How To Stop Avast Browser From Opening On Startup?

Hello and welcome to the Tech Parle where we focus only on technical solutions for all kinds of technical problems you face. Today we will answer the issue of how to stop avast browsers from opening on startup.

Browsers are the key to any device that is used to surf the internet. There are many browsers in the market today that give you different types of features that separate them from each other. The avast browser is one of them that gives you perfect privacy and security.

We all know about the security of avast antivirus. Security and privacy protection is the key feature of the Avast antivirus, and the same thing an avast browser provides us, and many peoples are using this browser.

We will also talk about the uniqueness of the avast antivirus and an avast browser later in this article. There are many ways to stop the avast browser from opening on startup. Also Read: Audio Renderer Error

How To Stop Avast Browser From Opening On Startup?

There are two ways to stop the avast browser from opening on startup. We will discuss these two methods to control the avast browser in simple ways so you guys can understand and follow to get rid of this technical problem. So stay with us and read the article carefully.

You Can Disable The Avast Browser From The Task Manager Directly

how to stop avast browser from opening on startup

To do it with the task manager, follow these simple steps on stopping an avast browser from opening on startup.

  • After opening your computer or laptop, go to the search option available in the bottom right corner of your screen go there and type the “Task manager” or open it by simply pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC this is the shortcut key to open the task manager.
  • You will see that a window of task manager opens on your screen. Now you can see there are lots of options that look like the menu bar. Press the startup option that you can see in the upper portion of the task manager window that looks like a menu bar.
  • Now you will see the whole list of the running programs on your computer or laptop. Now you need to find out the avast browser from that list.
  • 4. After finding the avast browser from the list of the startup option available in the task manager right click on the avast browser and then click on the disable option.
  • After you did all these steps that we shared with you, the job is done now. Your problem with how to stop avast browser from opening on startup is solved. 

If you don’t like this method and look for the other working method, please don’t worry, we have another way to work correctly.

Uninstall The Avast Browser From Your System

how to stop avast browser from opening on startup

If you cannot do anything technical, then there is only one option left to destroy it. The destroy meaning in a computer language is uninstalling the program or software to not open again for your system.

So if you are looking for how to stop avast browser from opening on startup from your system, you need to follow these simple steps that can be followed by anybody easily for how to stop an avast browser from opening on startup.

  1. Open the setting by simply clicking on the window icon in the bottom left corner.
  2. After that, open the settings option and click on the setting open the apps section.
  3. Now select the Avast browser, then and now uninstall the avast browser.
  4. After you uninstall the avast browser, you are now entirely rid of how to stop an avast browser from opening on startup.

So, guys, these two methods are the best method to stop the avast browser from opening on startup. You need to follow any of these methods and steps carefully to eliminate this technical problem if you have any problem with the avast browser.

Now let us look at some of the benefits of using the avast browser and the best alternative to the avast browser.

Why Is Avast Browser Good And Popular?

We all know avast as a fantastic and one of the most popular antiviruses that protects our data and system to get hacked by viruses.

Avast also offers a browser, and the uniqueness of this browser is that this browser gives you the best security and privacy for your system and your data.

Many people use this avast browser because they are conscious of their data and security to get theft. But many other browsers give you privacy and security like Opera min, Google Chrome, etc. 

Alternatives Of Avast Browser

how to stop avast browser from opening on startup

There are many browsers in the market today, and most of them are entirely free of cost. There are different uniqueness of different browsers.

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera Mini are the famous and most used browsers globally.

If you are seeking how to stop avast browser from opening on startup, then you need one of these browsers.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular browser among them that comes with the trusted brand google. Google gives security and privacy, and you can depend on this browser because of the big-name google.

It also gives you some extra features like saving bookmarks, and passwords, a new incognito window to surf the internet privately, etc.

Opera Mini

Opera mini comes unique and is one of the best browsers that we recommend, because it gives you the Opera mini browser, and comes with an inbuilt VPN that offers you extra bandwidth for no cost. You will get the fastest speed-loaded pages of the websites and ad-blocking feature.

Not only these features, but some other features make the Opera mini browser different from other browsers like the keyboard shortcut feature, save the bookmarks, save passwords, and of course, the free inbuilt VPN that offers you a fair amount of bandwidth.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is also a good option for using your alternative browser because it has some hidden features that make it a unique web browser that separates this browser from other browsers like Opera Mini and Google Chrome.

The hidden features are excellent like Enable Secret Animation in Firefox Options Window, Preview or Instant Apply Preferences Without Closing the Options Window, Enabling the “Click and Hold Context Menu” Feature, Enabling the “Middle-Click to Paste Clipboard Content” Feature, Enabling IE Style “Quick Tabs” Feature, Enable “Ctrl+Tab” Preview Thumbnails Feature, etc.


So these are the two methods for your query on how to stop avast browser from opening on startup. These two methods are 100% working; you need to follow the steps carefully. These methods are straightforward and straightforward to use.

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