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Hello guys, you are now in the Tech Parle to get all the best solutions related to your critical issues. Today we are discussing another pressing issue, “Roku overheating.” This is the most common issue facing every Roku streamer fan lover.

But before we know about the solution to the Roku streaming stick overheating issue, let us know briefly about Roku and its history.

Like who is the inventor of Roku and how many versions are there that Roku launches now. 

Over the past few months, Firestick users also facing the Firestick overheating issue and now the same issue is on Roku both are really good streaming devices.

What Is Roku

Roku is a device that connects you to various digital media shows on one platform. Roku works with Netflix as they collaborated in the year 2008.

The company claims that it provides the best service at a cheap rate as compared to the others.

Roku was first introduced in 2007 and officially launched in the year 2008 to collaborate with the Netflix company. The founder of Roku is Anthony Wood, who is also the founder of replay TV.

The Roku officially launches its devices in Eight generations in the years as follows-

  1. First-generation in the year May 20, 2008
  2. The second generation in the year of July 19, 2011
  3. The third generation in the year of March 5, 2013
  4. Fourth-generation in the year of October 6, 2015
  5. Fifth-generation in the year of September 26, 2016
  6. Sixth generation in the year in October 2017
  7. Seventh generation in the year in September 2018
  8. Eighth generation in the year of September 19, 2019

Roku Overheating Warning

roku overheating

There are two ways to know that your Roku device’s overheating issue happening. Let’s take a look at these two factors below of the Roku overheating warning.

  • In some of the Roku players, you may notice a white LED light on the face of the Roku player, and when that white light turns into a blood-red color. If your device is signaling that, it means that your Roku device overheated.
  • This is a straightforward method to know that your Roku device or Roku stick is overheated. When your Roku is overheated, an overheating message appears on your screen at your screen’s top right corner.
  • You can also check manually by touching your Roku stick or Roku device and feeling whether it is overheated or not.

Why Is My Roku Streaming Stick Overheating?

Does the question arise why my Roku stick overheating means the reason Roku stick is overheating?

This is the most common issue with this Roku stick or Roku device that they heated too early and too much.

If you ignore the warnings of overheating problems, it can harm your Roku device and damage your Television.

There are some reasons why your Roku device is overheating.

  • Some people don’t overthink when installing the television set, but please ensure that your Roku device is not connected to a closed environment area. A secure box environment can issue overheating.
  • Your Roku device is installed very near to your Television and maybe catch the heat of the Television.
  • Please ensure that there should be no heating instruments placed or used near your Roku device like Steam iron, gas stoves, and other stuff like that.
  • Maybe the electric point where you connect the Roku device is a little burnt or damaged or may be very near to the Roku device.

Roku Stick Overheating Fix

If your Roku device gets overheated, let me tell you that it’s not rocket science to solve this issue and cool down the heated machine. Roku is an electronic device, and like other devices, it can be heated like other electronic devices.

There are some simple methods by which you can fix the Roku stick overheating problem.

  1. Re-insert the device
  2. Change the location of the Roku stick
  3. Keep your Roku stick away from the closed environment
  4. Roku Tempcheck
  5. Use Extender

Re-insert the Roku stick

When you see a red light or a message on the screen that the Roku device is overheated, please unplug the stick and kindly wait for at least 20 minutes to cool down the stick.

Please check manually by touching it after at least 20 minutes to cool down and then insert it again.

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Change The Location Of The Roku Stick

roku overheating

Our recommendation is to change the location of the Roku system from time to time using changing power points and places to overcome the overheating.

Because the power switch sometimes gets too heated that you cannot even recognize it, and you cannot even measure it manually. So please change the power switch, so the Roku device stays cool all the time.

This method is beneficial and works 100% accurately because we try this with our Roku system, so please give it a try.

Keep The Roku Stick Or Device Away From The Closed Environment

If your Roku stick gets overheated very fast, then it is a very high chance that your Roku device is installed in a closed environment.

Like other electronic equipment, Roku also wants an area where air can pass so that your Roku device remains cool all the time.

So it is necessary to install your Roku device where the air can enter and make your Roku device cool.

This method is also applied to your Television because Roku can absorb heat from the Television as well.

Roku Tempcheck

If you are using Roku, please take care of the Roku temp check to prevent you from overheating.

A Roku temp check is nothing but a message that appears on the screen that shows the Roku stick’s temperature and signals you to maintain that temperature to avoid damage.

If you are getting the temp check message on the screen, please ignore it; take it seriously and maintain the temperature.

If you fail to keep it, then its a high chance that your Roku stick and the Television can cause both damaged.

Yes, a Roku temp check is essential to maintain your Roku device’s temperature and necessary for your Television.

Use Extender

roku overheating

We are sure that these methods that we share with you above will give you 100% results, but for some of the rare cases, these methods cannot work because of the house’s location and space, so we are sharing with you one more effective way.

You can use the Extender for the Roku device that is available for free on the official Roku website, and you can order it online and get it open and fast. Yes, it’s a free service that provides by Roku companies because of this heating issue.

How Can Get The Free HDMI Extender For Roku Stick

There are some simple steps by which you can order an HDMI extender for free online to solve the Roku overheating.

  • Just open the web browser on your laptop or even on your mobile device and click on this web address.
  • When you enter this address, you will find the page and enter the required details on this page.
  • Please enter the correct name and address and the proper email ID because you will get the HDMI extender at this address.
  • It requires a serial number of the Roku stick, and you will find it on the backside of the Roku stick. Enter it into the required section.
  • After you enter the correct details in the form, click submit to complete the form and guess what you’re finished with.


So, guys, this is the guide on Roku overheating issues because many people face these kinds of problems to why my Roku streaming stick overheating again and again. We share these lots of methods for Roku stick overheating fix to this issue.

We hope that these methods solve your whole heating-related problems with the Roku device and all electronic devices. So you can say that this is the multipurpose guide to solving the issues related to all the overheating problems in electronic equipment.

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