Is Ignis Wraith The Best Weapon In Warframe

It’s the Wraith form of the Ignis, a Grineer-designed flamethrower. The Ignis Wraith is a key weapon that syndicates larger stats with a flamethrower.

This a flamethrower weapon in Warframe with a legendary background. It’s been accessible in numerous incarnations throughout the game on various occasions.

The easiest and perhaps the quickest method to get one is through Baro Ki’teer, the Void Trader.

Occasionally, a wandering merchant may appear with a fully assembled Wraith for sale for Ducats (a special Warframe currency acquired through selling price items). However, it is extremely costly in that scenario.

This is a Grineer flamethrower that is an enhanced version of the regular Ignis. This weapon has a higher critical chance and status probability than the original, putting the damage of a specific fire-breathing Warframe to shame and as well here we will tell you how to get ignis wraith in a simple way.

Because it lacks intrinsic physical damage, the fundamental stats are heat damage, but it may still use any elemental mod to combine or increase its heat damage with other main heat damage mods.

This weapon is very good at clearing rooms of opponents, incinerating them, or injecting them with caustic or infectious components.

Not to mention its critical chance, which makes it suitable for some modifications that may greatly increase its damage output.

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How To Get Ignis Wraith?

Originally a clan event research item used by elder clans in Warframe’s early years. Members of such clans can buy the blueprint from their clan’s lab and sell it for small things, although some kind of clans will give it out for free in the trade conversation.

It may now be purchased from Baro Ki’teer’s rotating stock of goods for ducats, with a fully constructed costing 500 ducats and 250,000 credits (without including an Orokin Catalyst or Weapon Slot).

We will compare two of the best Warframe ignis, you can easily compare both of them to get more fun while you will play with the great knowledge and difference about this wraith.


Ignis Wraith

Ignis Wraith is the Spirit different from the Ignis, retentive greatest of its stats with a few alterations as well.


  • Serious Casual: Every one potshot has a 17 out of a hundred casual of allocating critical hits. (The Ignis gets 11% of the vote)
  • Accuracy: Has a precision of 100, allowing it to attack opponents at short to medium ranges with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Critical Multiplier: Critical strikes cause shots to deliver 2.5 times more damage. (2 times for Ignis)
  • Refill: A new magazine receipts 1.7 sec to refill. Ignis gets 2 sec.
  • Position: Each shot consumes a 29 percent fortuitous of causing rank glitches. (The Ignis gets 27% of the vote)
  • Farm the cause causes the armament to fire recurrently till the cause is released.
  • Fires at a rate of about 8 rounds per second.
  • Both slicks have a size of 200 discs. (For the Ignis, 150)
  • Gunshots style a lot of dins and will caution adversaries once they are fired.

Ignis Wraith Crafting Requirements

  • Ferrite x 10,000
  • Rubido x 500
  • Argon Crystals x 3
  • Detonite Injector x 5
  • Credits x 30,000

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Warframe ignis wraith build

Ignis Wraith

Armor Strip

This is a simple construct for any Ignis user that wants to peel armor away using corrosive and heat.

You won’t have to worry about processing any physical damage with this weapon, which makes it a wonderful weapon to have as soon as you can, because it deals a lot of damage that can be increased with Warframe bonuses.

Hybrid Damage

With this hybrid build, you can take full use of those stats by employing 90% elemental and Hunter Munitions modifications, which allow you to rapidly eliminate entire groups of opponents or even harder elite adversaries by reducing their health and armor while dealing slash DPS.

While the ignis wraith bp excels in footings of dangerous & rank casual, it falls short in terms of damage, dealing mainly heat damage.

The build is a cross of our preceding builds, assimilating the many alterations from each to make a dangerous & rank build.

This build attempts to deal with critical damage as well as cause a lot of damage via status effects from various sources. A plethora of approaches to adapt this armament, and all hinge on the user & their mod favorites.

These aren’t the only Warframe ignis builds available, but they’re fairly helpful in a lot of scenarios.


With the new expansion concentrating on the Corpus, you might want to explore this build that focuses on fast-diminishing shields while simultaneously lowering enemy armor for maximum impact.

This is extremely handy if you’re caught in a room with too many Corpus nullifiers and need to get them out as soon as possible.

Punch Through

This build allows you to quickly clear areas with large groups of opponents. It employs the Metal Auger and Primed Shred modifications to emphasize punch-through. The weapon’s heat element will be preserved if you use a viral mod combo.

With Stalker Weaponries, this Warframe build will be capable to contract both warmth & slash harm, as well as viral damage owing to its status effect.

This build’s mix of modifications will allow you to deal massive amounts of DPS to your foes, especially when they’re huddled together, near or beneath Nullifier bubbles, or hidden behind the cover.

With the flames from the best ignis wraith build, you can easily fire past obstacles and even breach doors when using this setup.

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When exploring or hunting in the huge open landscapes of Fortuna and the Plains of Eidolon, you’ll want a bit greater reach with your best wraith build to focus on damage against opponents in broader areas.

This build emphasizes range-expanding modifications like Sinister Reach and Firestorm, which increase your mission effectiveness.

The combo of Firestorm and Sinister Reach will enhance the radius of the tip of your billowing flames from your wraith blueprint, as well as expand the weapon’s range.

Using a virus and heat combo will increase your DPS, and then use Combustion Beam to add extra damage by causing your foes to explode and cause damage all around them.

Critical Build

One technique to deal with massive amounts of damage is to use the Critical Build. As a result, this build emphasizes that impact, including critical damage-improving modifications like Vital Sense and Hammer Shot.

Point Strike, more than any other critical chance mod, is presently the greatest way to enhance your critical chance. ignis wraith blueprint is also the great road map of your play.

Going for radiation in this build is an excellent method to deal with damage while avoiding any damage concerns with any side. Going for Vigilante modifications is a fantastic method to boost your damage because they give you a chance to raise your critical damage by one level.

This changes your yellow critical hits into orange ones, increasing your damage potential against any adversary.

This changes your yellow critical hits into orange ones, increasing your damage potential against any adversary.


  • Has thermal damage as a foundation
  • The critical chance is moderate.
  • Possibility of a high status
  • High precision
  • Attacks inflict damage on opponents within a certain radius.
  • Multiple opponents are targeted by attacks.
  • Rapid projectile velocity
  • Ammunition efficiency
  • Ammunition capacity is large.
  • Large capacity magazine


  • There is no bodily harm.
  • To do complete harm, it must be shot for a longer period of time.
  • A top vigorous of 9 is obligatory.
  • The range is limited.

Amprex vs Ignis Wraith

Ignis Wraith

People claim Amprex has substantially greater dps than ignis wraith bp, which isn’t true because they tested against heavy Grineer in the simulacrum.

Ignis’ drawback is that its beam only has a one-in-a-second chance of applying for status, thus Amprex will always be superior against heavy Grineer, where armor stripping is more beneficial.

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Ignis vs Ignis Wraith

The standard Ignis is powerful enough, having long-range and high elemental damage. The Wraith version, on the other hand, provides greater damage and other additional attributes.

The ignis vs wraith is a flamethrower weapon in Warframe with a legendary background. It’s been accessible in numerous incarnations throughout the game on various occasions. The easiest and perhaps the quickest method to get one is through Baro Ki’teer, the Void Trader.


Flamethrowers are fantastic, especially in Warframe, where you can inflict a lot of damage on a lot of foes in a short amount of time and make them burn up in flames.

What better way to up the ante than to transform fire into a different element, resulting in distinct effects and a cooler appearance?

The Ignis wraith blueprint is an excellent weapon for dealing a lot of damage to opponents in a large area or clearing a room fast. In a substance of sec, enemies will be twisted into the grill.

This Warframe build is more than just a fun flamethrower weapon; it also has a significant influence on your missions by wreaking devastation on anything in its path.

Although it has a limited range, this weapon can clear regions of opponents and is an excellent way to search for caches by blasting through walls and smashing open treasure boxes, which may help you narrow down your search in missions.

This makes it a worthwhile weapon to build or purchase, especially early on in your Mastery Rank quest.

For a long time, the wraith blueprint has been top-tier in Warframe. It is not Tenno’s thinking weapon, since it just shoots a large flash of flame at opponents. However, it’s ideal for quickly slicing through huge gatherings.

It deals Heat damage by default, but it may be modified to produce different elemental kinds, much like any other weapon. It also has a high Critical Chance and a high-Status Chance, making it excellent for fighting a variety of foes.

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