How To Quote In Discord: The Extensive Guide

This article will describe how to quote in Discord on a mobile device and a desktop computer.

Discord is a free program that allows you to communicate through voice, video, and text.

The Discord platform will enable users to interact with one another through phone calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files in private conversations or as part of online communities known as “servers.”

How To Quote In Discord: An Overview

It is accessible on all major platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPad, Linux, and web browsers.

It is also available on mobile devices. As of the 21st of July, 2019, the service has more than 250 million active users.

Unlike Slack, Discord was explicitly designed for gamers, and it is not utilized as a professional messaging tool like that.

As a result, it lacks a few essential functions. Gamers, on the other hand, need the capacity to quote on the Discord server.

Although there is no direct method to quote on Discord, a few modifications may be used too quickly and simply quote a piece of text on the platform.

The fact that Discord does not have the capacity to quote directly does not imply that it lacks other capabilities.

Players often utilize formatting tools like bold, italics, underlining, and other similar options when talking to better convey their ideas and words more concisely.

The ability to quote was, without a doubt, the most often requested feature among Discord users.

This function was just added to the Discord app, and the following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make use of it and two other methods to utilize quotations on Discord, which are detailed below.

In Discord, How Do You Quote Messages?

how to quote in Discord

Quoting other users in a group chat is an essential function that should have been available from the beginning, but Discord just implemented it last year, so it’s better late than never.

Everyone is aware that Discord is accessible to users on a variety of platforms, including Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows. Discord is a universally useful tool.

The good news is that you can utilize the Discord quote function from everywhere on the platform; it doesn’t matter what platform you are on, you will be able to quote.

The technique for quoting someone on all platforms is essentially the same, however, in this post, we’ll go through how to quote someone on Discord using a mobile device.

Quotes On Discord In A Single Line

A single-line quote is when you are citing anything on Discord that will only take up one line of text in the discussion, as opposed to multiple-line quotes.

This specifies that there will be no line breaks in the text that has been quoted from the source.

The “>” sign, followed by a space and your quotation is all that is required to utilize the single-line quote on Discord. We’ve included an example of this in the section below.

Quotes With Multiple Lines On Discord

Multi-line quoting on Discord is similar to single-line quoting in that it is used when you want to quote anything on Discord that will take up several lines in the text box, resulting in the text having one or more line breaks.

Multi-line quoting is available on Discord, and it is as simple as adding > in front of each new paragraph that you wish to quote.

Another option is to write >>> followed by a space at the start of your message, which will make everything you put in that message part of the quotation.

The only way out of the loop of multi-line quotation is to either send the message and then start a new one or backspace the >>> symbol.

We’ve included an example of how multi-line quoting might appear on Discord in the section below.

The Best Way To Quote in Discord

how to quote in Discord

When comparing the desktop and mobile versions of Discord, the multi-line quotation function operates in a slightly different manner.

The distinction is that on the desktop, both > and >>> automatically do multi-line quoting.

When using single-line quoting on the Discord desktop, you must hit the Return key and the Backspace key to return to regular text so that you quote someone on Discord easily.

When Quoting Someone On Discord, You Can Use Code Blocks

Given that there is no dedicated quotation system in Discord, you may still make use of the code block functionality as a workaround, which is functionally equivalent to the dedicated quote system described previously.

A code block feature is often used to highlight code in a lengthy list of lines, but since it is so simple to use and does not need any complicated programming, we may also use it as a quotation function in certain cases.

You may quote someone by simply placing the sentence you wish to quote between two backticks “” symbols in the code block (see example below).

The phrase will be put into a code block as a result of this action. Even longer texts may be quoted on several lines if the text is more than a few lines long and thus allowing how to quote in Discord.

Adding a bot to Discord to quote someone else, which can only be done by the server’s administrators, is another option for quoting someone on the platform.

Users on the server’s channels should be able to quote each other via the usage of the bot, which should be installed on each channel.

Although it is a time-consuming procedure, it is well worth the additional effort since it is much superior to any other technique.

Is It Possible To Speak Directly To Someone In A Group Chat?

To address someone who is also on the same Discord server or channel as you when texting or talking with them on a Discord server, you must send a direct message to that individual rather than sending a message to the whole group.

By pressing on the username of a certain individual, you may send them a private message.

What Is Causing The Quotation Marks To Not Function Properly?

A number of times, we have seen some users become upset due to the failure of the quote marks and especially how to quote in Discord functions.

While the majority of individuals believe that the discount is ineffective. However, the markdown function in Discord is a little different.

The backtick sign is extremely close in appearance to a single quote mark, which is what causes people to get confused.

Is It Permissible To Employ Bots To Assist With Quotations?

how to quote in Discord

Discord, of course, is all about interacting with bots. There are a large number of different bots available for use on the Discord server.

A handful of them may be utilized to enable you to request quotes as and when you need them.

If you want to add bots to your Discord server, you must be the server’s owner or at the very least have admin privileges; otherwise, you will be unable to add bots to the server or channel how to quote someone on Discord.

Customization That Is Legendary

With Discord, you have complete control over how you communicate with others to how to quote in Discord.

No other platform can match the number of customization possibilities provided by discord, and its creators have paid such close attention to detail that no other platform will ever be able to match them.

Different themes may be selected from the themes area, and you can also change the font sizes, text zoom, and a variety of other options.

As an alternative, a customized version of the Discord client known as BetterDiscord may be downloaded and installed to provide even more customizability possibilities.

BetterDiscord allows you to download customizable themes and then modify them to suit your preferences. Because Discord offers an open API, anybody who is interested in doing so may develop themes for the platform.

On Discord, How Do You Quote Instead Of Replying To A Message?

In the case of the Discord desktop application, when the user hovers over a message, he or she will be asked to respond with an emoji to enable the how to quote in Discord.

Another variation on this technique may be developed such that when a user hovers over a chosen message, they will also be given the opportunity to respond by pressing a button that will automatically quote and reply to the message.

Is It Possible To Cite Pictures On Discord?

The present implementation only displays the text when quoting an image message (i.e., a message that is both an image and text).

This may be misleading since the image message is both an image and text. When the tiny picture is clicked, the image should either scroll to the original image or open as the original size image, depending on the browser.

Is It Possible That Discord Has Removed Quotes?

For a long time, Discord users were out of luck when it came to quoting other users, and were forced to rely on code blocks or complex chatbots to accomplish their goals.

In the past year, however, this has altered significantly! We’re delighted to be able to update this article in 2021 with the good news that quoting is now a built-in function of Discord.

In A Group Chat, How Do You Address Someone Specifically?

When talking with someone in a Discord channel, you have two options for addressing them directly so that you can enable how to quote in Discord.

To begin, you may press and hold the message that you want to respond to, then choose the reply option from the drop-down menu.

Second, you may enter the sign “@” followed by the name of the user to whom you wish to send a direct message.

What Is The Problem With The Quote Marks?

It is possible that users on Discord are mistaking the backtick symbol () with a single quotation mark when quoting messages.

This is due to the fact that the backtick symbol () may be confused with the single quotation mark when quoting messages.

Located on the left side of the keyboard, next to the tilde () sign, is the backtick symbol that corresponds to the current position on the keyboard for how to quote someone on Discord.


We have seen how Discord has developed steadily and has now reached a mature stage in a positive manner and allowed how to quote in Discord.

Since its inception as a basic chat application, it has grown into a full-fledged social media network that even enables users to customize the program, something that no other well-known social media platform offers.

Also, check if your discord not picking up the mic.

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