How To Write A Simple Salary Increment Letter?

A wage increase letter is an official document that is given to an employee. It states that wages are being increased. It is also called a letter of evaluation.

Such a simple salary increment letter is given at the beginning of the fiscal year or after six months. Payment of such a raise is provided according to the results of the employee’s performance in the company.

A salary increase is a good news. A letter about it is not only a reward but also raises the employee’s morale so that he or she can continue to perform well.

What is Included in the Salary Increase Letter?

Employers should always know when to raise wages. But if an employee feels that he or she can get a larger amount for his/her work, it is possible to draw up a contract sample. This document should include the following components:

  1. General purpose – the first paragraph should be about the employee enjoying his job. This should include the job title and length of service. 
  2. Reason for the request – the most common reasons are such as a new position has been obtained, there has been no salary increase for a long time, the employee has improved his or her qualifications.
  3. Justification for the request – here it is important to explain the reason for the raise.
  4. The amount that is requested – tact should be adhered to.
  5. Statement of negotiations.

If the order is drawn up by the employer, then in this sample he must specify:

  1. Employee Name.
  2. Assignment.
  3. An official letter congratulating the employee for a perfect job. 
  4. Changed salary.
  5. Information about the new salary.
  6. The date on which the new salary will begin to apply.
  7. A letter of appreciation to the employee for his or her excellent work.

Depending on company policy, letters are sent to the person who is interested in asking for a salary increase. There are cases where employees pass such letters on to managers or supervisors, while in other companies it is passed on to human resources personnel. 

In today’s world, important letters are always sent via email. Therefore, when an employee writes a promotion letter, a copy of the document is given to the company’s manager or other important figures in the company.

How do I Negotiate With my Boss for a Salary Increase?

Discussing the amount of salary is a negotiation. Very often in these situations people feel insecure and are afraid to ask for a raise. But there are tips to help make negotiating easier. It is important to have the right attitude. This way, the employee has a lot of chances to get a good result.

Before starting a conversation, it is necessary to prepare well. You need to calculate all the outcomes that can come out of the conversation.

It is important to set things up so that it will be a win-win situation. In asking for a raise, the employee may be tempted to ask for a lot. But if it’s really necessary, you need to think about advantages for both the employee and the company. This will show the employer that the employee definitely wants a raise, but it will also be a benefit to the entire company.

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