Ria Money Transfer: What You Need To Know Before You Begin

Ria Money Transfer is the third most prevalent money transfer company worldwide with over 435,000 physical locations where agents are always on staff for customer service throughout 160 countries. Headquarters are located in Buena Park, California. Some of these countries with other agent locations include Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Puerto Rico, and many more. 

As of 2014, Ria partnered with Walmart to allow Walmart-2-Walmart transfers amongst individuals in domestic settings, which has helped to further expand this company’s services and popularity in 4,500 Walmart stores throughout America and Puerto Rico. 

Here is more of what you need to know before you begin an account with Ria Money Transfer. 

You Must Prove Your Identity When You Make An Account

When you make an account with Ria Money Transfer, you will be required to prove your identity via a government-issued ID or using your Driver’s License. 

What Are the Minimum and Maximum Transfer Amounts?

Transfer as little as $1 or as much as $2,999.99 per transfer that you initiate. You may either send up to $2,999 per day or a monthly limit of $7,999. 

Can I Transfer Money Into Multiple Currencies? If So, What Are the Fees?

Yes, Ria Money Transfer allows you to transfer money to family, friends, and colleagues by choosing from a large list of multiple currencies such as USD, EUR, JPY, AED, HTU, PHP, ZAR, and so many more options. 

Fees vary based on the location in which you are sending the money from and what country you are sending the money. Transfer rates will apply if you are sending money from one currency into another. 

If you are performing a domestic currency transfer such as USD to USD or EUR to EUR, there will be no transfer fees. However, you will have to pay a smaller fee transferring money to someone from a bank rather than using a debit or credit card, which imposes higher fees for utilizing these options. 

How Long Does It Take to Transfer Money?

If you send money via Ria Money Transfer using your bank account, it can take up to 4 business days to arrive at its destination. This option does take longer for transfer, but it is cheaper than sending money by using your credit card.

If you decide to use your credit card for money transfer, it can arrive at its destination as quickly as 15 minutes after the transfer was originally initiated. However, you will pay higher fees for this convenient service. 

How Can I Send Money Using Ria Money Transfer?

Send money using Ria Money Transfer by following these steps:

  1. Choose the transfer amount and the location in which you will send these funds. 
  2. Decide your payment option whether via a bank account or a debit or credit card. 
  3. If applicable, accept the transfer rates for your transaction. 
  4. Provide the transfer recipient’s personal identifiers such as name, phone number, and address. 
  5. Decide how your money will be delivered whether via a courier, a cash pickup, or a bank deposit. Availability of delivery methods depend on the country in which you are transferring the money. 
  6. Repeat these steps to transfer money to anyone domestically or worldwide.  

Start Transferring Money with Ria Today

If you are looking to transfer money with little hassle, low bank transfer fees, and currency transfer fees, get started transferring money with Ria today!

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