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4 Ways How to See Who Your Boyfriend Is Messaging on Facebook

4 Ways How to See Who Your Boyfriend Is Messaging on Facebook

Having doubts and suspicions can kill a relationship. Sometimes you just need to know one way or another to know your next move. If you notice your partner becoming more engaged with Facebook, you might start having some suspicions. Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can learn how to check your boyfriend’s Facebook messages. In this article, we’ll tell you four different ways so you can read his messages and know for sure what’s going on. Here are the options available to you.

Can I See Who My Boyfriend Is Texting on Facebook?

Thankfully, it is possible. There are lots of ways to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook. However, not all of them are as straightforward to use as others and like anything, the different ways will give you different capabilities and results.

Unfortunately, other than getting hold of his tablet or computer and checking it, there aren’t any truly effective ways how to check boyfriend’s Facebook messages without touching his phone for free. Paid solutions do exist but they’re not all equal. The good news is, though, that when you choose a paid service, you can do a lot more than just read someone’s Facebook messages. These apps are great for giving you all the answers you could possibly want.

Method 1 (Recommended): Read His Facebook Messages Using a Facebook Spy App

The first recommended way how to see who someone has been messaging on Facebook is with Moniterro. This is one of the greatest solutions for all-round phone monitoring. It is confidential and there is never any personal data disclosed or stored.

Moniterro offers advanced monitoring features and enables you to monitor a huge range of things on your boyfriend’s phone. It is compatible with all Android and iOS devices, and you can see your dashboard with any browser, mobile or otherwise. It is quick to install, and you don’t need to have good technology skills. Should you need support, you can reach out to customer services at any time as the support team works round the clock.

Although this isn’t a free way how to tell who someone is messaging on Facebook, the advanced features make it excellent value for money.

How to Read Facebook Messages With Moniterro

moniterro facebook

Moniterro is an advanced monitoring app. Once you’ve paid and installed the software on your boyfriend’s phone, it means you know how to find out who your boyfriend is talking to on messenger. However, that’s not all you can do. Moniterro is a remote Facebook tracking app that allows users to monitor chats, photos, and location.

You can read someone else’s Facebook messages and group conversations. Moreover, you will be able to check your boyfriend’s contact list to see who he’s been contacting, and see what he’s shared in terms of photos and videos. It’s also possible to set up keyword alerts. This means you will receive a notification whenever your boyfriend uses certain words or sentences in his messages. So, if you know your boyfriend uses certain phrases when he’s being flirtatious or you want to see if there’s any inappropriate content, you can set up Moniterro to alert you.

Another benefit of Moniterro Facebook monitoring is that you can track his location in real time. This can be alerted if he moves location. This can be set up from your dashboard so if there’s a specific area he shouldn’t be going to (an ex’s street, for example), you can set it up to notify you if he goes there.

All of this happens in invisible mode, which means the app is undetected and is hidden from the main screen.

Detect Who My Boyfriend Is Messaging With in 3 Steps

You can get started with Moniterro in as little as 10 minutes. It’s simple to get started and you’ll soon know how to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Register: Go to the Moniterro website, click ‘Start Now’ and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. Complete your purchase and receive the set up instructions in your inbox.
  2. Install: Take your boyfriend’s phone, install the app and follow the instructions to set it up.
  3. Monitor: Once installed and set up, you can login to your dashboard, select Facebook, and see everything you need to without them knowing. It really is that easy.

Does Moniterro Have Any Additional Features?

Besides Moniterro’s Facebook tracking, the app has lots of amazing features you can benefit from too. If you’re wanting to know how to see who someone has been messaging on Facebook, then you’re probably wondering what else you might find elsewhere. Moniterro can help you there too.

The app has a huge range of additional features, including:

  • Keylogger tool: The keylogger tool means that you will know every word and symbol typed on their phone, which means you’ll get passwords to other websites too.
  • SMS reader: From your dashboard you’ll be able to read all of the SMS they send and receive, including iMessages. You’ll know when they sent, received, and read them.
  • Call recorder: All of their call history is logged so you’ll know who they called and spoke to and when – even if they have deleted it from their call history. You can also record their conversations too.
  • GPS location tracker – this handy tool allows you to know where they are at any time. You can also explore the places they regularly visit and the routes they take. With Geofencing, you can establish areas to be notified when they arrive or leave.
  • Media (photo and video) viewer – you can see all of the images and videos on their device, even ones they’ve deleted.
  • Email reader – the app allows you to read their emails undetected.
  • Screen recorder function – you can record what they’re doing on their phone using the screen recorder.
  • Other social media monitoring – you can monitor all social media accounts, including Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Method 2: Check Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages Using Keylogger

Another way to read someone else’s Facebook messages without their password is by using a keylogger. A keylogger app will record every single keystroke your boyfriend types into his phone, including in Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Depending on the specific keylogger app, you can get them sent to you or keep them stored on your boyfriend’s phone for you to be able to check whenever you get the chance. If your boyfriend is someone who lets you check his phone, this is a great option because the keylogger app will show everything that’s been typed – even things that he’s subsequently deleted.


  • You’ll know what he’s typed
  • You’ll see things that have been deleted


  • You won’t be able to see received messages
  • There could be a lot of data to sift through

Method 3: Send Fake Email to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages

4 Ways How to See Who Your Boyfriend Is Messaging on Facebook

If you want to know how to check boyfriend’s Facebook messages without touching his phone for free, you could try email spoofing. Email spoofing involves sending him an email using a fake email address. In general, the fake sender email address and name will mimic a real company – like Facebook. The email contents will also look realistic. In this way, your boyfriend might believe the email is real and respond. This is a process called phishing and does require some skill.


  • Your boyfriend might give away his password, which means you don’t need to check his phone.
  • It’s free.
  • You’ll be able to login and check for as long as he keeps the same password.


  • It relies on your boyfriend believing a fake email and divulging his password.
  • It won’t work when he changes his password.
  • It’s difficult to do effectively.

Method 4: Reset His Facebook Password and Check Facebook Messages

Another way how to see someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing is to reset their password. This can work if you have access to their email address.

You’ll need to go to the Facebook home page and click on ‘Forgot Password’. Then, enter your boyfriend’s email address. You will be given the option to have a reset code sent either to his phone or his email address. Choose the option you’ll be able to have access to. Enter the verification code to reset his password and you’ll be able to read everything you need to.


  • You’ll be able to see everything he does on Facebook and not just the messages.
  • You won’t need access to his phone (if you know his email credentials).
  • It’s free.


  • Your boyfriend might get suspicious if he suddenly can’t get into his Facebook account.
  • The method relies on knowing his email address and password.


Will My Boyfriend Notice That I’m Reading His Facebook Messages?

No, if you are using Moniterro then you will be able to monitor his Facebook messages in secret and he won’t know.

Is It Ethical to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages?

This is a difficult question and depends on individual circumstances. Though trust is important in relationships, sometimes a gut feeling is right. If you are suspicious of your partner and feel like he’s hiding something, you may well be justified in looking at what and who he’s messaging on Facebook.

What Should I Do if I Find Something Suspicious in My Boyfriend’s Messages?

It’s important to get copies of the evidence – like screenshots. This way, he can’t deny it and you have concrete proof to confront him.

Final Words

Knowing how to check your boyfriend’s Facebook messages could mean the difference between being lied to or being free from a cheat. Knowing either way means you have choices. Depending on your needs, there are different ways. But one guaranteed way to check his messages undetected is the Moniterro app.

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