Guide On Pubg Buildings Not Rendering Fix

Today we are talking about the major and critical problem the pubg players face and want to solve: pubg building not rendering fix.

First of all, make sure you have a good laptop that can run Pubg smoothly. You can check a gaming laptop for under 500 dollars

If you are a pubg player, you know how frustrating that issue is and how disturbing it is. Well, pubg is the no. 1 video game that is played not only on the computer or laptops, but you can play it on mobile devices as well.

So in today’s article, we will talk about some of the significant problems and cover the other topics like pubg won’t launch, pubg not working, pubg not loading, etc.

Now let’s Discuss What Is The Pubg Rendering Problem

Now let us discuss something about this game to know more about the rendering issue. Pubg is a video game that can be played on PC or mobile devices, and this game is about landing on a particular location, looting the items, and killing your opponent to survive.

The concept of this game is straightforward, and the plus point of this game is that you can talk with your teammates while you play. You must see all the places in the location.

If you see the location’s object clearly, you can easily do your work like looting the items and hiding behind the building to mark the spots, kill your opponent to survive, and win the game.

If you haven’t seen the location objects, this is the issue called the pubg buildings not rendering, and we are providing the solution below on Pubg Buildings Not Rendering Fix.

Reasons Why Pubg Buildings Not Rendering

There are some essential factors that you should know about the loading and rendering issues of the Pubg building and objects of the pubg. Let’s take the name of these issues, and then we will discuss them one by one.

  1. Game Not Updated
  2. Low Virtual Memory
  3. Corrupted Game Files
  4. Insufficient Ram
  5. Graphic Driver
  6. NVIDIA Shadowplay
  7. Slow Internet Connection
  8. Virus In Your Device
  9. Running More Applications In The Background Of Your Device
  10. Your Device is Not Updated

Game Not Updated

pubg building not rendering fix

Sometimes you are looking for significant issues, but the case can be small and can fix the whole of your problems.

If you are facing the point that your pubg building is not loading or the game’s facilities are not rendering faster, please make sure that your competition is up to date.

With this game application, this problem occurs with every software and application that you need to update to enjoy the software or application and run them smoothly on your device.

Pubg gives some indication when need to update like lagging issues; the game won’t load correctly, and pubg buildings do not render topics.

So you need to update your game as soon as possible when you feel these issues in your gaming experience.

Your Device May be Facing Low Virtual Memory Issue

Well, your computer device may be facing the issue of virtual memory and lagging too much when you play the pubg game. Virtual memory is an excellent technique to manage your system memory at its best.

Pubg utilizes lots of game resources on your device, and if you don’t have enough memory, you had to change some settings and run the game smoothly on your computer or laptop. So we are sharing some simple steps.


First of all, go to the advanced system setting on your computer by simply pressing the windows+s button of your computer. Then click on the advanced option and click the setting button shown under the heading of performance.


Now click again on the advanced option, and there you will see two options first processor scheduling and the second is virtual memory. Now click on the change, which is given under the heading of the second option virtual memory.


Please pay attention to this step because this setting is all about discussing all the steps.

After clicking on the change under the heading of virtual memory, a window shown to your computer, and you need to make some changes in that window.

You will see an option to Automatically manage the paging file size for all drives. You need to uncheck the box and check the customize size option and adjust both values under the custom size heading to 8000. After this setting, click on Settings, and your new location will be saved.


After this setting, restart the computer, and you will see that problem is fixed. This technique works for many devices, and please let us know if it works for you by commenting in our comment section.

Corrupted Game Files

pubg building not rendering fix

If your game is up to date and your device on which you are playing the game is up to date, but still facing the issues like pubg buildings not rendering, pubg not loading easily, pubg lagging, etc.

So your game file may be corrupted or crashed, but some part of the game is still running. There is a solution to repair the files technically, but my opinion is to delete the game file entirely and download it again.

After downloading the new file, it runs a malware scan, and after confirmation that there is no malware in that file, reinstall it on your device, computer, laptop, and mobile devices. Hopefully, this technique works for you.

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Insufficient Ram

This game requires high Ram devices no matter if you are playing this game on a computer or mobile device, you need a good Ram to play this game. Well, Ram is an essential requirement of any gaming device.

To run a flawless pub game on a computer or laptop, you need 8 GB Ram, and for mobile devices, the Ram should be more than 3 GB. If your Ram is low on the computer, then there is no problem. You can increase it and use an external Ram.

If you are playing the pubg game on a computer with Ram below 8 GB or even below 6 GB, you will face pubg buildings not rendering issue on your computer for sure.

Some people think that 2 GB Ram is sufficient to play pubg yes, they are right, but they will face some rendering issue for sure, so our recommendation is to use a mobile that have at least 3 GB Ram and if you use 4 to 6 GB mobile then let me tell you that it,s best.

You can use any graphic driver, but one thing to remember is that you need to update the graphic driver continuously.

If your graphic driver is not up to date, then you will face these kinds of issues like game rendering problems, games not loading correctly, and games not working at a level.

So let us discuss some of the steps to know and update the graphic driver and solution to the problem.


On the home screen of your computer, you will find the “type here to search” section next to the windows icon type device manager there.

Just click on the device manager when it appears on that particular window, or you can go to the device manager with your technique.


After the device manager opens, you will find the display adapters there. Double-click to open it and after it opens, click on the update driver software. I mean, update both of the cards that show under the display adapters.


After updating the graphic driver of your computer or laptop, restart your device. Hopefully, your Pubg Buildings issue Not Rendering Fix will be fixed, and you will play smooth pubg on your device.

NVIDIA Shadowplay

pubg building not rendering fix

Well, many peoples have the NVIDIA graphic card on their devices. If you are one of those users, then congratulations. We will share a simple and easy hack with you to solve the problem of pubg building, not rendering fix.

If you are playing pubg with NVIDIA, turn off the shadowplay, and you will get surprising results.

To do this step, you need to open GeForce general, and go to the menu, turn off the share button. This is simple. It’s done; you are now free to play the smooth pubg on your device.

Slow Internet Connection

If your pubg is not working correctly on your device, like buildings not rendering, then it is possible that your internet connection is slow or the speed of the internet is fluctuating.

So please make sure that the internet is faster to play the pubg game.

Please make sure that your phone’s internet connection is 4G because on 4G, the speed of the internet becomes constant, and your game will run smoothly and clearly.

Virus Attack

Virus attack is hazardous as some viruses can even destroy your whole system. So please use an anti-virus system to detect the dangerous viruses that are harming your device.

If everything is right on your device, but the pubg is still not loading, then it’s a great chance that there is that your device has a virus.

We found lots of cases in that viruses interrupt video game performance. We recommend they install the anti-virus and scan the device.

After they remove the viruses from their systems, they get surprising results in gaming performance and get a solution.

Running More Applications On The Background Of Your Device

This is another reason why pubg buildings not rendering or pubg not loading correctly. When you multitask with some heavy software or application, you will face some weighty issues with that heavy software or application.

Our suggestion is to close other software and applications running in the background on your devices when you play the pubg game on that device. No matter whether you are playing on a computer, laptop, or mobile device. 

Your Device Not Updated

If you are using a computer, laptop, or mobile device to play the pubg video game, it is necessary to update your device from time to time.

If your devices are not updated, it will show some critical trouble with your system’s pubg game and other software.

Please make sure that your device is up to date because if your device is not up to date, it will create a lagging issue and some other issues with your pubg game.


So, guys, this is a perfect guide to pubg buildings not rendering fix or pubg facilities not loading.

These methods we shared with you are 100% working because we tasted these methods with our users. So we recommend you use these methods if you are facing this issue on any of your devices.

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