A Guide On League How To Solo Carry Game

Many players who want to advance to the top ranks in the Ranked game mode of League of Legends have battled to find a solution to the problem of how to single-carry in LOL ever since the game’s 2009 introduction.

Over the course of more than a decade, there have been a number of different approaches to the question; here is ours. How to single carry in League of Legends is shown here.

League games may be challenging at times. Everyone is aware that some players never seem to improve at the game no League how to solo carry matter what they try.

Alternatively, they may merely act rashly and aid the adversary. Then, what can you do, right?

League how to solo carry

Alliance is obviously vital in League of Legends. Teams that permit players to act in whatever they choose are generally ineffective.

However, there is still a significant number of Solo Carry players that are at ease playing alone in the game. To become the same player, you must train frequently.

  • First, choose heroes that are simple to defeat. You will lose if you make a mistake as a difficult champion. For example, Garen is simple to control in your lane, and the healing passive will keep you alive if you make mistakes.
  • Second, you need to gather a tonne of gold for how to solo carry to be effective. You must farm, seize objectives, kill opposing champions, and do other actions to do this. Additionally, it would be beneficial if you could stop the opposing side from doing the same.
  • You must not pass away. Although it seems clear, League of Legends’ most crucial component is really this. To become the same player, you must train frequently. The decision to withdraw or start working with colleagues may thus occasionally be useful.

The following are the main League how to solo carry considerations that you need to be aware of.

It will definitely require some time for you to learn this, but once you have played a few thousand matches, you will absolutely get it.

While you’re here, go through our instructions for using League of Legends Prime Gaming Rewards.

Top League of Legends Champions

League How To Solo Carry

For your benefit, we have created a list of game characters that you may use to complete the game by yourself.

Your odds of winning go up a little bit when you play these champions. So without further ado, here are the top League of Legends champions that can win the match by themselves.

Master Yi

Many people refer to this champion as the “Noob Hero.” Yes, Master Yi is simple to understand and handle, but carrying a game is more difficult.

Since Yi’s abilities are mostly focused on clearing, pushing a lane is not too difficult.


The significance of the river, the shrubs, and the overall environment in the game changed with Qiyana’s entry into the League scene.

She can receive benefits based on the element she has, which is the river, shrubs, or earth (general terrain of the map).

Why Qiyana is great at leading the game alone: She is an assassin who can do a tonne of damage to the opposition and reset her passive and cooldowns.

By the way, her passive is OP because it gives additional damage to the enemy.


In the single lane, Illaoi is annoying. She is adaptable, thus she can go from tanking to damaging or off-tanking.

She can push relatively safely because of her passive, which makes it difficult to push the lane to her enemies.

Why Illaoi is great for solo carrying: Even though she is tanking, she may still play the devastating role because her passive heals her anytime an opponent champ is struck for 5% of her maximum HP.


What results from corrupting a Yordle’s head? The solution lies in Veigar. Don’t tell him I said small, but this diabolical little fur ball is nuts!

That also applies to his strength. In the cause of evil, this small boy (again, please don’t tell him) can obliterate his adversaries!

Why Veigar is great for solo carrying: Veigar’s AP has the potential to become quite complex.

When a champion is struck with skill, he receives a stack of additional AP with every kill, double for huge monsters, and he receives five stacks when a champion is killed thanks to his Q! Given that the ratio between AP and stacks is 1:1, it is feasible to see a Veigar with more than 2000 AP.


Ekko is difficult. He can strike powerfully and is difficult to catch. And then fling that punch across time, catching you off guard! Although the winner cannot truly control time, it is fun to imagine it that way.


An excellent damage dealer. Check to visit his site to listen to a great metal tune that a fan created for him. The brand is a skilled laner, but in a team fight, he shows his real colors.

The brand was created with League how to solo carrying in mind because of DoT. His passive causes the foes to burn and explode after three stacks.


Yorick can take punishment while dealing damage. While he advances the path safely and traps the opponent, his mist walkers irritate the opposition.

Yorick is fantastic for transporting alone since. He always leaves a grave where he may call in mist walkers after killing anything with his.

Such mist creeps aid Yorick in pushing the lane and also aid him in battle with the adversary if he engages in a conflict.


Irelia moves around the battlefield as a blade dancer while inflicting damage on her adversaries.

Her abilities enable her to command the battlefield while inflicting incredibly damaging blows. Her strength is made more stunning by her ability to exert control.

Irelia’s passive causes her attack speed to rise with each successful use of her ability. Her basic strikes now deliver additional magic damage when fully stacked. This stacks up to six times.


The supercarrier is Vayne. She is quite difficult to stop in the final stages of the game. However, that is only true if the game lasts that long.

She also strongly relies on the snowball effect for everything else.

Vayne is great at carrying solo since her Q talent makes evading relatively simple and grants her additional physical damage according to her AD.

Her W is a passive ability that increases the real damage dealt by Vayne’s third basic strike dependent on the target’s Max.


While looking for a good opponent, Jax decimates his opponent with his street lamp.

As he advances through the ranks of his adversaries, his proficiency with weaponry becomes difficult to hit.

How to Win in League of Legends Solo Queue?

League How To Solo Carry

Without further ado, let’s start our attempt to keep this as succinct and brief as possible:

The Team’s Efforts Must Be Significantly Affected by Your Individually Ranked Performance First and foremost, your team needs a role and a champion who can have a huge impact early on.

According to our opinion, you should be a Jungler, Mid, Top, AD, and Support (in that order of priority).

Because you won’t always obtain the job and champion you want, it is advised that you learn to play two or even three roles well with a respectable selection of champions.

Bring your A Game, Positive mindset, and Maximum Focus

This, more than being mechanically capable of carrying, is what matters most in this game (or any other ranked game, like CS: GO for example).

If you do not even feel like playing, don’t force yourself to.

If you had a horrible defeat or several consecutive losses, avoid queuing up again since you run the chance of doing poorly due to unresolved feelings from the previous game.

Do something else for 30 to 60 minutes, and then think about returning.

Know Your Map and Relay Important Information

It’s almost regrettable that humans lack a third eye that we could place in the screen corner where the mini-map is located.

We’ll have to make do with LoL’s limitations in that regard (it’s the same for you and everyone else in the end) as some games, like SMITE, let you alter the UI and reorganize things.


This concludes our overview of the top 15 champions for League how to solo carry in Season 12’s Solo Queue.

Don’t worry if you don’t like any of the champions on our list. When you have a champion that you excel at, love, and like, you can ascend with ease!

Frequently Ask Questions

League How To Solo Carry

What champ can League how to solo carry?

High Lane. The three Top Laners Riven, Tryndamere, and Irelia are the best to single carry with in Season 12. Each of these champions has strong skirmishing strength throughout the whole game, and if they can get an early kill, they may rapidly build a big advantage.

How do you carry low ELO?

Split pushing is an excellent method for moving low ELO games through the Solo queue. Rarely will the other squad be well-coordinated enough to effectively shut you down. By doing this, you’ll be able to exert pressure on the battlefield and win matches with less reliance on your squad.

Which lane is best to League how to solo carry?

Still, the mid-lane will be the most crucial since team battles will frequently occur near it and the river, particularly during and immediately after mid-game.

What does weak-side mean in lol?

Casters often use the term “weak side” to describe the side of the map where the jungler does not frequently gank or spend a lot of time. Although this can theoretically apply to either the top or bottom lane, the top is where it is most frequently used.

What does strong-side mean in the league?

Your team’s most kills are on your STRONG side of the map, whilst the enemy team’s kills are on your WEAK side.

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