How To Sell Tickets Online With TicketsCandy

Knowing how to sell tickets online is a crucial step in getting people to come to your event or business. The process can seem tricky at first or near impossible if you have chosen the wrong ticketing platform. However, the process can also be quite easy if you choose to use TicketsCandy for your ticketing needs.

Create Your Account

In order to begin your ticketing selling process, you first need to create an account. Luckily, TicketsCandy has made this process relatively simple for you to do by having you give just some basic information about your event.

Once you give them the information they need, you get assigned a project manager who can help you through every step of the process from there on.

Your Box Office Account Is Created

This step is the easiest step for you because you don’t have to do it. Your project manager does this step for you so that you don’t have to waste your time trying to figure it all out. If they get anything wrong or miss something, you can go back in and make changes later. It is a very stress-free process.

Hook Up A Merchant Account

Before you can begin selling tickets, you need a merchant account to process your customers’ payment information. Luckily for you though, TicketsCandy has an amazing partnership with Square which makes this process super easy for you as well.

You get $1,000 processing credit for working with Square and they set up the whole merchant account for you.

Sell Your Tickets

Once you have your account set up, you are ready to start selling your tickets! First, though, you are going to need a website built to sell the tickets. Lucky for you again, TicketsCandy has a partnership with Atavion. They will build you a premium, high-performing website at a 35% discount!

Once your site is built and your tickets begin selling, they don’t walk away from there. They maintain excellent customer support to ensure your ticketing platform works smoothly and efficiently to maximize the number of people who are going to attend your event.

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