How To Post GIF On Instagram Comment

Instagram is a popular social media platform allowing users to share photos, Instagram reels, and videos with friends and followers.

While Instagram was originally designed for sharing static images, the platform has evolved to allow for more dynamic content, including GIFs.

In posts, sometimes people wish to express themselves by using simple GIFs. This article will walk you through how to post a GIF in an Instagram comment.

What is a GIF?

Unlike other image formats, such as JPEG or PNG, GIFs are designed to store multiple images within a single file, allowing them to be used for animations and short video clips.

GIFs are very popular on social media and messaging platforms because they are relatively small in file size, making them easy to share and view on mobile and desktop devices.

They are often used to add humor or convey emotion in messages and to share short snippets of video content without the need for sound or long load times.

How to Post GIFs on Instagram Comments?

Most people new to this social media platform must learn how to post these GIFs as comments on Instagram posts. There are many questions regarding how to post GIFs on Instagram Comment. Here is how.

Find a GIF

The first and foremost step to posting a GIF in an Instagram comment is to get your desired GIF.

  • Use the GIF search feature in Instagram: When you’re in the comment section of a post, tap on the camera icon to access the camera and photo library. Swipe up to access the GIF search feature and enter the keyword for the required GIF.
  • Use a third-party GIF app: Numerous third-party applications have many GIFs that can be used in Instagram Comments. For example, Giphy and Tenor.
  • Create your own GIF: If you’re feeling creative, you can also create your own GIF using a tool like Giphy’s GIF maker or Adobe’s GIF maker.

Copy the GIF link

Once you’ve found a GIF you want to use, you’ll need to copy the link to the GIF. To do this, you can either:

  • Tap and hold on the GIF and select “Copy link” (this option is available in the GIF search feature in Instagram and some third-party GIF apps)
  • Press the Right Click on the required GIF and then select “Copy link address” (this option is available on desktop)

Paste the GIF link in the comment section

Next, navigate to the post’s comment section where you want to post the GIF. Now paste the GIF in the comment box copied in the second step.

Wait for the GIF to load

Once you’ve pasted the GIF link in the comment section, you’ll need to wait for the GIF to load. This can take a few seconds, depending on the speed of your internet connection and the size of the GIF.

Post your comment

Once the GIF has loaded, you can post your comment as usual. The GIF will appear in the comment section as a playable GIF.


After you have learned how to post GIFs on Instagram Comments, posting a GIF in an Instagram comment is a simple process that can add some extra flair to your comments.

Whether using the built-in GIF search feature in Instagram, a third-party GIF app, or creating your own GIF, adding a GIF to your comments can make your interactions on Instagram more engaging and fun.


Can we post GIFs on Instagram Feed?

No, we cannot post any GIFs on the Instagram feed. We need to convert it to video.

Since when has the feature of posting GIFs on Instagram Comments been enabled?

Instagram recently added the feature of posting GIFs in the comment section.

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