Let’s Fix The Roblox Error Code 267

Hello and welcome back to another fantastic guide on a critical error topic. Today’s focus is on the Roblox error code 267. I am sure that you have all faced that error many times in your life and stuck for hours because of this problem.

You are playing the games on Roblox, and suddenly a message came to your screen that says “you were kicked from this game: you have been banned for: cheating suspicion (unbanned in 10h) (Error code- 267)”.

Don’t feel said we have the solutions to this problem. The fixing methods are straightforward and effective. You need to follow these steps, but before knowing these steps let us know about Roblox a little bit.

We all know about the craze of the Roblox game. This game is top-rated all over the world because of its uniqueness. This game can be directly installed on any of your devices like mobile, desktop, and other devices for free to play.

So without wasting time let’s start this 100% fixing guide on the error code 267 Roblox.

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What Is Roblox error code 267?

Error code 267 Roblox is an error that displays on your screen when you get kicked out of the Roblox game. Roblox is not responsible for this error, this error is because of some technical issues on your device or the case directly from the server.

Whenever this game detects some suspicious activities, the game thinks you want to hack it or try to harm it. Then this game kicks you out of this game and shows this Roblox error.

Some Reasons For This Error

roblox error code 267

There are many players of Roblox around the world, and new players join this platform too. So the new players face this issue of error and don’t know the real reason this error is happening to them.

So let us share some reasons why this error is happening with you.

  • Internet Issues
  • Firewalls
  • Blank Game
  • Banned player
  • File Errors

Internet Issues

The internet is the key feature when you want to play an online game or any other online activity like online streaming. If your internet connection is not acceptable, then you cannot play the online game perfectly.

If you face any error related to your game, please check your internet speed and all the wifi connection setting. Please make sure that you choose the best speed internet connection to play the online game without interruption.


Sometimes the problem you are facing with Roblox error code 267 is just because of the Firewall. We all know about this term, so you need to manually whitelist or game what you want to use.

File Errors

The most common issue of this error is missing files. When you download the game from a third-party source, then it is a very high chance that some files are corrupted. You need to download the game file from the start.

Blank Game

Well, the blank game is nothing but also a file error. The reason for file error can be from the developers’ end, or from the sites, you are downloading the file. So it is the common reason for this error issue.

Banned player

When you face the issue of this erro, it is a higher chance that you are banned from this game because of some suspicious activity. You will get this error notification until you get unblocked.

How To Fix The Roblox Error Code 267?

roblox error code 267

Many are getting this error, but we cannot live with the mistake and wait for it to solve automatically. Here are some of the best solutions to fix this error that we will share with you.

  • Use A Good Default Browser
  • Make The Browser Setting According To The Roblox
  • Check Your Internet Connection
  • Check The Security Settings
  • Disable The Ad- Blocker Extension
  • Use The Roblox Bypass Method
  • Update All Your Network Drivers
  • Contact the Technical Team Of Roblox

Use A Good Default Browser

Most of us think that Roblox can be played on any browser but guest what we all feel is right; is it can be played on any browser. But the browser should be of an updated version if your browser is outdated then Roblox will create the errors.

Our recommendation to you is that please use the chrome browser because this browser can update automatically without any interruption. Google Chrome is a highly recommended and used browser in the world.

Make The Browser Setting According To The Roblox

It is essential to do the setting of your browser, according to the game. Because many websites don’t want some browser locations and start making errors, we recommend that please reset the browser setting if you are facing the issue of this error.

In case you are using the google chrome browser and want to reset your all settings of the browser, follow these simple steps.

  1. Open your google chrome browser first.
  2. Click on the settings option that looks like a gear.
  3. A small window will pop up then click the advanced.
  4. Click on the reset button and restart your browser after refreshing your computer.
  5. You can now open Roblox again on this browser.

Check Your Internet Connection

As you all know that the internet plays an important part when you are playing online games. Please make sure that you are using an internet connection that is stable and gives you high speed.

If you guys face any issues on Roblox like, please check your wifi connection that it is working fine. If your internet connection works fine, trust me more than 60% of issues can be solved.

Check The Security Settings

Please make sure that the browser’s service setting on which you want to run Roblox should permit you to play these kinds of games. So please check the settings of your browser and make the settings according to Roblox.

These minor changes in the settings can give you better results as your Roblox will create minimum errors because your browser may stop the Roblox because of some security settings.

Disable The Ad- Blocker Extension

Roblox error code 267

Please make sure that you disable the Ad-Blocker before launching the games in Roblox. Not only this game, please disable Ad-Blocker before playing any online game because the Ad-Blocker creates errors.

To do this, please follow these simple steps.

  1. Click on the menu option of your chrome browser.
  2. Then hover your cursor to more, and then a small list will appear.
  3. Click on the extensions.
  4. Now you will be redirected to all the attachments running on your browser.
  5. Just disable the Ad-Blocker.
  6. Now reopen the browser and open Roblox.

Use The Roblox Bypass Method

This method works for any user to avoid the error of Roblox error code 267. The bypass method is straightforward, and it’s useful. If you are facing any errors, uninstall it and reinstall it. The full process is as follows.

  1. Go to the Control panel of your computer.
  2. Open the uninstall the programs.
  3. Select the Roblox player and uninstall it and delete it.
  4. Now again download it from the official place in the new version.
  5. Install it also on your computer. Hopefully, it will work fine.

Update All Your Network Drivers

As discussed above, you need a high-speed internet connection to run the Roblox fast and accurately. So need to have the drivers up to date for this you need to check the network manually.

For this, please click go to the device manager and then click to network adapter if it is working fine and up to date or not. If they are not up to date, then there will be a threat icon shown on them. Please make them up to date to avoid errors.

Contact the Technical Team Of Roblox

If you have tried all these methods, but you are still facing the error, then you should contact the technical support team of Roblox. You can contact them through chat, or you can get them through email.

All the big brands have their contact support team to solve the problems of their customers. The technical support staff of Roblox will contact you soon when you email them and tell them about your issue. They will surely solve your issue.


Roblox error code 267, You have kicked from this game an error that many online Roblox players face. But thanks to the methods shared in this article, these are very helpful to overcome this issue.

Please share this content to solve this error of many other online players. Please do check our other guides and share them also because sharing is caring.

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