How To Do Pokemon Go Spoofing

Hello and welcome to Tech Parle where all tech solutions and technical hacks like games hack, and software hacks are shared. Today we are talking about Pokemon go spoofing.

We all know about Pokemon spoofing, but many of us don’t understand how to do that on our phones.

This article will give you the solution to how you guys can do the spoofing on your Pokemon game.

This article is beneficial if you are a Pokemon game player because it is a great advantage to spoof the game and play it in different modes and locations.

What is Pokemon go spoofing?

There are many players of the Pokemon go game around the world. This game was introduced by Niantic, and the players always looking to spoof the game like changing the location in the game and visiting different places, but this is not legal.

Niantic caches those people and bans the players’ ids, but there are several ways to do the spoofing in Pokemon go.

How To Do Pokemon Go Spoofing Android?

Pokemon go spoofing

Step 1

First of all, you need to install two apps first is the Pokemon go Samsung galaxy app version and install that version because our trick will only work with that version. No matter whether your phone is Vivo, Oppo, Mi, Motorola, etc. But the mobile should be android.

For the second one, you need to download the PG sharp 1.2.0 version, and please guys download only these versions to do the spoofing perfectly by Facebook and Google. After downloading this version, please install it on your Android phone.

Step 2

So after you install these apps, you need to know the Samsung galaxy app version and which is PG sharp 1.2.0 version because all the settings will be set on these two apps.

You need to go to your Samsung galaxy app version you need to on the Pokemon go there with a registered google account and go to the settings. When you enter the settings area, you will find the Facebook link option after you little scroll down.

You need to know that if these Facebook and Google links are linked, it’s okay and If not, please link them by creating your Facebook and Google profiles. After you link Google and Facebook, then sign out from that app.

Step 3

After you sign out from the Samsung galaxy app version of the Pokemon pokémon go account, you need to open the PG sharp 1.2.0 that you have downloaded and installed on your android mobile phone. Now you need to press the star icon on the upper left side of your mobile phone.

Now enter the settings option, and now the app asks you for the key, and you all know how to enter the key. So we hope you entered the key and save it and please set the speed according to your need. Now you need to focus because this setting is essential.

Step 4

After saving your key now, you need to enter the date of birth, and here is the trick. This section joins the date and birth correctly, but please set the year below, then 1999 like 1997, 1998, 1997, etc. Yes, it’s fake, but you have to do it for Pokemon go spoofing and press returning player.

Now you need to sign in with Facebook, which is linked to your Google account. Just enter all the details, then press next, and then continue. It’s done guys you can check our spoofing works. Please follow these steps, and we are damn sure that this technique will work for everyone.

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How To Do Spoofing IOS Or iPhone?

Pokemon go spoofing

I’ll tell you how to do spoofing IOS or iPhone by downloading an app ice buffer for Pokemon goes on your iPhone device. It works a hundred percent, and we will do it in some simple steps that you need to follow if you want to do spoofing in Pokemon go on your iPhone.

Step 1

You need to download the ice buffer, and you don’t need any computer or any jailbreak it works a hundred percent. Guys the first thing we have to do is we’re going to go to any browser like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera mini, etc. You’re going to search

After you’re on this page, you’re going to scroll down a little bit and just signed in today, and you can’t see the date and go and click install. They wait a little bit, and it will finish installing, and now all you’re going to do is go and open it. 

Step 2

It’s an untrusted developer if you want to trust the app all you’re going to your setting, and you need to scroll down, and you’ll see general you’re going to scroll down one more time and you’ll see device management right here.

Click that, and you will click the first one and trust it if you don’t trust the app tab it’s not going to work, and you have to do this if you want the app to work.

Just go there and open the app cake and click allow okay, yes, and follow them on discord and go and download discord and follow them or don’t want to click verify.

Step 3

Click allow okay now you’re going to go to your setting. Just go back, and you’re going to see the profile download right here click that and install.

You’re going to enter your password, and it’s finished. For verification now all you’re going to do is go through the twig app or the popular it’s just going to pop up like this right here.

You can, you’ll see the ass buffer for Pokemon go, and all you’re going to do is you’ll click install in the top right corner. 

Click install right here, and it will start downloading the ice buffer for pokemon go. Just wait a little later to finish okay that’s in 11 percent it doesn’t take that long but to download this app you have to have 150 megabytes uh free space on your iPhone device. 

Okay, it’s almost done We just waited like 30 seconds when the app downloaded, now click install right here, and you will finish installing like stay right here the ins it’s installing you can’t see it let it end.

Step 4

You can see We have the Pokemon go right there. Just click the Pokemon, and it will open like this okay wait allow and enter your age like this enter that, and click submit. Okay, click this and sign in and you can see it working 100%. 

Some Other Pokemon Go Spoofing App For IOS

Pokemon go spoofing

Some other Spoofing apps work with the IOS or iPhones. So let us discuss them. These apps are for both Nonjailbroken and Jailbroken devices.

Dr. Fone

If you are looking for spoofing locations, then this app is perfect for you. You can easily spoof your place without any security concerns. This app provides the best and easy interface to copy your location with a simple click easily.

IPokeGo For Pokemon Go

Well, this app comes with two variants free and paid with some fantastic inbuilt features. One of the best qualities of this app is that it can change the radar position of Pokemon go on IOS devices.

The only dangerous thing about this Pokemon go spoofing app is that the Niantic might detect this app’s presence.

Pokemon Go++

This app is ideal when you guys already have a Jailbroken device and trust me; this will be a great choice if you go with this app.

This app is equipped with some extra inbuilt hidden features and location spoofing is one of them. Not only this but you can increase the speed of your Avatar in Pokemon go.

iTools by ThinkSky 

If you want to manage your device like a pro player, then this app by ThinkSky is made for you only. You don’t need a Jailbreak for this, but the only drawback is that you need to install it on your computer because there is no IOS tool for this app.


If you want to fool Pokemon go then this application is built up for that. Don’t go with the name; it will not help you with relocating the location. It uses fake GPS to change the location. You can access the new areas like Pokemon gym and some other places as well.

IOS Roaming Guide

If you want to change the location, then this app is excellent for that. You need to drop your location pin or enter the place on the map, and it will drop you to that location. But you need a Jailbreaker this app to get the security from Niantic.


Ispoofer is the no. 1 location spoofing software and app for Windows PC. It also helps you to get the fake locations for your iPhones. You don’t need a Jailbreaker to use this, and you can easily do the Pokemon go spoofing with this.

Nord VPN

If you don’t like these methods or these methods are not working for you, our recommendation is to use the virtual private network to change Pokemon’s location.

There are many virtual private networks like Express VPN, Pure VPN, IP Vanish, Hola VPN, etc. But Nord VPN is the top of them that you can trust.

So, guys, these are the famous and most useful spoofing apps for Pokemon go. If you want to spoof Pokemon go, you should follow the instructions carefully to get these apps 100%, and let us tell you that these apps are straightforward and convenient to use.

Some Names Of Pokemon Go Spoofing Discord Channels

There are lots of spoofing discord channels, but only some of them are reliable. So here is the list of those dedicated channels.

  • Pokemon Go Coordinates
  • Pokedex100
  • Pokesnipers
  • PoGO Alerts Network (PGAN)
  • Necro Bot 2
  • Houston Poke Map
  • NYC Poker Map
  • Poke Xperience
  • Team Rocket
  • Poke Noobs
  • Poke Snipers
  • Letsnipe
  • PoGo CDC (Cool Down Club)
  • PoGo FighterZ
  • Shiny Party
  • Zygarde Go
  • PokedexIV100
  • AR Spoofing (PoGo)
  • The G Spot
  • Pokemon Global Family
  • 100IV Club
  • Articuno’s Lair
  • PokeBot.Ninja
  • Catch them All
  • Pokopia
  • Discord Poke Sniper
  • Poke Crash
  • Scorn Bot
  • PoGo Masters
  • Poker Hacks


This is the best guide that we shared with you on Pokemon go spoofing because we used these methods and got the result.

We have shared with you all the essential topics related to Spoofing in Pokemon go like How to spoof on android devices, IOS, iPhone devices, and Windows devices.

As you can see that there is no rocket science in spoofing all you need to do is follow these steps according to our guide.

Whether you are trying to spoof on android devices, or IOS devices follow the steps, you will succeed in spoofing in Pokemon go.

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