How To Protect Your Posture As A Pro Gamer

There are plenty of reasons gamers love gaming—it’s fun! Like all too many enjoyable things, though, it comes with a downside or two. In this case, these concerns mostly come in the form of taking a toll on your body in a physical sense.

Perhaps most notably, you may deal with posture concerns, like a slouch or curve of the spine, curved or slumped shoulders, and a forward lean. However, your gaming habit doesn’t have to be detrimental to your health. With a few careful bits of effort, you can protect your posture and keep beating your favorite new releases from your console of choice pain-free.

Treat any serious concerns.


Before anything else, it’s crucial that you turn to your posture in a medical sense. If you’re dealing with pain or discomfort, or other sorts of symptoms with your neck, back, or shoulders, consulting a medical professional is the single best way to protect your health. You may need some care, like cervical spine treatment or chiropractic adjustments, in order to regain your health. Your doctor or another health pro can also recommend ways to further help your spine health, like whether you should find a lumbar pillow, neck pillow, or another type of support while you’re gaming.

Choose the right chair.


You might feel like your gaming chair is most importantly something for you to be comfortable while playing through your favorite games. Of course, that’s a crucial component! However, good gaming chairs are equally important for your posture and spine health.

It can even improve your gameplay! Take the time to figure out your priorities as to what makes a good gaming chair. Whether you’re looking for comfortable mesh and memory foam or a chair that fits the aesthetic of your setup while maintaining good posture with quality ergonomics.

Take regular breaks.


We get it—when you’re immersed in a game, you can happily spend a long time in the bucket seat of your new comfortable chair. But, no matter how good that adjustable lumbar support is, it’s essential that you take breaks while gaming.

Ideally, you’ll be taking 15- to 20-minute breaks after no more than 90 minutes of gaming. You‘ll get the best benefits of these breaks come from those that take you away from screens for a while. Go for a walk, take a nap, try your hand at meditation, or meet up with some friends in real life!

Consider each part of your body.


When you think of posture, you probably think about sitting up straight and dropping your shoulders away from your ears. But, really, this involves nearly every part of your body. You can think about this similarly to what you think about when picking the best gaming chair. How are the neck support and armrests? Pay attention to your neck and arms while gaming. Does your chair have a great headrest? You definitely want to pay attention to how you hold your head while playing. Each of these seemingly minor details of your seat can make a big difference in your health.

When you look to buy a new chair for gaming, you’ll look at more than just aesthetics—you’ll want to have a comfortable experience in terms of your health, too. In the long run, your posture is one of the most important qualities of your gaming setup, whether that’s your gaming chair itself or you’re thinking about how you’re sitting while you play through your favorite games. Adding regular breaks while playing for long periods of time and a bit of thought about how you’re sitting (and if you’re making and adjustments to your setup), and you’ll be able to keep playing pain-free.

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