Top Jobs To Apply After Taking Microsoft DP-300 Certification Exam

The benefits associated with the Microsoft DP-300 certification exam are diverse. First, this test is required to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate certificate.

Once you become a Certbolt Azure Administrator professional, you will enjoy improved authenticity and be selected by recruiters as a trustable specialist. Another advantage that comes in the same package is related to elevated confidence.

There’s no doubt that when you finalize the accreditation journey and get the required passing score, your self-confidence will boost through the roof. While these advantages might seem great, you shouldn’t forget about the salary hike that you deserve and can attain based on your validated experience.

Exam DP-300 can recommend you for well-paid positions such as Database Administrator, Application Developer, and Data Architects. Keep reading the following paragraphs to find out more about each position’s responsibilities and the average annual salary.

3 Attractive Jobs to Apply for After Taking the Microsoft DP-300 Assessment

  • Database Administrator reports that the average annual pay for a database administrator is $74k. As you improve your skills and validate them with the Certbolt Azure Security Technologies exam, you can reach the higher end of the salary interval and can negotiate an annual payment of $112k. As for the job duties, you will be responsible for managing and maintaining the company’s database. This means that you will pay attention to following the organization’s data management policy and adhere to it. Besides, you will be the go-to person for backup and database functionality issues.

  • Application Developer

The responsibilities of an application developer are quite complex, yet rewarding. Therefore, you will handle the coding, designing, and app management as well as troubleshooting and updating. The Certbolt Azure DevOps Solutions will help you understand what technologies you can use for the data platform for Azure and how to manage them through different apps. As for the salary, according to statistics, you should expect to get an average payment of $71k yearly.

  • Data Architect

This is one of the best-paid positions that you can apply for if you succeed in the Microsoft DP-300 certification test. Certbolt Azure Fundamentals informs that the average annual payment is $123k. As you develop more skills and add years of experience in managing data and databases, you can reach a level of $159k as an annual payment. In this role, you will be responsible for building and maintaining the organization’s database by identifying the relevant structural solutions and installing them. In addition, you will get better at creating database solutions as well as evaluating their requirements, and drafting design reports.


Acing the Certbolt certification exam can be extremely beneficial for your career development. It validates your skills and makes you a promising candidate for different job roles. On top of that, it offers you a Certbolt Microsoft 365 Identity over other job applicants and puts you in a favorable position during salary negotiations. So, start working on getting certified and enjoy the benefits associated with it!

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