How To Win Domination In Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

Black Ops is one of those COD series that entertains and challenge players to bring out the best in them. It is always about action, strategy, survival, and victory. So, if you’re searching for how to win Domination in Black Ops, we will help you out. 

 Winning Domination is straightforward because the objective is well-defined. Any team that captures the 3 flags or 2 and holds them until they earn 200 points wins. Also, if the team fails to capture any of the flags, the game becomes deadlocked. In such a situation, the next round of the game starts to allow them to earn the points to win. 

But the question is, are there difficulties in capturing these flags? What are the strategies to capture, hold and earn 200 points to win? Let’s discuss the answer below. But first, you can increase your chances of winning with Black Ops Cold War Hacks. So, make sure you check them out and also use our strategies below.  

Strategies to Win Domination Easily. 

  1. The Objective is more important. 

Even if you’re tempted to shoot at enemies all the time, never forget the goal to pursue. Domination is a 6v6 game that requires only one thing, earn 200 points. To earn these points, every team has to capture, defend and hold flags. That’s why you don’t get any points for killing an enemy. 

So, when playing, try to remember what you’re fighting for and strategize with the team to achieve them. The opportunity to kill the enemies will always come because they will attack you for any flag your team catches. 

  1. Strategize the Flag Capture 

There are three flags available in Domination. But there’s no way to capture all three at the same time. So, your team should plan how to catch them to earn points. First, make sure you capture flags A and C first. This is easy because your team will spawn near one of them. So, once you land into the game, grab the first one and pursue the second one. 

The second Flag B will complete your catch as well as the opposing team. So, make sure you bring all the guns blazing because the other team will fight you for it. Remember, capturing a flag doesn’t mean you can’t lose it again to the enemy. So, try to hold them until you earn 200 points.  

  1. Plan for a solid defense  

Domination requires that your team also defend the flags you capture. That’s why you must do all it takes to prevent the enemies from snatching them. Most of the time, the opposing team might go for your home flag at the spawn point. So, plan a defense strategy that will enable you to protect both flags at the same time. 

Make sure that your team is holding the flag A or C and then capture and hold Flag B. the fights will be tough when defending B. that’s why you can’t forget the home flag or else, you’ll lose the game. 

  1. Use the right weapons. 

Certain weapons will help you in Domination. Some of the guns to win short and mid-range fights, like an assault rifle and submachine gun, will help you a lot. If you can get Milano 821, you’ll be in an advantaged position to guard the objective better. This gun can win over other guns in the game. If the map is small and players fight in tight spaces, your submachine gun will give you an upper hand. 

But when you’re fighting on a large map that with many open areas, you must grab the tactical rifles and the assault rifles. Don’t go for close-range weapons at all. Also, make sure that only one or two-player has the sniper rifle. Too many snipers in the team won’t do you any good. 

  1. Use Vehicles against Campers

There are vehicles in Domination to help you move around faster. So, use them only when necessary and not for combat. In Combined Arms: Domination, some weapons that players get can damage the vehicles. So, don’t rely too much on them unless you find campers around the objective. Also, make sure you don’t use the vehicles for a long time. Once you’ve achieved the aim of driving it, dump it and walk. If other players notice you in a car, they’ll plan your downfall. 


Domination is more exciting than many games. The teams of 6 fight to grab more flags and protect them to earn 200 points. The fight for the B flag is usually so intense because both teams will want to grab it. This is why you must coordinate properly with your team to plan on how to protect the flags. Most importantly, always keep your home flag secure even while pursuing the second one. 

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