Optimize Your Campaigns: A Guide to the Best Facebook Marketing Tools

Got an online business?

Congratulations, but now you need to market it. One aspect you can’t ignore is social media marketing, particularly on Facebook.

A lot of adults still use. Even with juggernauts like Instagram and TikTok, Facebook remains one of the biggest social media platforms out there.

You won’t get anywhere without the right Facebook marketing tools. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far because we’ve already made a list of the best Facebook marketing tools for business right here. Continue reading to learn more:

Mobile Monkey

Messenger marketing is one of your most important tools when tackling Facebook. You want to generate leads as often as you can, after all. Mobile Monkey is the tool that gives you this capability and more. 

Using this tool, you can easily build a list of Messenger contacts. You can also use it to run a chatbot and utilize pre-built chatbot templates. Mobile Monkey also allows for some sub-tools, which we’ll tackle below.


Don’t forget that Facebook also comes with its built-in ads system. Facebook Pixel should be one of your top tools but it won’t serve you if you don’t have ads to run. WASK is one of the best Facebook marketing tools when it comes to making and running those ads.

Not only does it utilize an intuitive dashboard to make ads, but it also lets you monitor metrics across several ad accounts. It synchronizes quickly with WordPress and Facebook Pixel too.

Comment Guard

Looking for Facebook digital marketing tools that instantly build your Messenger contact list and generates positive leads? Comment Guard is the right solution. It allows adds people who comment on your posts to your list and encourages them to chat back.

You’ll need Mobile Monkey to enable this feature. Once you have it on, anyone who comments on your posts gets an automated message. As soon as they reply, Comment Guard adds them to your Messenger list, growing your leads in an instant.

What if you want to redirect those who click on your ads to reach your Messenger instead of a landing page? That’s what the next Mobile Monkey sub-tool is for.

Click to Messenger Ads

If Comment Guard brings people who comment to your Messenger, this tool alters how your ad behaves entirely. When people click on an ad, they should go to a landing page. This tool alters this by bringing them instead to Messenger, where your chatbot can handle initial contact.

This is sometimes a lot better than leading people to a generic landing page. This already builds communication and fuels your lead down your conversion funnel. With the right chatbot settings, you could push these people further down the ladder until they subscribe to your services or purchase a product.


If you’re looking for a tool to handle events like giveaways and contests, look no further than ShortStack. This is easily one of the most versatile Facebook messenger marketing tools when it comes to running engagement campaigns. 

Using ShortStack, you can quickly make custom forms, landing pages, unique special offers, and interactive quizzes. 

You also get to monitor the campaign and email analytics from one dashboard. This makes it easier to keep track of all the responses you get across the different posts you make.


Don’t let your Facebook page look generic and boring. Customize it to help it stand out from the crowd. One of the most intuitive and basic Facebook marketing tools to get this job done is Pagemodo. 

With Pagemodo, you can create new and custom cover photos, ads, and custom tabs. If you don’t use any other tool for scheduling posts, you can also rely on Pagemodo to do that for you. 

There is a stronger scheduling tool, which we’ll discuss further below.

Post Planner

There will be times when you have nothing new to post. This is bad for business because it means you don’t have anything to inform your audience. There’s nothing for them to engage with. 

Use Post Planner to work around this issue. You can use its built-in tools to find trending content and topics. You can search for the top-engaging content relevant to your Facebook niche. 

This allows you to go back through your content and see which ones might garner more engagement. Figure out which ones to drop, which to recycle, and what your future posts should focus on.


Pagemodo does a decent job at scheduling posts and tracking the metrics but if you want a high-level tool for this task, get Buffer. Not only is a good for preparing and scheduling posts but you can integrate it into your browser. This enables it to work seamlessly with WordPress and Chrome.

If you’ll hire a Facebook marketer, this is one of the first tools they’ll require. It has most of the features that they need so expect them to use it before anything else. It’s powerful, versatile, but also simple and intuitive to use.


Need a tool that can consistently help you create beautiful posters, Facebook posts, banner images, and photos for your Facebook ads? Canva is the best tool out there right now.

Canva also synchronizes with its phone app, meaning you can start a project on your PC and then continue on the go. You do have to pay a premium for the better templates but this is a much better option for those who don’t use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Use the Best Facebook Marketing Tools Now

These are some of the best Facebook marketing tools you can use right now. Many of them complement each other so don’t hesitate to rely on more than one. Boost your Facebook marketing now!

Of course, this isn’t the only list of tips we’ve got for you. If you want to learn more advertising, technology, or real estate tips and tricks, feel free to explore more of our posts and guides today!

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