Noglin Ark- Everything You Need To Know About It

Noglin ark is a strange-looking character present in the world of the ark: survival evolved Genesis part 2. Noglin is one of the primary reasons many players learn the process of taming characters in the game.

It can take over the mental state of survivors as well as creatures. If one can team a Noglin, he or she can control them as long as they know what food they consume.

The Noglin is capable of killing creatures and also acts as a form of destruction for them in the game.


Noglin ark is a small and bioluminescent alien creature having a cobra’s hood-shaped body structure attached to large pointed ears. It has a large head along with four large eyes which are quite resembling that of a jumping spider.

Its body has a blend of scutes and skin while being plump. There are two pairs of portrayed tentacles-like Antennas on top of Noglin’s head.

The Antennas end up with small glowing bags at their end. It has a split jaw that encapsulates it. Its glowing tongue and numerous jagged teeth are present inside.


To take control over Noglin and one needs to bring a shotgun or other such weapons capable of killing it like a harpoon launcher loaded with net projectiles.

After spotting Nagaland there are two options to choose from. The player can either kill it or set it apart by knocking it down to prepare for setting up the taming setups by the player.

Though they are fragile and do not move vigorously, the player must be quick in choosing which option they would like to opt for.


Being small in size, ark Noglins are not easily noticeable unless they take control over the creature tamed by the player. The creatures caught by Noglin can easily lose a great amount of their health as time passes by and can eventually die if left for too long.

The very creature will not respond to the player nor will it interact with the player while it’s controlling the mind. Once Noglin takes control of the player’s mind, it can make the player punch himself.

How to tame a Noglin?

Noglin ark

Just like that of Troodon, a player must offer their tames. Contrary to the Troodons, Noglins will control the mind of your tamed creatures and will gradually add that to their taming progress after completing a full cycle of mind control sessions.

However, the stated process is fairly inconsistent and might take a huge amount of time before Noglin starts to control the mind of a team. Currently, there exists no specific way to speed up the mind control session of the Noglin ark.

However, it is to be noted that if Noglin does not attack the tamed dinos of the player. An easy way to reset them is to knock them down which will make them more likely to begin their controlling sessions.

Therefore, it is always advisable to have packs of comparatively durable creatures so that they do not die from the player’s teams or the mind controlled tames which can kill others.

One of the best-known creatures for this process is the Carbonemys unless the player is looking for a 100% effective taming process. The Carbonemys is the famous creature in the game for this purpose and is even comparatively slow so that it does not run off.


It is to be noted that the wild Noglins generally tend to not control the mind of the same dino repeatedly. The player must have several high-level Brontos and swap them individually with cryo-pods during the period when a Noglin controls their mind.

As getting close to a Noglin ark, might run away after controlling any particular creature tamed by the player, cactus is also suggested.

In order to tame Noglins, both unbred and bred dinos can be used however unbred dinos increase the taming infinity, and cloned tames make no difference from the originals.

Strategy of trapping

Noglin ark

The player must search for a flat area if trapping a Noglin is the sole intention. The flat area is essential for making a taming area for the Noglin. And also knocked down the northern using a longneck rifle loaded up with tranquilizer tart. Then a small box region along with some fence and high walls is created while the Noglin is knocked out.

Then construction can be made surrounded by a circular-shaped dinosaur Gateway which snaps to one another to create the entire Circle. Here, it is important and makes sure that the Carbonemys should be health balanced and leveled and not in close contact since making them the most survival creatures should be the target of the player during the process.

After doing the necessary setups the bounded box region can be removed to let the Noglin ark free. It is important to note that the player must not bring his dino which is meant to be controlled.

However, if this ever happens, the player can go towards the player himself and bug out where the tamed dino won’t attack other creatures. During this time the Noglin can be knocked down at any point of time by shooting it with darts which will automatically reset it. The Noglins ark will start controlling the mind of the Carbonemys one by one.

A point of information to note is that the player must understand to tame a previously non-tamed Carbonemys as the previously tamed ones will take a huge amount of time to get tamed.

Therefore, it is a wise decision to always have a backup stock of Carbonemys during this process.

If the Carbonemys reach locations where the Noglins cannot gain access, the player must make them move to places where their heads are at least accessible by the Noglins so as to gain control over their mind.

Hence, as long as there is a sufficient supply of Carbonemys, the taming process of Noglins will remain hassle-free.

Strategy of Voidwyrm

Noglin ark

Though there exists no particular formula as to which creature increases the taming effectiveness of the ark  Noglin, different creatures in the game definitely contribute differently.

In case, the player is looking for complete effectiveness, he or she needs to use it at least 5 times in total. Still, the effectiveness may be lost if the Noglin controls the mind during this process which will make the player lose his spells and hence the effectiveness.

To date, there exist two creatures in the game which is known to work with this. They are Voidwyrm and Brontosaurus.

Amongst these two, void wyrm has a few advantages when using the maximum level of immunity. Their health is not lost when they are mind controlled. Transporting these creatures is extremely easy across the map.

They usually do not attack the player while it is being mind controlled in spite of being powerful enough to do so.

Roles played by Noglins

Distraction- Being tiny creatures, a Noglin ark can be a great way to distract other large creatures present in the game. Their swift movement clubbed to their size makes them almost impossible to hit with any firearms.

Saboteur- Noglin taming can be strategically used by the player to control the mind of his or her enemy, thereby turning them against one another.

If the player gains control over enemy survivors, It can be of great advantage to them as the generators can be turned off which in turn stops the proper functioning of turrets. The player can then attack the opponent without any hurdles or resistance coming in the way.

Surprise Wild Dino- Noglins can be used to gain control over wild dinosaurs. They can then be used to defend against enemy attacks or for rushing directly into them. Gaining mind control over a Gigantosaurus can be of huge advantage as enemy bases can be easily raided with them.

As Assassin– Wild creatures can be easily taken down using Noglins. Removing a Noglin from a wild creature kills it as damage of 10000000 is given. This is one of the major advantages that a player enjoys after mastering the art of taming a Noglin and then using that to his own advantage in the game. Thereby advancing in an ark.


Noglin ark has the ability to control the mind of other creatures and players present in the game. They can be harmful at times but can be used as an added advantage for the player of the game. Moreover, this one of the primary reasons which have made the players inquisitive about taming creatures in the virtual world of the game- Genesis Part 2.

FAQ of Noglin Ark

How to tame a Noglin?

One of the best-known ways to tame a Noglin is by going to the Rockwell zone, creating a safe area, and then trapping the Noglin there.

What about the Noglin spawn location?

Rockwell garden and Rockwell Innards are the best-known spawn location for Noglins. Noglin spawn command ark – BrainSlug_Character_BP_C can be used as an instant spawner for Noglins.

What about the Ark Genesis Part 2 Noggin?

Noglins are mind-controlling creatures present in the gaming world of Ark Genesis Part 2 and are one of the primary reasons why players become eager to learn the complete process of taming in the game.

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