Securing Your Business Server In A Post-Covid Workplace

There’s no denying it: Covid 19 has forever changed the way we will work, and there’s no going back. Seemingly overnight, most people were stuck indoors, and the masses turned to the internet to make ends meet.

While many simply continued to perform their job duties remotely (a trend that will likely continue to some degree), many Americans simply started their own businesses. Despite the numerous challenges of these “uncertain times”, many business owners were able to survive – and in some cases, thrive. 

But the working conditions of the pandemic opened the door for a new pandemic of cyber attacks. Businesses across all sectors saw a dramatic increase in cybersecurity breaches. This was largely due to numerous companies shifting to remote work.

With so little time to adjust, many companies were unprepared for the influx of criminal data breaches. But what does that mean if you run a small business? What does it mean if YOU are the sole employee of your business?

“Did I Leave the Door Open”?

Every office (home or otherwise) typically has several devices connected to a network at once. The average pre-Covid US household had 11 internet-connected devices. It’s never been this easy to check in with work; you can even conduct your business with a smart watch! But all this connectivity came with a massive trade-off: it’s left us incredibly vulnerable to malicious digital attacks.

More connections mean more weak spots (or endpoints) in your network. Every laptop, smartphone, tablet, and printer (yes, even your printer can be hacked) is a potential unlocked door into your system.

All these potential openings make it easier for attackers to implement ransomware (which has become especially rampant), phishing scams, and other malicious practices. This can expose not only private information regarding your company.

With workers’ private information on your server, it can leave your employees exposed as well. This can become more complicated with a work-from-home scenario, where any number of personal or company devices may be used across numerous networks. An overlooked work laptop can easily compare to leaving your back door open. 

And no company is too small to forgo cybersecurity. Small businesses account for nearly 30% of security breaches. Despite this, many smaller companies have no endpoint protection. Some companies have no cybersecurity measures in place AT ALL.

For new and experienced business owners alike, this may all feel incredibly overwhelming. But not if you have the right tools. With the most current endpoint protection software, you’ll never again have to worry if you “left the door unlocked”. 

How Endpoint Protection Software Protects Your Business

As stated earlier, many small businesses underestimate the potential dangers of leaving their network exposed. Roughly 20% of small businesses implement ZERO cybersecurity measures! Others might simply purchase antivirus software and call it a day, despite claims that antivirus alone simply isn’t enough. But proper endpoint protection software covers antivirus tasks and so much more.

Endpoint security is largely about monitoring your devices, which antivirus programs do not cover. And given the ever-present mingling of company and personal devices across numerous networks, it’s never been easier for malicious actors to find a flaw in your security.

But potent endpoint security platforms allow you to monitor any and all devices that are currently on, or trying to access your network. And many programs offer you the ability to control all inbound and outbound network traffic, giving you total control of which devices have access to your network. 

And if you’re concerned about how exactly endpoint security could replace antivirus, endpoint protection software performs all the same functions to the highest degree. While AI-driven endpoint protection does find and eradicate potential threats, it also predicts the possibility of future threats.

All threats are dealt with autonomously, leaving your IT team free to deal with the most pressing issues (which is especially convenient if YOU are the IT team). If this sounds complicated, many programs offer easy-to-read graphics in their reports.

This allows you to fully understand any incidents that may have occurred. And many software platforms back up your data and allow you to restore your data with one click. With modern endpoint protection, securing your business and personal data has never been easier. 

Certainty in Uncertain Times

We’re all tired of hearing all about these “uncertain times”. We hear about it whenever we turn on the radio, or when we’re trying to watch the game. We’re all aware of how “uncertain” everything is in this current climate.

But the security and wellbeing of your business (and your employees) should always be certain. And with proper endpoint protection software, certainty has never been easier to find.  

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