Impressive Selfies With Xiaomi Mi 10

In today’s society a number of elements have emerged as a result of technological advances, which without being aspects that should be important for the development of a good life, the technology industry and the people themselves have made them a necessity.

This is the case of the smartphone, it is very difficult to find a person today who does not own one, and this has led to the unstoppable progress of these devices that as the days go by more sophisticated models appear, with increasingly advanced cameras, and one of the needs created by this technology is the so-called selfie, everyone wants to take the best one.

One of the devices to achieve this type of photograph are the smartphone, and in the market, a Xiaomi best selfie phone is coveted, and this type of phone has excellent features for this purpose, let’s see one of the models that provides the best results in terms of the best selfie, if you are one of the selfie lovers, you will find in this phone a great tool that you can exploit to the fullest.

Xiaomi Mi-10

Let’s first clarify what we mean by the term Selfie, in fact, they are photographs that people take themselves, with the phone, and has become so popular that people take this selfie on any occasion, birthday, if they are with a friend, if they are in a restaurant, if they arrive at an attractive place, and so never lacks a reason to take the selfie.

Its popularity has grown so much and has become so necessary and common, that has generated the creation of special accessories for a selfie, as is the case of the known monopod for selfie, is an assistant to take these photographs, and consists of a rod that can be extended for a better photographic angle, and that at the end have a piece to insert the phone, and at the other end the handle equipped with a device for the function of the switch that takes the picture.

The Mi-10 is the Xiaomi best selfie phone, for the resolution of a good photograph, several aspects influence and this phone has them,

One is the quality of the screen, and this Xiaomi has one of 6.67 inches, FHD and with a very good resolution of 1080×2340, this means that in the width of the screen the images are displayed using up to 1080 pixels, and at the top, they get to use 2340 pixels, when talking about pixels we understand that for each pixel we refer to the dots per square inch.

Another aspect that makes Xiaomi best selfie phone, are the two cameras that bring incorporated, the rear has the so-called quadruple resolution, which provides an incredible functionality to achieve very high-quality photographs, has 108 MP in the main, 2 MP boken, 13 MP wide-angle, and 2 MP macro, with optical depth sensors, excellent performance for great pictures.

The front camera is 20 MP and with a high pixel density of 386 PPI, for all these features we can consider the Xiaomi best selfie phone.

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