Way To Solve Message+ Keeps Stopping issues

Hi, and welcome to Tech Parle, so today we will have an amazing theme for you. Are you Looking for the answer to Message+ Keeps Stopping issues on Verizon? This article broadly expounds to proffer probably the best fixes to this issue. 

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What is Message+? 

Message+ application is an informing application that grants you to synchronize all the messages in the aggregate of your devices. You can get it from the Google play store. It is a google thing. Strangely, it is the best educational application for a typical android customer. The application lets you – 

  • Settle on and get decisions on a tablet 
  • Change conversations with foundations, bubble styles, and text styles, to say the very least 
  • Send eGift cards to friends and family 
  • Access additional features straightforwardly from a conversation 

Ordinarily, you witness that message+ continues to stop, and it is griped about by numerous different clients as well. Be that as it may, don’t stress as this issue has arrangements as well.

Instructions To Fix Message+ Keeps Stopping Error

Message+ Keeps Stopping

In case you’re considering what to do when the Message+ application continues to stop on your Android telephone, at that point, follow the investigating techniques recorded consistently until the Verizon Message Plus application quits smashing. 

  • Restart your Android telephone 
  • Samsung Android Restart 
  • Play out a Simulated Battery Removal 

Some Samsung telephone clients have detailed that they quit encountering message plus keeps stopping in the wake of playing out a recreated battery evacuation

On the off chance that you have a more seasoned model of Android telephone with a removable battery, at that point, you can truly eliminate the battery and supplement it back to fix Verizon Verizon message+ keeps stopping and continues to stop the issue. 

Suppose you have an Android telephone with a non-removable battery. In that case, you can perform battery evacuation by squeezing and holding the Power button for over 10 seconds or until the screen goes dark.

Battery Removal Android | message plus keeps stopping

When the gadget reboots, open the Verizon stopping to check whether the issue endures. On the off chance that the issue perseveres, follow the underneath technique. 

Power Close Messaging application on Android 

In this technique, we’ll power close the informing application and check whether the Verizon message+ keeps stopping. Follow the underneath steps to constrain close the Verizon Message+ application. 

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Application Manager. 
  • Look down and tap on Messaging. 
  • Tap on FORCE STOP to compel close the messages application. Power Stop Messages Messaging 
  • If the Verizon message stopping continues from crashing once more, follow the beneath technique. 
  • Update Verizon message stopping from Google Play Store. 

Refreshing an application can take care of a ton of issues. The most recent variant of the application contains bug fixes and different enhancements. Along these lines, update the Verizon Message+ application to the most recent rendition from Google Play Store. 

While refreshing the Verizon Message + App from Google Play Store, if you see the “Your gadget isn’t viable with this rendition” message, follow the underneath steps. 

  • Go to Settings > Apps and select All Apps. Android Settings All Apps 
  • Look down and tap on Google Play Store. 
  • Tap on FORCE STOP and afterward on Storage. Power Stop Google Play Store 
  • Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache. 
  • When done, take a stab at refreshing the Message+ application once more. 
  • Boot into Safe Mode to check for outsider application struggle 

Before we continue to clear application information for the Verizon message+ keeps stopping the application, we boot the Android telephone into Safe mode to check for any outsider application clashes. 

The Following Are The Means To Boot The Android Telephone Into Safe Mode. 

Message+ Keeps Stopping
  • Press and hold the Power button on your telephone until the Power menu shows up. Android Power Menu 
  • Press and hold the Power off symbol until a spring-up shows up.
  • Tap on, OK. Boot Android into Safe Mode 

Trust that your gadget will boot into protected mode; you can affirm this by the Safe mode message in the base left corner of your screen. Android Safe Mode Label 

On the off chance that you don’t confront any issue while utilizing the Message+ application in experimental mode, it is affirmed that the outsider application caused the issue. 

  • Go to Settings > Apps (Application > Application Manager) and select All Apps. Android Settings All Apps 
  • Look down and search for the application which you think may struggle with the informing application. On the off chance that you have an additional SMS overseeing the application, uninstall it first.
  • Restart your telephone to boot once again into normal mode. Samsung Android Restart 

Dispatch the Verizon message+ keeps stopping the app from checking whether the issue is tackled. 

Clear Verizon Message+ App Data and Cache 

Clearing information and storing will not erase your SMS messages, yet it is as yet prescribed to reinforce SMS messages. 

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Application Manager) Look down and select the Messaging application. 
  • Select Storage and tap on Clear Data. Clear Messaging App Data and reserve 
  • Tap on Clear Cache. 
  • Restart your telephone and open the Messaging application to check if the issue is addressed. 

Perform Android Software Update | google keeps stopping the message

Message+ Keeps Stopping

It is prescribed to play out the Software update; if you’re uncertain whether your gadget is forthcoming Android Software update, follow the below steps. 

  • Go to Settings on your Phone. 
  • Tap on Software Update and check for refreshes. Android Software Update 
  • Ensure you are associated with Wi-Fi
  • When the product update is performed, open the Verizon Message Plus application and check if the issue continues. 

Wipe Cache Partition from Recovery Mode 

In the wake of playing out a Software update, stores in the reserved segment get undermined here and there. To fix this issue, we need to clear the reserve parcel from Recovery Mode. Follow the underneath steps to play out the Wipe reserve parcel. 

Force off your telephone. 

When your telephone is in the Recovery Mode, pick the Wipe store parcel utilizing the Volume fastens and select the Power button. 

  • On the following screen, select Yes and press the Power catch to wipe the store parcel. 
  • When the store segment is cleaned, Select Reboot framework currently to restart your gadget. 

Play out a Factory Reset 

  • If all the above techniques couldn’t help fix Verizon Message+, continue to stop the issue; at that point, you are left with no other decision except to do a manufacturing plant reset. 
  • Playing out a production line reset on your Android telephone will delete the entirety of your information and documents. In this way, it is constantly prescribed as the last choice to fix an issue. 
  • Before you complete an industrial facility reset, ensure you have reinforced the entirety of your information to your PC or some other safe spot. Here is the definitive guide on the best way to take a reinforcement of Android information. 

The following are the most proficient method to do an industrial facility reset on your Android telephone. 

  • Kindly note that the steps contrast from one gadget to another. You should find the Backup and Reset choice on your Android telephone. 
  • Go to Settings and look down and select the General Management alternative. Samsung General Management Settings 
  • Look down and select Reset choices. Android Factory Reset Option 
  • Select Erase all information (processing plant information reset). Android Factory information reset 
  • Erase all data or Reset the cache to do a plant reset. 
  • Android Factory Reset 


The above techniques help you fix and get your Verizon Message Plus working again in the blink of an eye. 

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