Why Can’t I Add Someone On Facebook?

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Today we are going to discuss the issue of one of the famous social media giants Facebook. The issue is, why can’t I add someone on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the oldest and still very famous social media networks where a large audience spent a lot of time. In starting days, Facebook was a very limited function performer, and most people used it as a chatting platform where they can talk with their friends.

But as time spends Facebook also changes its features from time to time. Facebook also owns some other social media apps and websites like Instagram.

Why Can’t I Add Someone On Facebook?

If you can’t add any of the people you want to add to your friend list, then there are several reasons.

  • You have not sent the person a friend request.
  • The person has not yet accepted your friend request.
  • The person deleted your friend request.
  • You have reached the maximum limit of friends.
  • The person you have sent the friend request to reach the maximum limit of a friend request.
  • The person made some changes in his privacy settings.
  • The person blocked you.
  • You are blocked from sending a friend request.
  • Your Facebook app needs an update.
  • Might be, there is some error from Facebook.

There can be any of these reasons that might be affected, and you are facing these kinds of adding a people problems. So we will discuss all of these problems one by one.

You Have Not Sent The Person Friend Request

This is basic, but we have to tell you because you should know how to begin this guide and understand this process entirely.

If you want to add a person to your friend list, the first thing you need to do is you should send a friend request to that person.

If you are using Facebook, you might notice that peoples come to your suggestion list inside your Facebook dashboard screen. If you know that person is a friend of your friend or college friend, you can click on the add friend.

If the person wants to make friends with you, then that person accepts the friend request after accepting your friend request that person will be added to your friend list.

The Person, Not Yet Accepted Your Friend Request

why can't i add someone on facebook

When you send a friend request to someone, and that person is not added to your friend list and you waited for two or three days but are still not added. So let me tell you that it’s not your fault stop blaming yourself and say why can’t I add someone on Facebook.

There are many reasons for that, and one of the crucial reasons behind that is the person not accepting your friend request yet. So all you need to do is ping that person, and wave to that person if these tactics don’t work, then my recommendation is to message that person and introduce yourself to him or her.

After you introduce yourself to that person and be convinced then the person will accept your friend request for sure. If the person has seen all your messages and still not accepting your friend request and even not answering your messages, then that person is not interested in you bro, I am sorry, but it’s true.

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The Person Deleted Your Friend Request

Our recommendation to you is that please send the friend request to the persons you know only. I mean friends of friends or the person you genuinely know not to send the friend request to other people you don’t know.

If you send a friend request to unknown persons, there is very little chance that they will accept your friend request.

Suppose you have sent a friend request to an unknown person and think that you can’t add someone on Facebook then how is that possible? The possibility of accepting the friend request of the unknown person is only 10%.

The rest 90% chance is that the person will delete your friend request. So yes, why can’t I add someone on Facebook is the person who deleted your friend request? So please be faithful and send the friend request to known persons only.

You Have Reached The Maximum Limit Of Friends

why can't i add someone on facebook

Some of the features Facebook launches after sometimes, and friends limit is one of them. Facebook sets a limit to everyone’s Facebook account that the person cannot go over 5000 friends. So if you have reached this limit, then there is no chance to add more persons to your friend list.

If you want to make more friends to your single account, you have to make a page or group to add limitless persons to the single page or a single group. So the fact is that you cannot exhaust the limit of 5000 friends on your single account.

The Person You Have Sent The Friend Request to Reached The Maximum Limit Of Friend Request

If you know the person, you want to make a friend and have not reached the limit of 5000 friends. You have sent a friend request to the person you know, and still, your friend requests are not accepted by that friend.

The person you have sent a friend request to is a friend of your friend, and you think why can’t I add someone on Facebook like this person then the answers are very simple.

The person you send the friend request to may have reached the friend limit of 5000 friends on Facebook.

So that person receives the notification that you send the friend request, but he reached the maximum friends limit. The only way is he or she has to delete some other person and accept you as a friend.

The Person Made Some Changes In His Privacy Settings

Some people use Facebook settings to save their Facebook profiles of peoples. There are many features in Facebook settings that help you save your public profile from other anonymous people. You can also change some settings related to the friend request as well.

When you go to the settings, you might notice some steps, and you can do it for your Facebook profile. You need to follow these simple steps-

Step 1- First of all, you need to go to your Facebook profile.
Step 2- Now, you need to click on the triangular icon that appears on the top right side of your Facebook dashboard screen.
Step 3- Now you can see the settings and privacy option click on it.
Step 4- Now click on the privacy checkup and then click on the option of how people find you on Facebook. Just click on that option.
Step 5- After you click on that option, a popup will open, click to continue, and then you will see an option for Everyone. Just click on that and two options will pop up—everyone and friends of friends. Choose an option that is suitable for you.

When you choose everyone, then your profile will show to everyone in the friend’s suggestion. If you choose the friends of friends option, then your Facebook profile will show the persons who are friends of your friend. So please choose this option according to your choice. 

The Person Blocked You

Facebook also gives you a unique feature that is called blocking the person you want. Sometimes, people send friend requests repeatedly after rejection and irritate the person with their nonsense messages. So you can block that person to stop messages or from Facebook.

Suppose you are the person who is continuously sending friend requests to any person or messaging any person, so it is a higher chance that that person has blocked you.

If you are still thinking that you can’t add someone on Facebook using this kind of technic, let me tell you, bro, you are blocked.

That’s why we say that please send friend requests, or messages to the person that you know personally or friend of a friend to that person.

Please don’t send the friend request to an unknown person to get blocked by that person.

You Are Blocked From Send Friend Request

why can't i add someone on facebook

If you are sending too many friend requests and have not received any friends who added and thinking why can’t add someone on Facebook then it is a surprise for you. You are blocked, my friend. Yes, you are blocked…hahaha.

Sending too many friend requests at a single time is absolutely not a good idea. Because Facebook thinks that you are spamming by just sending a friend request to unknown people and that might be not reassuring for those people Facebook is right here.

It is disconcerting and surprising for people to have an unknown friend request. So they report your profile to Facebook that you are irritating them in return Facebook blocks you from sending a friend request for some time like for days, weeks, or even months it depending on Facebook.

Your Facebook App Needs An Update

Nowadays, people love to use social media networks as an app on their mobile phone devices.

So Facebook also launches its app for mobile devices like IOS app, windows app, and android app as well. So people can use Facebook on all types of mobile devices.

But to run the apps correctly, the apps should be updated from time to time. If you don’t update the apps in the given period, you will start facing their performance issues. If you think that you can’t add someone on Facebook, please check that you have updated your app.

You can update the app on android by visiting the google play store, in iPhones, you can update it in the IOS store or apple store, and if you are using a windows phone, you can also update your app by going to the windows store.

Might Be, There Is Some Error From Facebook

why can't i add someone on facebook

If you have updated the Facebook app and are still facing some issues related to the add friends list or some other kind of issues, maybe there is an error from Facebook. These errors, like missing files when you downloaded the app.

All you need to do is uninstall the app and delete the app with its APK file. After you remove the APK file, go to the official website or Play store and download the Facebook app again. Please don’t download these apps from any other websites because they may enter the virus that can damage your mobile.

So we recommend that please download any app from its official website or the app store available on your mobile phone.

It is very dangerous to download the app from any other third-party website because the virus can enter your device and can destroy your phone.


So, guys, this is the guide on your problem related to Facebook that is “why can’t I add someone on Facebook“. We have shared lots of topics that can resolve this issue and we guarantee that if you have read this guide carefully, you will resolve this issue very efficiently.

If you guys find this guide, why can’t I add someone on Facebook helpful then please share this guide with your friends and the Facebook and WhatsApp groups so others can also benefit from this working guide.

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