10 Tips On How To Word Games Using Expert Word List

Scrabble is one of the most popular word games in the world. Players try to build plays around their tiles by strategically forming words on their racks, making individual letters do double duty by carrying forward and blocking other players’ moves.

This article will discuss 10 Tips on How To Word Games Using Expert Word Lists. These lists contain words that are hard to spell or make up new words and tips for how to get an edge over your opponents while using them in Scrabble games.

10 Tips on How To Word Games Using Expert Word Lists

1. Use Duplicates

Since Scrabble’s move set is limited to seven tiles of letters, a player will find it hard to form words that contain five or six letters or even more. Thus they are advised to use as many unique letters in their rack as possible. It will also help them outwit their opponent, who would have to rely on the same letters they can’t use.

2. Use Jumbles

The Jumble tiles are those letters that are always available in Scrabble games and can form words without any special rules or limitations. It is usually advised to avoid using these tiles in the main rack as it will be easy for an opponent to build a longer word rather than a shorter one. However, players can sometimes go for these tiles when there is little danger of losing points.

3. Use Some Calculations In New Words

In addition to using a new word, players are also advised that they should use the letters they have in their rack and the other letters that they can add to them by using some calculations. They are advised to use a long sequence of letters whose sum is greater than 10. It will help them score more points and make an opponent think twice before blocking them from making their move.

4. Use Regular Letters In New Words

As most word games like Scrabble require the player to form new words by combining a small number of existing letters, they are advised to use common alphabetically ordered words in their rack. It is often referred to as the Silly or Silly Word rule and is, in fact, another way of using some calculations. It also gives them more choices when playing with a word that an opponent has already used.

5. Use Fresh Scrabble Words

When forming a word, they are usually advised to use a new and uncommon word that has not been used enough before by an opponent who may influence the timing of their move, making it difficult for them to be in the game. It may also require some calculations since there are only a limited number of letters that one can use in a new word on the board. wordplays.com has a comprehensive list of all the possible words formed in Scrabble. You can also use Scrabble Word Finder, a free online tool that can help you generate words, find anagrams and fill out your rack with high-scoring potential letters.

6. Use Fewer Letters In New Words

Another way players can form words that one can use in Scrabble is by using fewer letters. It will enable them to create longer words and get an advantage over their opponent by blocking the move. This strategy can result in getting more points. However, it is essential to ensure that they will not get blocked halfway through a game.

7. Use Blocked Plays

Since Scrabble plays are not only limited by the length of a word but also the length of a word’s score, players are often advised to take advantage of blocked plays when there is no way out for an opponent on how they can make a move. It will help them build words that can be used or even score a higher point. Players need to use this strategy in a way that will not get them caught and result in no points or penalties.

8. Use Cross Words and Other Similar Words

Players are often advised to keep their eyes open for different ways of forming or creating new words that contain letters such as Y, W, X, and Z. This is because many Scrabble players also recognize that these letters can make up new words. It also enables them to get more points during a game by blocking their opponent’s attempt to get these letters in the main rack.

9. Use Some Calculations For New Words

Players are advised to use some calculations when forming a new word by combining a certain number of different letters. It will help them develop longer words but also helps them to form new words without having to go through the difficulty of trying to spell new ones from scratch. The word ex-tempo-rate, for example, can be created by adding X and T to the end of F and E, which results in an undoubtedly long and complicated word for most Scrabble players.

10. Look for Hooks. 

Hooks are those letters that are usually not used in Scrabble games. They are A K D G P Q T V W X Y and Z. Players are often advised to use a word that can be formed using more than two hooks since it will allow them to create longer words. It is one of the most popular tactics for Scrabble players. The word toxin, for example, can be formed by using the letters W and Z. Players are often advised to use the five hooks to their advantage since this will result in a longer word.

It is also important to note that these techniques are not strictly limited to Scrabble players and can also be used by anyone who wants to get an edge over their opponents in any game. The fact that these tips will make it harder for an opponent to form a word with the same letters can often result in a word-length advantage, especially if the word is longer than seven letters.

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