A Guide On Sanctuary Onslaught Warframe

Sanctuary onslaught Warframe, like Survival missions, is infinite and sees a squad of four confronting swarms of monsters with increasing difficulty over time.

It’s unlike Survival missions, which lack Life Support Modules in favor of an efficiency counter that the team must maintain through eliminating adversaries.

In these missions, enemies do not drop resources or modifications, and containers are not available in these zones.

The Warframe sanctuary onslaught modes may be unlocked by speaking with Cephalon Simaris in the Sanctuary (found at Relays).

Completing the New Strange quest is required before you may access these modes. Through the Recruiting conversation, you can always discover players to team up with.

While Survival missions take place in a standard area with no travel constraints, Sanctuary onslaught takes place in “zones.”

Zones are locked chambers that last 2.5 minutes before the squad may either transfer to the next zone through a conduit or stay in place or exit the operation.

It’s worth noting that Eximus foes contribute more to the efficiency meters.

It should be noted that the Elite Warframe sanctuary onslaught requires your Warframe to be Level 30 in order to participate.

It is more difficult than Sanctuary Onslaught, but it also delivers higher prizes.

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In Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, which Warframe should you use?

Sanctuary onslaught Warframe

Because adversaries take a long time to ramp up the level, you can get away with almost any Warframe in Sanctuary Onslaught.

Sanctuary onslaught Warframe is far more difficult and necessitates the proper team composition in order for the squad to stay as long as possible. For ESO squads, the conventional choice is:

Warframes: Utility

  • Trinity’s Energy Vampire builds. Trinity’s mission is to keep the squad alive and healthy by providing them with health and energy. In this mode, a solid balance between the two is crucial since your squad must be alive as well as have adequate energy.
  • Rhino also serves as a supporting character, supplying the entire squad with a much-needed Ability Strength boost. Refresh your ability at frequent intervals to keep the boost as strong as feasible. Stomp may also be used to keep foes at bay if they approach too near.
  • While these Warframes supply the squad with strength, energy, and survivability, they may still utilize their weapons to deliver damage.

Warframes with high DPS:

  • Saryn is the ideal ESO damage dealer. With a huge number of adversaries in small spaces, it’s rather simple to distribute your spores. Saryn relies on uptime, so make sure to maintain your spores active throughout the room. When foes die, the spores’ power begins to dwindle.
  • Equinox (Day Form) is a little easier to use because you don’t have to aim at foes to spread spores. Make use of your team bonus for increased Ability Strength.
  • The terms Volt and Equinox are interchangeable. Volt’s fourth ability, in addition to strong crowd control, can also protect your squad, which greatly aids in survivability.

Sanctuary Onslaught – The New and Improved Way to Level Up

Before I wrap up this essay, I’d want to discuss a specific advantage (apart from the relics, focus points, and other items mentioned above) that the Warframe elite sanctuary onslaught provides, which is an enormous quantity of high-level adversaries. And a lot of affinity equals a lot of high-level foes!

Now, you should equip all weapons to save one in order to maximize the affinity growth for that weapon (25 percent Warframe, 75 percent weapon).

So, with affinity booster, it takes 10 waves to get from rank 0 to rank 30 on Hydron.

In the Elite Warframe sanctuary onslaught, on the other hand, you may rank up one weapon from 0 to 30 in just one zone!

Even if you equip all three weapons, you may level them up in less than 8 minutes (This works for the normal version of Onslaught too but requires a little bit more time).

Overall, I enjoy this game mode. So far, the enemies have spawned really quickly. It was an all-out carnage from start to finish.

It does, however, have several flaws. As of now, whenever a new conduit portal spawns my frame rates decrease from 120 to around 5 or 10. Many people have reported crashes in zones such as 12 and higher.

Pretty much all we wanted to say. So, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. And we hope you enjoyed the article, and I really will see you again soon.

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Best Sanctuary Onslaught Strategies

sanctuary onslaught warframe

Unlike Warframe elite sanctuary onslaught, Sanctuary Onslaught does not need much preparation.

The former is more relaxed, with each player free to choose whatever frame they choose and no one responsible for helping the rest of the team.

 You also don’t need your own squad and may join a random lobby and begin after you’ve been matched with at least two people.

Have a Squad Ready to Go

With Sanctuary onslaught Warframe, having a preset squad is essential. You just cannot live without a Trinity on your squad.

Having two of them in your team, on the other hand, is a waste of time because it reduces your DPS and causes the difficulty to rise much faster than it would otherwise.

You can simply discover a group by searching Recruiting chat for phrases like “LF ESO DPS” rather than “LF ESO 2/4.”

We’ve always noticed that parties hunting for certain Warframes are more beneficial in onslaught because the rest of the squad is already prepared.

Stay Together

Don’t be too far apart during the assignment. It is critical to stay close to your teammates so that you may benefit from their health, energy, and ability bonuses. T

Most essential thing is to stay alive, which might be difficult at times, especially in the latter zones. Being near your colleagues will ensure that you have someone ready to help you resurrect.

 If one teammate is knocked down for an extended period of time, the mode becomes significantly more difficult.

The Warframe elite sanctuary onslaught is particularly useful as a weapons test. Seeing how far you can get in the SO with a single weapon and no Warframe abilities is an excellent method to assess the overall strength and efficacy of that weapon and its Mod configuration.

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Take note of the Efficiency Meter

sanctuary onslaught warframe

Keep an eye on both the Efficiency meter and your own Ability cooldowns. All Warframes must maintain their powers throughout these missions, from Saryn’s spores to Trinity’s healing.

Don’t squander Efficiency picks until you really need them, and be careful not to pick them up by accident as you move around the zone.

Mark them so that everyone knows they’re there, then confirm this in the team chat before beginning the operation. For your Warframes and weaponry, use your greatest builds.

Elite matches may be extremely frustrating if you arrive with subpar gear or Warframe builds.

If you need Warframe components to finish your build, Player Auctions is the best location to get them swiftly, safely, and securely.

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We hope our Sanctuary onslaught Warframe tutorial has helped you better grasp the game mode. Make sure you and your squad agree on how many zones you wish to accomplish!

You can easily handle the most popular eight-zone target with the correct builds and a competent squad.

You may go even farther, but owing to the structure of the treasure pool, most teams will stop at eight and restart.

And, as we previously stated, the game would crash every time we attempted to access the Elite version of Warframe elite sanctuary onslaught after our first attempt.

That, however, will be corrected over time. And that’s pretty much all we wanted to say.

 So, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. And we hope you enjoyed the article, and I really will see you again soon.

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