your cards form two possible combinations, play the one with the best chance.

Maximum bid strategy

The principle is to always place the highest possible bet. It is much more profitable to play 100 games of 5 tokens, provided there is no advantage in the casino than to play 500 games, using 1 token each time, when the advantage in the casino is 2%.

You set the minimum bet size only when the losing minimum is far more important to you than the possible win. So everything here depends on your personal priorities.

ABC strategy

ABC poker strategy is recommended for use not only by beginners who are just learning the card game but also by experienced gamblers. The standard lines of the ABC strategy include:

  1. When playing, consider the tie chart of the starting hands for early/middle positions. The chart is a table of optimal cards, which, depending on your position and the moves of opponents, should be included in the hand. Top starting hands include aces, kings, queens, jacks, tens, single ace-king, ace-queen, king-queen, ace-jack, and a variety of ace-king.
  2. 3-bet with QQ + and AK cards pre-flop.
  3. Place a double bet if you were the aggressor preflop. And in multipots (a situation where the bank is played between three or more players) do not bluff.
  4. Do not bluff in the third and last rounds, and bet only on the veil.
  5. During the post-flop, bet half the pot or even more.

GTO strategy

GTO translates as “Game Theory Optimal”. Applying this strategy will allow you to defend against your opponents and skillfully avoid those cases in which other players want to exploit you.

To better understand this method, it is necessary to consider an example. Suppose you raise the bet on pre-flop and the player on the loaf calls it. In this case, options such as:

  • you place a bet if you have a top pair or higher;
  • you place a bet if you can’t hit the board.

It follows that by constantly using the first strategy, your opponent will often discard cards and wait for the appropriate cards. And if you decide to use the second option, your opponent will bluff every time you place a bet.

Therefore, a combination of the first and second options is best. And because it is not so easy to deal with it, we advise you to read a few recommendations:

  • bluff during the flop;
  • place smaller bets with strong ranges;
  • large bets and raises to win.

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