What Is Minerva Fallout 76 And Why It’s Important

If you love playing multiplayer games that have some fighting games inside of them, then Minerva Fallout 76 is the absolute best game for you to play.

Fallout 76 is an online role-playing action multiplayer game where players around the world compete against each other and try to collect precious items for themselves.

The game was released in 2018 by the company named Bethesda. This company has a series called Fallout and with Fallout 76 another game is being added to that series.

The developers of the game has announced a couple of days ago about another new update coming named Minerva.

Players of the Fallout 76 community are looking forward to it and the announcement has sparked a lot of hype about Fallout 76 coming out.

What is the premise of the game Fallout 76?

The game made by Bethesda has a very unique and intriguing concept. The story is set in the next century around the year 2102.

It has been 25 years since a devastating war that saw the use of nuclear weapons at its worst. After 25 years people are let to come out of a vault they were hiding in that vault was called Vault 76.

People are given the job to populate the Earth which has turned into a wasteland due to the devastating effect of nuclear weapons.

We will not be discussing and getting deep into the plot because that might make you lose your chance of experiencing the game to its fullest.

The game has already run successfully for seven seasons and the developers are trying to freshen things up for the players by putting in Fallout 76 Minerva.

The expectations about this new update are very high and it is guaranteed to be a successful one from the perspective of the Franchise.

The game as said by the developers is set in a different timeline and will act as a full-fledged prequel to the amazing games that the Franchise Fallout already has to its name.

These were the most important things for you to know before getting into the things that matter.

Giving you the information about the premise and how the concept of the game will help you understand the idea behind Minerva Fallout 76 more descriptively.

Who is Minerva and how will it affect the game?

Minerva Fallout 76

Minerva Fallout 76 is a new gold bullion vendor that the developers of the game are going to add.

But unlike the other Gold Bullion Vendors that are available in the game, Minerva will be given some specialty of her own and if the players can use this specialty for their own benefit, then it will be hugely advantageous for that particular vendor.

The Fallout 76 Minerva will be selling rare plans to the players which will cost twenty-five percent lesser than the cost which is taken by the other Gold Bullion Vendors.

But there is a catch.

If the cost of things were twenty-five percent less, then why would the players need the other gold bullion vendors?

So the catch is that Minerva will not always be appearing in the game but rarely does she appear.

In fact, to use her to the player’s full benefit they have to find her at specific places and look for her. A twenty-five percent cost saving is no doubt impressive but the players have to put the effort into it.

Another factor is that the inventory of the items Minerva will sell will be limited at a particular point in time.

So, there is a good chance that the item you are looking for even after you spot Minerva Fallout 76 will be unavailable in her inventory.

So, many people after the announcement of this update were saying that it will in a way kill the game.

But no these two factors will keep the other golden bullion vendors of the game alive without any doubt.

In an action role-playing game, you might need things that you might require then and there, and trying to find Minerva and taking the risk will reduce your chances of winning in real time.

So, instead, players have to just buy the item they need from the other Golden Bullion Vendors at full cost in order to win the game.

The best way in order to take benefit from Minerva will be a long-time strategy and players start to buy all the important things then and there so that they can use those things at the time when they most need them.

Where is Minerva Fallout 76

Minerva Fallout 76

About where is Miner Fallout 76 now?

The new twenty-five percent less costing golden bullion vendor is currently in the foundation and will be appearing soon. About where she can be found it is complicated to say.

First of all, you need to keep in mind that she will not be appearing all the time the second thing is that she has three different locations set by the game developers where she can be found.

The Fallout 76 Minerva locations will be discussed in detail below so if you want an advantage in where to find Minerva then follow this and do as we say.

  • The Foundation: This is the first location where you are most likely to find Minerva. If you want to fast travel to Foundation then you need to walk through the gate of the pathway. And most probably she will be present on the right side of the gate.
  • The Crater: The second location is the Crater. You have to first travel to the crater. And then you have to turn yourself towards the west which is exactly opposite to the crop fields present there. There are ninety percent chances that Minerva Fallout 76 will be present there.
  • The Fort Atlas: If you travel to fort Atlas and Minerva is supposed to be there. You have to look at your right side if you are facing the game and Minerva will be there with the products she has in her inventory to be sold.

So, these are the three locations where you can find Minerva in the game Fallout 76. You have to always look for her in these three locations.

Always keep in mind that if you do not look for her then you might miss out on great deals which are very intriguing. So, these are the things you surely need to keep in mind.

The schedule of Minerva appearing in Fallout 76

To search for Minerva Fallout 76 you need to know the Fallout 76 Minerva Schedule that has been announced by the developers of the game.

So in order to make your search easy and Minerva more accessible, you need to keep in mind this schedule and we are going to provide you with the schedule below.

  • The foundation- February 7 to February 9, March 3 to March 7, March 28 to March 30, April 25 to April 27, May 23 to May 25, June 16 to June 20, July 11 to July 13, and August 28 to August 10. These are the sale numbers 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, and 22 simultaneously in order of the dates.
  • The Crater- February 14 to February 16, March 14 to Match 16, April 7 to April 11, May 2 to May 4, May 30 to June 1, June 27 to June 29, July 21 to July 25, and August 15 to August 17. These are sale numbers 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, and 23 simultaneously in order of dates.
  • The Fort Atlas- February 21 to February 23, March 21 to March 23, April 18 to April 20, May 12 to May 16, June 6 to June 8, July 4 to July 6, August 1 to August 3, and August 25 to August 29. These are sale numbers 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, and 24 simultaneously with the dates of the sales.

The Fallout 76 Minerva schedule

Minerva Fallout 76

Currently, the Minerva Fallout 76 is on its 21st update so we are going to mention the sales plan for the 22nd update to the 24th one.  

In the updates, there are plans like that of Fallout 76 weapons, and Fallout 76 builds. So you need to know details about the sales. Here are the details.

Sale 22

Plan: Lighter build Secret Service armor limbs

Plan: Plasma caster

Plan: Secret Service under armor

Plan: T-65 calibrated shocks

Plan: T-65 jet pack

Plan: T-65 rusty knuckles

Plan: The Gutter

Plan: Ultra-light build Secret Service armor limbs

Plan: War glaive flaming blade

Plan: War glaive shock blade

Plan: Water well

Plan: Whistle in the Dark

Sale 23

Plan: Brotherhood of Steel Minigun Paint

Plan: Slocum Joe’s Power Armor Paint

Plan: Arctic Marine Left Arm

Plan: Arctic Marine Left Leg

Plan: Arctic Marine Right Arm

Plan: Arctic Marine Right Leg

Plan: Arctic Marine Torso

Plan: Arctic Marine Armor Helmet

Plan: Wendigo Tube

Plan: Meat Bag Stash Box

Plan: Gauss Minigun

Plan: Crusader Pistol

Sale 24

Sale 24 is a Super Sale consisting of all the items from her sales 21, 22, and 23.


Hopefully, you have got all the information about Minerva Fallout 76. So that you do not face problems like Fallout 76 Minerva not spawning. The Fallout 76 steel reign Minerva is also covered here.

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