Importance Of Link Building

SEO and link building often go hand in hand. Your website cannot rank without build high quality links. In fact, the reason why a website ranks higher than a competitor’s site is because of link building.

Therefore, it is crucial to integrate linking as part of your SEO process. However, link building is one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of SEO. Links are also not the same. That is why it is recommended that you hire the services of an SEO professional to do the job for you. Most SEO agencies offer linkbuilding packages, meaning you can choose one that suits your business needs and budget.

Why is link building important

  • It helps to improve web traffic

One of the benefits of linkbuilding is that it helps to boost your website traffic. The more other credible sites link back to your websites, the more Google sees your website as important which in turn boosts its ranking.

Additionally, link building also helps to boost domain authority, expertise, and trust. All these help to boost your website ranking, which in turn increases your visibility.

  • It increases referrals traffic

A good link from a reputable website will not only earn you link juice but will also boost your site traffic. If you link to a website that is relevant to yours, the traffic will also be relevant. This mostly applies to small websites that have linked to large authority sites. Referral traffic is more valuable than large general traffic.

  • More sales opportunities

Link Building helps you to get great traffic from relevant sites which increases your sales opportunity. Besides increasing your ranking on the search engine, link building also helps your site to attract more qualified referral traffic, meaning that the traffic you will get will be of people who are ready to take action, which include buying products or using the services that you offer. This means you will sell more products or services and earn more profits.

  • Improved relationship

If you focus on building links within your niche as recommended by Google, you will not only boost your ranking on search engines but you will also connect closely with other players within your niche. This will help you become an authority in your industry, which will in turn open more opportunities for your business.

  • It lowers your bounce rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who enter the site then leave immediately instead of continuing to view other pages within the site. When you link both inbound links and internal links, your backlinking will look more organic, which will in turn make it easy for Google to crawl your site.

It also makes it easier for visitors to navigate your site, thus reducing the bounce rate. If visitors can easily navigate your site, your bounce rate will drastically reduce because people will stay on your website for longer. A low bounce rate will also help to boost your ranking.

  • It boosts authority

Another crucial benefit of link building is that it helps to boost your site authority. When your website has more domain authority, Google will see it as important and it will rank it higher in search engine results, thus boosting your business visibility and exposure.

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