A Guide On Powerful Redo Of Healer Characters And Their Roles

The redo of healer characters is coming to a close after garnering conflicting reactions from diverse audiences.

Whether you liked it or not, Redo of Healer included fascinating characters with unique abilities. YES! It’s all about HEALING.

The narrative of Keyaru, a healer hero, is included in the Redo of the healer. However, Keyaru is insulted, teased, and abused to the point that our helpless MC has had enough!

While Redo of Healer isn’t quite an ISEKAI anime, it does follow in its footsteps. So, let’s discuss the all-time strongest character!

The protagonist’s character is Keyaru, also known as Keyaruga. He was chosen as one of the Heroes, the Hero of Healing, on his 14th birthday. He manages to break free and obtain the Philosopher’s Stone after years of suffering at the hands of his “allies.”

Redo of healer characters – The last line of hope 

Redo of healer characters

This is especially true with healers, who are the final line of defense when all else has failed. There will be a large selection of characters to pick from, with new ones being added periodically as updates are released.

Though Healers are primarily expected to play the Support role, their skills combine to make them more versatile in a variety of scenarios, from dealing extra damage to employing protection against tank attacks.

When it comes down to the wire, they might be the finest last choice, transforming a hopeless scenario into a winnable one.

Redo Impact offers a large cast of characters to choose from in order to create your own strategy.

The periodic upgrades to the game have brought even more members to pick from, considerably expanding your possibilities.

You’ll always need a healer, no matter what combination you choose, and here are the greatest dedicated healers and support characters with healing skills. Here’s a quick rundown of each Redo of Healer character!

Some characters are villains, including the redo of healer main characters.


In the original plot, Keyaru is just a regular person. A sympathetic figure.

He is, in reality, a hero with aspirations to save the world, making him a typical shonen protagonist.

Then Flare’s (pink-haired mage) genuine intentions turn his world upside down. He’s been tortured, assaulted, raped, drugged, and imprisoned, to name a few things.

This is why Keyaru becomes so messed up, vindictive, and violent in the most heinous of ways. So, after escaping torture, he travels back in time for four years and exacts justice on his oppressors and criminals.

Jioral Flare Arlgrande

Flare reminds me of Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tale, which isn’t the finest comparison.

On the surface, Mirajane appears to be soft and caring. The sweetest person on the planet. She does, however, have a darker, malevolent side.

She does, after all, have demon blood in her veins. Flare Arigrande arrives at Keyaru in this manner before the main timeline.

That’s how she managed to catch him off guard, traumatizing and abusing Keyaru. To the point that he goes back in time to torture them in the most heinous manner possible.

She’s elegant, honest, polite, and a great person to be around, just like her appearance. This is her “mask,” which she wears to snare prey or fools who aren’t aware of her two-faced demeanor.

She is self-righteous and believes she is God’s gift. And, as her immoral position in this dark fantasy anime demonstrates, she is an evident sadist.

Flare and Keyaru are two sides of the same thread that binds them together, as well as the anime’s tale.


Setsuna is a demi-human, unlike the other two major characters. In this example, “Demi” is a wolf. Setsuna is enslaved by humans in the anime before Keyaru saves her. Setsuna has been severely abused in the past. 

She begins to despise humans to the point of wanting to murder them. Thankfully, she still has it in her to not hurt innocent individuals. 

Probably because she was saved by Keyaru and no longer has to endure the treatment she used to.

Kureha Clyret 

Kureha Clyret is comparable to Tatsumi in terms of her role in the tale. Tatsumi from Akame Ga Kill travels to the imperial capital, where he learns about the government’s evil side and how they treat people in his impoverished hamlet.

He almost gets killed by a gang of assassins before deciding to join them. She fights Keyaru’s squad at first, but after learning the truth about the kingdom, she joins forces with the protagonist.

She, like Erza, is a powerful female knight. In the literature and anime, her ideals, morals, and ethics demonstrate this.

Kureha is unlike the other characters in the anime, particularly Flare and Keyaru, and this adds to the anime’s sense of normality.

And it gives the story a character you can respect or even admire. It remains to be seen whether the anime does a good job of emphasizing this rather than focusing on the “dark” fantasy element.

Eve Reese

Eve Reese is another one-of-a-kind figure in terms of appearance and personality. Eve is a contender for the position of demon ruler. Her purpose, however, is to assassinate the demon lord for attempting to assassinate other members.

She becomes a demon lord before the main action of the series, but she is vanquished. Things are different in the present timeframe. However, she eventually joins Keyaru’s group.


We hope that after reading this post about the Redo of healer characters, you will get your all answers.

It’s a familiar scene in a magical land: a trio of epic-level heroes is engaged in a titanic battle with a powerful demon king.

But who is the man in the backdrop, clad in dirty clothes, chained, and wearing a hollow expression? That’s Keyvaru, the “Healing Hero”. 

Keyaru is the “Healing Hero.” When Flare—the head of the Hero Party and Princess of Jioral Kingdom—came to his hamlet to tell him that he, too, was a Hero gifted with abilities that transcended the boundaries of humans, he felt his fantasies had come true. 

There are a lot of personalities to think about in the open world of Redo. To get the most out of the experience, athletes need to know how to play in every position, from offensive to defensive.

With so many activities, the Redo of healer main characters will put players’ abilities to the test in every way.

Frequently Ask Questions –

Redo of healer characters

Who are the female characters in Redo of Healer?

· Setsuna, 
· Kureha Clyret, 
· Eve Reese, 
· And others.

Will there be a Redo of Healer?

Redo of Healer Season 2 Release Date, Characters, and Trailer. Despite all of the criticism and disagreement that accompanied the first season of Redo healer characters, there has been a tremendous demand for the second season.

Is Redo of Healer one of Keyaru’s favorite characters?

Kureha falls deeply in love with Keyaru after being exposed to an aphrodisiac used in combat. Even after Kureha succeeds Blade as the next Sword Hero, their love affair continues.

Is Flare in Redo of Healer a villain?

Freia is the opening antagonist-turned-deuterogamist of the controversial 2017 Japanese dark fantasy light novel series characters, as well as its manga and anime adaptations.

What should I watch redo the healer?

HIDIVE is the only location where you can watch Redo of Healer right now. Because no major streaming site, including Crunchyroll, offers the series, you’ll have to subscribe to HIDIVE to view it. For new members, HIDIVE provides a 30-day free trial.

Who is the strongest Redo Healer?

Hawk is one of the most powerful Redo of Healer characters ever.

Is Keyaru a villain?

Keyarga, also known as the Hero of Recovery and by his true name Keyaru, is the title protagonist villain of the 2017 Japanese dark fantasy light novel, manga, and anime series Redo of Healer.

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