Are You Setting Up A Social Media Agency? 7 Services You Must Have

Everyone is aware of the power of social media in this digitalization age. As it is quoted in social media Today that people spend more time using social media then they will be socializing using other methods and even eating.

So businesses are taking benefit of this upgrading trend of social media. Businesses are using this platform for reaching their audience. It became a great platform for digital marketing agencies for communication and PR.

Being a digital marketing service provider you may already offer several kinds of communication and marketing services but you should offer a variety of social media services. You should become a single platform for all the social media needs of the client. 

Try to convince your client that they need your service for their business if they already looking for it or not. 

Being a startup in digital marketing services, we suggest you have 7 mentioned social media services to build an agency like Func Media in Mississauga, Ontario.

Social media services should be channel-specific

To understand the nature of each social media channel is necessary as there is a different kind of audience for each platform. Before considering the type of social media marketing services you need to know the demand of your client.

Which apps drive and sites will be better for your client demand as each social media is different from another. Facebook is a platform with more than a billion users so this platform can be used for social media campaigns. Same as network range is different for Snapchat, google+, Instagram, etc.

You should provide the strategic plan to your client

many digital agencies start to use social media services without giving many thoughts to its usage and the right platform for the particular client demand. So it is recommended to have a solid social media strategy according to the client’s brand.

You should provide the proper strategic detailed plan to your clientele which includes the essential elements such as an editorial calendar so that they can follow the proper plan to achieve their goals.

You should provide the best content creation service

To publish the content on social media, many businesses will require content creation tools like InVideo for different social media platforms. Not only for social media but your clients will be asking for the content for Wikipedia so you should have Wikipedia writers in your content writer team.

The nature of content depends upon the social media platform on which it is going to publish such as Twitter requires careful specific consideration to craft a tweet.

You should help your clients with content scheduling

It requires proper skillset to schedule the content across multiple channels. It can be difficult for clients to get the right time to post the content, especially when dealing with overseas clientele. It’s not a difficult job but it carries huge importance to publish the right content at the right time.

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You should provide the best research and analysis service

We all are aware of the importance of research in this fast changing market world. Offering the best research service to your clients is the key to gain their businesses. As you can provide the information regarding their target market, and the interest, behavior of the target market.

You can do a SWOT analysis for your client to give them a clear understanding of strength, weakness, opportunities, and they can plan their strategy as per your research.

You should provide the consultancy and training to your client

Using social media for personal use is not a big deal but when it comes to using for marketing purposes it requires a proper skillset. Although as an independent digital service provider, you should offer the consultancy service to your clients to explain to them the complicated world of social media.

You should offer the campaign management service

Many clients need more support for their ongoing social media campaigns. It may due to the different target market, product nature and so on but your company should provide this facility to your client to manage the campaign according to the brand nature.

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Aspects That It Performs As Roles And Responsibilities

In a world full of digitalization, digital elements are the major center of the eye for companies now a day. It is a dynamic, booming, and vast field. The more smartphones, computers, and capable devices get popular the vast digital marketing trend will be.

The employment opportunities also increasing with the popularity of digital marketing services. We have different roles performing these services such as developing the right marketing strategy.

Different job roles are performing in digital marketing agencies mainly create the right content for a brand, designing and maintain marketing campaigns, increase people’s engagement on social media and increase the flow of visitors on a website.

Here are the 5 major roles performing in digital marketing Agency no matter your agency in Singapore or somewhere else.

Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Executive, a person who performs the responsibility of strategies for the online platform. He designs and implements the marketing comparing and take care of the content for the organization website. Here is the list of responsibilities a digital marketing executive performs,

  • Plan and execute the digital marketing campaign
  • Responsible for managing the company’s website
  • Enhance the content quality on the client website and social media channels such as Instagram, Google Plus, Facebook, etc.
  • Provide internal reports and track the web side traffic on regular basis.
  • Solve if any error comes up in the content
  • Arrange webcasts and webinars
  • Edit and post podcasts, videos, content, and audio content.
  • Improving KPIs, likes, shares by executing social media strategies
  • Implementing email-based campaigns

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager, a person who is responsible to get the word in the digital world regarding your brand.

  • Create website awareness in the digital world
  • Managing the marketing campaigns that especially responsible to promote the product and service of the company
  • Identify and evaluate email marketing, display and search advertising, social media, marketing campaigns, and digital technologies.

Search Engine Optimizer – SEO Executive

SEO Executive, this role is responsible to rank a client’s website on the result page of the search engine. The scope of the SEO sector is increasing with the day passing and as per the increasing trend of SEO, it is considered that the jobs for SEO specialists will be in demand forever.

Here are the few major responsibilities of an SEO Executive,

  • According to the latest keyword research strategies he is responsible to conduct keyword research.
  • To conduct off-site and on-site analysis in various industries for clients
  • keep an eye on the Google Algorithm updates.
  • Contribution to the off-page optimization and on-page optimization for the company’s blog

Search Engine Specialist/Marketer – SEM Specialist

Usually, when it’s not a big company, the tasks of SEM is performed by the Digital marketing manager. But if the company is big they have a specific job role as SEM- Search Engine Marketer. The person is responsible to perform the manage bid, analysis, keyword research, test ad campaign, copywriting, to target the number of leads and clicks.

Here are the different roles and responsibilities for SEM,

  • To conduct an website in-depth analysis
  • To keep an eye on PPC campaigns and website analytics
  • To conduct on the advertising links of the competitors

Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing is a vast field, as the responsibilities of content marketing manager includes eBook publication, email communication, guest blogging, marketing campaigns, managing blogs, sales page copywriting, etc.

As if we require Wikipedia page creation for a client then it is the responsibility of content marketing manager. Here are some main responsible is mentioned for content marketing manager,

  • To develop editorial calendars
  • To analyze web traffic metrics
  • To develop a content marketing strategy and effective editorial plan
  • To edit, create and improve the content
  • To integrate the brand campaigns to develop the demand of the brand
  • to drive engagements, leads, and traffic responsible to optimize daily
  • to generate and implement ideas to increase customer engagement.

Due to the fast growth of digital marketing service providers, the roles are also increasing, as main roles have been discussed above but the new roles are expected to increase with the day passing.

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