Personalizing Your Name Badges

What is the name? Historically, names are used to identify individuals, especially if they are leaders or chieftains. Names like “Black Hawk” and “Sitting Bull” sound like a clothing or furniture company’s brand name, but these are names of old American Indian leaders.

Much more ancient is the Greek goddess of victory who had wings called “swoosh” which can give immense power and give motivation to warriors. Guess what; the company capitalized on this idea? If you have some quiet time reading, you will find it interesting to discover how the famous companies’ names become their advantage in the market.

Along with this fascinating story of names behind companies, is the creation of a badge or logo. With Nike, it was that “swoosh” design. Collins English dictionary defined it as a “swirling sound or movement”.

So, the famous logo was materialized by the company from that “swirling” idea. Indeed, it was a clever idea. It is a very simple badge or logo – but such simplicity in design is so identifiable worldwide, such a mark of success.

There is a big chance that you have come across name badges online. For instance, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Tesla, Forbes, and Polo have badges that are so famous worldwide. And of course, you can realize your personalized name badge too!

Significance of Having a Name Badge

A name badge is an identity used by business companies to further promote their products. Such insignia or emblem speaks of the company outrightly. It is part of the company’s dream to be known so that other products associated with the company will also be instantly recognized.

For instance, you will see a new beverage down in the grocery lane. At first, you are hesitant to buy that product because it is something new, and you have no idea if it tastes good or is it a safe product all in all. But the moment you see its name badge, the mother name of that new product – surely your hesitation will disappear.

Name Badges Artists Online

You can rarely see a name badge that is in textual form. It is because it is more interesting to look at visual art than a visual text. There is a form of art in making a badge. That is why many artists, long before the birth of computers, devote their time to making these name badges.

Nowadays, gone are the artists that used the old way of making badges. They are now called graphical artists that aesthetically make name badges online. Remember that, since this is a form of art, you cannot just hire someone that will not immerse himself in captivating what the owner of the brand wants. Getting an appropriate badge designer is vital, especially if you want it to blend your personal touch.


Personalized name badges could be the start of your journey towards worldwide recognition. These days, being known worldwide is not as difficult as the older generations where there is no internet yet. Many small brands made it big, thanks to the internet where they went viral. In going viral, one should have a public relation (PR) to manage the distribution and promotion of information related to that name. Once a product is in place, you should leave a mark to your audience that will imprint into their minds your product – that is, your personalized name badge.

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