Huawei Smart Device – A Return to the Simple Life

The telecommunication industry has been developing in leaps and bounds in the last few years. The market size increased considerably, penetrating remote areas, a vast array of handsets are available with intricate application interfaces, burdensome usage methods, vast flowing data and advanced technology. The state of the art technology has created a problem for non-tech-savvy users. To resolve this issue, Huawei has a vision of a super device, a simple world. This philosophy is to eliminate the cumbersome application interface of mobile devices and to create a simplified, fluid, enjoyable user experience through the production of smart devices and solutions.

Super Device Simple World

To program and implement the vision of Super Device Simple World, the company has invested in extensive R&D projects. Utilizing its global pool of R&D scientists, the company aims to streamline the overall user experience to a simpler, smooth mobile application. To facilitate business development, Huawei takes a liberal, accommodating attitude working closely with partners to generate simple, smart devices and solutions. The hardware innovation initiated by Huawei with global quality standards and interoperability features is a classic example of envisioning smart devices and solutions. Users can freely toggle between multiple devices like laptops, PC and smartphones.

Hassle-free experience

Simple Life focuses on giving the end-user a hassle-free experience. The smart office is such an endeavour of Huawei using wireless interconnecting computing technology, giving a comprehensive service by integrating various devices into one cohesive one. The simple, effective working ecosystem is slowly penetrating the very fabric of the corporate. The smartphones produced by Huawei are based on three basic principles; easy to use cloud management, open cloud business and ever-present terminals. The wide spectrum of communication devices paired with open cloud business and management allows partners to offer one-stop business solutions and experiences to users, from simple business integration to complex business aggregation.

Huawei AI Life

One easy to use the app can control all smart devices devised by Huawei AI Life. A few clicks of the app can switch on /off the smart devices, control their temperature, settings and access those gadgets. The network set view displays the name of the operator, roaming state, and signal strength. The equipment management controls and supports internet priority setting, kicking and a key. One button physical examination corrects the router to the optimal position. It is a single platform app to manage IoT devices such as4G/5G routers, mobile Wi-Fi, earphones, speakers and an array of smart gadgets. Getting the optimal performance of smart gadgets must be effortless, and Huawei AI Life brings the best of it. 


The cloud-based technology allows users to store, share, synchronize and backup personal documents and media files. Huawei initiated the first cloud-based management. Global corporate and social life is becoming more intricate, and the evolved technologies are constantly advancing. The plethora of available devices and technologies provides endless choices to end-users. But the newly launched products and services are integrated with complex interface applications. With a remarkable market presence in almost all countries, a depth R&D segment, and a cooperative alliance with various partners, Huawei is inching towards its mission of Smart Device, Simple World.

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