100% Problem Fix Of PS4 Controller Blinking White

Hello and welcome to the Tech Parle, where we share the technical guide for the problem related to social media, technology, games, etc. Today we will discuss the problem of ps4 controller blinking white, which is not significant but an issue with game lovers, especially with PS4 lovers.

Some of you guys are frustrated with the blinking white light ps4 controller and cannot do much about that.

That’s not a significant problem, but you guys need to fix it because that blinking white light keeps you away from concentrating on the game.

Why PS4 Controller Blinking White?

There are two reasons why is my ps4 controller blinking white. First, your PS4 controller is trying to connect with your PS4 but not getting connected.

When your ps4 not associated with your controller, it starts blinking white light as a sign that it’s not connected.

The second reason why is my ps4 controller blinking white is also a signal showing your ps4 controller battery is low.

Sometimes you play on ps4 too much, like for hours, and don’t realize the controller’s battery. When the battery of your ps4 controller gets low, then it starts signal blinking white light.

There are some more factors for the problem of ps4 controller blinking white. So let us discuss some methods to solve this problem.

There are some methods to fix the issue of ps4 controller blinking white-

  • Check The Hardware To Troubleshoot The Issue.
  • Update The Driver Of Your Controller On Your PC.
  • Reset Your PS4 Controller.
  • Start PS4 From Safe Mode.
  • Check The Connection Of Your PS4 And PS4 Controller.

Check The Hardware To Troubleshoot The Issue

Sometimes we only focus on solving the technical issue by fixing software, but the problem is hardware. So here is the hardware solution to the problem of ps4 controller blinking white.

Check The Connections 

First of all, check all the connections of the PS4 controller. Make sure all the links are correctly connected. The primary contact is USB.

So please make sure that the USB connection is attached correctly. If you feel that your PS4 controller’s connection is loose or not working, please change it immediately.

Whenever you purchase the USB cable of any device, please make sure you buy the USB cable for that particular device.

Sometimes peoples buy cheap USB cable and think that it will work properly with the other device. Our recommendation is to purchase the right hardware for the correct device to work correctly and smoothly.

So USB cable is the key for any device to work correctly.

Try Another Controller

Before changing the USB cable, please try another PS4 controller to your PS4. If the other controller you have attached to the PS4 is not working and blinking white light, then the problem is in the PS4, not in your PS4 controller.

Please don’t change your PS4 controller. Please take your PS4 to the service center and tell them about the situation.

The service technician will solve the issue related to the PS4. You can also contact the online PS4 service website to register the complaint.

Update The Driver Of Your Controller On Your PC

Not with PS4, but this error happens with all types of software and applications. When the software drivers and the applications are missing or not wholly install, the application and software do not perform well or even show some errors.

So please check if the drivers of the PS4 are installed completely or missing from your pc. Suppose you cannot find which driver is missing from your pc, then, first of all, uninstall all the drivers of your PS4 from your computer and reinstall all the drivers of PS4 again.

How To Uninstall The drivers of PS4 In Computer?

  1. First of all, open the run box by simply pressing the Windows key + r together.
  2. When the run box opens, then type devmgmt—msc in the box and press enter.
  3. Now right-click on your device and click uninstall the device.
  4. Check the box next to Delete the driver software for this device, and click Uninstall.
  5. The final step to uninstall the device is to unplug the device from your computer and make sure you restart the computer again.

Reinstall The PS4 Device And Driver On Your Windows

  1. When your computer restart, then please plugin your PS4 into your computer. Your computer will detect it automatically and will install the device for you.
  2. Please ensure that you install the correct drivers on your computer to make your PS4 working correctly.

Manually Install The PS4 Drivers

To install the drivers of PS4 manually, you need to go to the official website and install the drivers manually. But to do this, you need basic knowledge of drivers.

Automatic Install The PS4 Drivers

This is the recommended method for those who don’t want to waste their time and don’t have the computer skills to install the drivers directly from the official websites.

To solve ps4 controller blinking white, you need to install the drivers correctly on your PC.

So we recommend you use the automatic driver installation software or websites and for that driver comfortable is one of the most effective tools.

The driver is comfortable to install the driver on your computer by agreeing to your computer’s terms and policies. Driver comfortable comes in both free and paid versions so that you can use any of them.

There are many automatic driver installation software, so you guys can use any of them to save your time and skill.

Start PS4 From Safe Mode

It is effortless to solve many issues of PS4, including ps4 controller blinking white by just using the safe mode.

Because safe mode uses only some basic settings, so your PS4 runs smoothly without any extra activity. When you turn safe way on then, your PS4 will open start typically all the time.

Check The Connection Of Your PS4 And PS4 Controller

So you have done all the steps that we discussed in the above article, then please check all your connections of your PS4 and PS4 controller.

Please check that the USB cable, power switch, adapter, etc., are correctly connected and getting the electricity supply accurately.

Try The Trick To Fix The Issue Of ps4 controller blinking white.

I know you tried hard to get rid of ps4 controller blinking white, but the white light is still blinking then.

Please try this smart and brilliant trick because this trick refreshed your PS4 controller and made your controller brand new.

  1. First of all, please press and hold the PS button and Share button together.
  2. Please hold these buttons until your PS4 turns on.

This trick works for many of our users to remove the error of the ps4 controller that keeps blinking white.

Please do it with your PS4 controller to see the results, and hopefully, the work will be positive.

Final Words On PS4 Controller Blinking White

So, guys, we have shared all the methods responsible for the problem of ps4 controller blinking white as you can see in this article that it’s not a big problem, but you need to follow the steps that we shared with you guys in this article.

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