Mobile App Design Strategy

Mobile app design services allow you to implement any business idea. The only thing you should think about before contacting the specialists is your strategy. Brand promotion can only be based on your imagination and the underlying data you already have.

The technicians should help you put all of this into practice. The behavior of smartphone users is different from that of PC users. Since the actions of users are different, then both the appearance and the behavior of the mobile application should be different from that of websites.

The concept is built around a small device screen and mobile development services should take this into account. In today’s article, we will talk about the key points around which the concept of your business application should be built.


Gestures are a touchscreen feature that successfully expands the user’s experience when working with a mobile application. The most commonly used gesture, other than pressing, is to scroll up or down on the screen.

Experienced users have already learned gestures such as:

1. Swiping – horizontal movement used either to open or close the main menu of the program, or to act on a list item (move or delete);

2. Long press – editing or moving a list item.

Since the use of gestures in the interface is in most cases not obvious to the user, you can use gesture hints when you first start the application.

Responsiveness and animation

With the limited screen size of the mobile phone, animation helps the user navigate the application. For example, if a user opens the details of a list item in a new screen, expanding the list item to a full screen will visually show the user the relationship between two successive screens. A good guide to using animation to underline navigation in a mobile app is Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. You can try sdk development for this job.

Animation can and prompt the user what actions can be performed with certain interface elements. For example, a slight shift in list items can show the ability to perform swipe actions, and animation when reaching the beginning and end of the list in Material Design shows that there is nowhere to scroll further. An interface that uses animation for prompting the user is called responsive.

Color spectrum

As with other design elements, the color scheme of an application should be chosen considering the context of using the application and the goals that the user sets for it. When choosing colors, be sure to provide sufficient contrast for the content.

Otherwise, you can be guided by the corporate identity of the customer of the application, as well as the recommendations of the operating system developer. In particular, the Material Design guide for Android offers whole sets of color styles that can be used in an application.

Don’t forget that color also affects the user’s emotions. For example, red should be used with caution, as it can create negative emotions and a sense of danger in the user on first use.

Form style

Quite often, it is required to develop a design for a mobile application in accordance with the corporate identity (brand book) of the customer company. In this case, it is often necessary to find a trade-off between consistency with the corporate identity and user friendliness. Professional designers believe that the interests of the application user should in any case come first, but it is not always possible to explain this to the customer’s representative.

Mobile App Design Guides

Before you start designing an Android or iOS app, you should read the official guides released by the operating system manufacturers. The best specialists in the world worked on the official design requirements, so you should not neglect their recommendations. Design guides describe both well-known user interface elements and general guidelines for positioning elements on a mobile device screen.

Benefits of working with a professional team:

• As a result, you will receive not just a beautiful application, but a working sales tool;

• At the beginning of cooperation, we help you make an informed choice;

• You will receive legal copyright protection;

• All work is done on a turnkey basis;

• Each idea will be tested;

• All stages of development are transparent.

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