Sea Of Thieves Cross Platform

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Sea of Thieves has been a first-person multiplayer game released in the year 2018 and is an action-adventure game.

This is a game where players need to cooperate to explore an open world in the game through a pirate ship.

This game has been described as a game in a shared world, which means this game allows groups of players who would encounter one another constantly during their adventures in the game.

There are times when one has to form alliances, and sometimes one might have to go head-to-head.

The player has to assume the role of the pirate who would complete voyages from numerous trading companies to become the absolute and ultimate pirate legend.

The players needed to reach at least the level of 50 with 3 of the different trading companies to become the Pirate Legend.

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Does Sea Of Thieves Have Crossplay?

It is of utmost joy that the game supports crossplay. Sea of thieves cross platform supports Windows 10, Xbox, and Steam through Play Anywhere.

This makes one understand that one might not only enjoy this game with friends and associates across multiple platforms but also can switch the consoles while one keeps your process.

This happens because when one logs onto Sea of Thieves through Steam, the player would be prompted to log in or sign in to their respective Microsoft account.

Doing this will allow you to play with others despite which platform or any online service the player decides for enjoying the this cross platform.

However, one must keep in mind that if any person plays Sea of Thieves on the Windows 10 platform, but wants to shift to Steam, that person would need to purchase that game once again.

While your progress gets saved across the two of the services mentioned above, owning this game on any one platform would not entitle its users to have access to a free version on some other platform.

Understand The Gameplay In Sea Of Thieves

sea of thieves cross platform

After getting to know: whether can you play Sea of Thieves or not, you might want to understand the gameplay of the same. It is at the absolute beginning of the game when the player has to select their generated player avatar procedurally.

This game has been set in a shared world, which means multiple other groups of players would in turn encounter one another through the course of their adventures.

The sole, as well as the duo players, are to sail around in their nimble sloop while the other players who play in the different group control a larger 4 man galleon or a 3 man brigantine cooperatively in turn by assuming various roles such as manning the cannons, steering the ship, boarding enemy ships, navigating, and scouting from crow’s nest.

Occasionally the players might as well encounter other hostile players who might attack them using cannonballs or even board their ship. If areas below the deck get damaged, water would flow in the ship, in turn causing the ship to eventually sink.

How To Access The Sea Of Thieves As A Cross Platform Game?

Being one of the most famous games, Sea of Thieves cross platform play has been supported by both PC and Xbox One.

This also does include Steam versions on PC as well as Windows 10. Xbox Series X versions and Xbox One have also been a part of the same.

A very common question for the same has been on how to cross platform Sea of Thieves. This Sea of Thieves has been a Play Anywhere game, however, crossplay has continued to be a  part of the game itself, not belonging to any part of Microsoft’s program.

Despite this, the player would need to have access to an Xbox Live account to use crossplay, much to the liking of how you would need to have an access to an Epic account to use crossplay with Fortnite and Dauntless.

Well, it is worth noting that the player would just require an account and not a proper subscription to the same. However, if you are to be playing Xbox, you might probably have access to an Xbox Live Gold.

How To Use Sea Of Thieves Crossplay?

sea of thieves cross platform

Another very interesting question that keeps on making an appearance is: how to play Sea of Thieves cross platform?

Well, it is to be understood that crossplay has been enabled in Sea of Thieves by default, thus if any person or the player has been already familiar with setting sail and inviting friends, that person does not need to perform any special task.

Well, for the ones who are unaware, you might want to select Adventure directly from the main menu, following which you must choose the particular ship that you want. You would also have to choose whether you want an open or a closed crew.

It is after that when you get-go invites your friends to play Sea of Thieves. When on your PC, you must press 1 to bring up the friends list, and while on Xbox, you would have to press X.

If the player has been using an open lobby where numerous random players might be able to join in, they would be able to join the game despite the platform that they are on.

What Is Cross-Save And Cross-Progression In Sea Of Thieves?

As has been mentioned earlier, Sea of Thieves cross platform is a part of the Play Anywhere program, which means that the game supports cross-progression and also cross-save across Xbox consoles and the PC, which would also include the Steam version.

It is to be noted that Sea of Thieves would require an Xbox Live account, and it is to keep track of all your progression in the game to that particular account.

All that one needs to do, despite the platform that they have chosen to continue playing on, is simply log in.

Well, that does make the game of Sea of Thieves to be fairly unique. This game of Sea of Thieves continues to carry everything over, including all and any of your achievements that you had unlocked.

The Xbox and Windows 10 versions tend to use a shared achievement list, to ensure that there is no issue. It is even on Steam that all of your previously made achievements would get carried over.

If you have purchased a Steam version of the game Sea of Thieves and you had previously played this game somewhere else, any of your earned achievements would automatically get unlocked whenever you launch this game of Sea of Thieves cross-platform.

Can Cross-Play In A Sea Of Thieves Be Turned Off?

sea of thieves cross platform

To ensure rapid and convenient matchmaking in the game, the cross-play between the PC and the console players is usually automatically enabled.

However, for some, there is a particularly legitimate concern regarding the unfair advantage that the mouse and keyboard or the PC players have as a result of the PVP elements of the game.

It is of great relief that Rare has taken the question of will Sea of Thieves to be cross platform and has as well introduced an option for benefit of the players.

So that they might opt out of the already enabled cross-play matchmaking in turn if they are playing on a console with the controller.

However, it is to be noted that it is somewhat a rather strange decision that disabling the cross-play for Sea of Thieves cross platform would oddly require you to make some changes in the system settings to your Xbox console which is quite opposed to the toggle within this game.

While in the Xbox settings, you would have to go to the Account, and then, from there you would have to select the option of Privacy and Online Safety. Once you have reached here, you ought to head to the option named Xbox Live Privacy.

In turn, you would need to select the View Details & Customize option. In this Communications and Multiplayer option, one would be then able to successfully disable the option which allows one to play with numerous other people outside of the Xbox community.

Making changes in this option would turn off cross-play inside this game of Sea of Thieves.

How To Add Friends While Playing Sea Of Thieves

Since it has been understood that Sea of Thieves is an inherently social game, Rare has in turn implemented a rather very cool way to enable the users to add any strangers that they have met out on the flowing open waters.

These players might as well toggle a prompt to add the other players within this game of Sea of Thieves by simply getting to open the remote radial menu which is in front of the player who is to be added and by selecting the “Make Friends” option.

If both these players use this emote, this game would bring up a particular menu that would allow these players to add each other without even having to drop back onto the Xbox application.


Well, it has been understood that this game of Sea of thieves cross platform has proved to be one of the best and enables a lot of exciting and helpful features for the users which in turn provides them with an amazing experience.

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