How To Set Up iPhone In 5 Easy Steps

Did you know that there are over 1.65 billion active Apple devices in use? Among these are nearly 900 million iPhones! 

Have you just purchased an iPhone? If so, you are likely eager to start using it. But first, you need to get your device set up. 

Are you unsure of how to do so? Well, stick around because you’ll learn how to set up an iPhone in five simple steps!

Prepare to Set Up New iPhone

Before we get started, you’ll want to make sure you have the following: 

  • WiFi connection
  • Apple ID login details
  • Credit or debit card information to set up Apple Pay
  • Your previous phone
  • An iPhone charger

Once you’ve gathered all these items and information, you’re ready to get started! 

1. Turn on Your New iPhone

Naturally, the first step to setting up an iPhone is powering it on. If you have a newer iPhone model, you’ll need to press the side button down until you see the Apple logo. And, if you have an older model, the button will be on the top of the phone.  

Of course, if your iPhone doesn’t turn on after pressing the button for a few seconds, it likely needs to be charged. So, plug it into the outlet and wait a few minutes before trying again. 

2. Decide How to Set Up iPhone

When setting up your iPhone, you have a couple of options. You could either set it up as new, restore your data from another Apple device, or import data from a phone that uses a different operating system (Windows or Android). 

If you’ve never had a smartphone before or you want a fresh start, setting up your iPhone as new is your best bet. However, if you’re going to move your contacts, photos, and other information to your new phone, choose the restore option that applies to you. 

3. Configure Settings 

Once your iPhone is turned on, it will greet you in a variety of languages. So, be sure to pick the language you speak and your region. 

Next, you’ll need to set up your internet connection using your WiFi network name and password. But, if you don’t have access to the internet at the moment, you can continue using cellular data. 

At this point, you will be asked to perform the automatic setup if you are switching to a new iPhone. But, if you are setting up the phone from scratch or importing data from an Android, you can continue to configure your settings, such as location services. 

Newer models of iPhone use Face ID, which you can use instead of a password to unlock your phone or make purchases on your phone. However, older models with home buttons use Touch ID, using your fingerprint. No matter which one your phone uses, go ahead and set up this feature now. 

4. Transfer Data

The next step in the manual iPhone setup is restoring your data from another phone. However, if you want to start fresh, you can skip this step. 

Restoring from iCloud or iTunes

If your old iPhone has not been backed up recently, you should go ahead and do that now so that you successfully transfer all your data. 

After, you’ll have two options of how to switch iPhones. The first is with iCloud, and you should use this method if you plug your iPhone into your computer to back it up. 

The second and most common option is with iCloud. All you need to do is log in to your account to restore your data to your new phone. 

Transfer Data from an Android

Apple has an app called “Move to iOS” that helps new iPhone users transfer their data. You should download it onto your Android phone and follow the instructions given. 

5. Customize Your iPhone

Whether you restore data from your old phone or set it up as new, the final step is customizing your phone. Of course, if you are starting fresh, you’ll have a lot more to do in this respect. Nevertheless, here are a couple of things you should do to make your iPhone experience even more enjoyable. 

Set up Email on iPhone

If you want to set up mail on iPhone, you can either use the preinstalled Mail app or download your preferred app, such as Gmail. The advantage of using the Mail app is that you can log in to all your accounts in one application, making it a breeze to read your emails. 

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a great feature for shopping, whether online or at the store. You won’t need to take out your wallet or worry about someone stealing your cards ever again! 

Screen Time

If you’re worried about wasting too much time on your new device, the screen time feature is perfect for you. You can set limits for certain apps so that you don’t waste your day on social media or playing mobile games. 


If you want hands-free assistance from Siri, you’ll need to repeat some phrases so that it can configure with your voice. And, with the settings, you can change the sound of Siri’s voice. 

Automatic Updates

If you’re one of those people who always forget to install the latest updates, you can have your phone do this automatically. Don’t worry, though, as it will only update at night while the phone is charging. 

Connect Apple Watch

Are you are an Apple Watch user? If so, you will want to go ahead and pair it with your new phone. 

However, if you already paired it with another phone, you’ll need to go to the Watch app and forget your old device before pairing it with your new one. 

Get the Most Out of Your New iPhone

Even if you weren’t sure how to set up iPhone, we are certain that it was a breeze with these five steps. And, if you have any technical problems with your phone, be sure to contact Apple Support or look for more helpful iPhone articles on our website. 

Did this article help you learn how to set up iPhone 12 or older models? If so, have a look at more of our technology-related articles! 

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