2 Best Methods That How To Rotate Text In Paint.Net

This guide will learn how to rotate text in paint.net after designing it into this software. If you are a graphic designer or a beginner, you surely need the piant.net tool as your working partner. 

Because there are lots of variations you can do with your content doesn’t matter if your content is in text form or image form.

With this tool, you can do any project related to graphic designing if you have perfect knowledge of this software.

Now let us discuss this query in steps that you need to follow. You can use these same steps for rotating the images on the software paint.net because this is the same process to be done to turn the photos and rotate the text.

Rotate Your Text In Paint.Net By Using Layers Tool


I am sure that you have written the text you are designing by the writing tool available in the left toolbar, and this icon can be selected by clicking on the “A” icon. If not, please do it by this method by selecting “A” from the left toolbar.


Now you have your content on the paint.net screen that you want to rotate according to your design. Now the central section is about to come that how to turn text in paint.net?

Well, for that, open the layers tool by simply clicking on the top of the toolbar. Then please select, rotate or zoom option from that tool. Now kindly wait for a window to appear on your screen, which is to turn the text.


Now you are very close now to getting your job done. When the window appears, then drag your mouse on the rotate circle and rotate your text with the help of the parameters that are given in that window. Rotate the text according to your need and according to your design.


When your rotation is done, see if your text rotated according to your need, then click ok and save your design, and congratulations, your job is done now with this process.

You Can Rotate Text By Another Tool By a Simple Method

This is a straightforward method. You don’t need to remember anything in this method. Just select the text by choosing an option from the left toolbar which is the selection tool. This option is located at the top of the toolbar in the form of a box with dashes.

You can drag the selection tool over the text for selecting the text. After that, click the mouse’s left button and don’t release it till you cover the whole text from top to bottom. After you select all the text, release the left button of your mouse.

The next thing you need to do is choose the unique option that looks like an arrow present at the top of the left toolbar in the paint.net screen. Right-click on the text you want to rotate, but please hold the mouse’s right-click button. Don’t release it.

Now without releasing the mouse’s right-click button, you can rotate the text in the same direction that you want to adjust your text.

Be sure that you turn in the right direction. If you are done, then save your project and be happy.

This software is prevalent because you can take freelance graphic design work and complete them on this software.

So my recommendation is that if you plan to learn graphic design, please understand this software because it is straightforward and effective.


So, guys, this is our guide on how to rotate text in paint.net. I share two methods to solve this issue, and these two methods work correctly and 100% on this query. Both of these methods are very simple to use and 100% result-oriented methods.

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