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Hello and welcome to Tech Parle on this website, we only talk about the tech topics and technical problems. Today we will discuss the solution of the problem of Showbox not working. There are many reasons behind the error of Showbox not working.

Before we talk about the error in Showbox and its solution, let us discuss a little bit about the Showbox like what is it and why it’s essential in our life.

What Is Showbox And Why It’s Important For Us?

The Showbox is a famous android app for streaming movies and favourite TV shows. The Uniqueness of this app is that this app is free of cost available on google play store in android mobile phones, which is the main reason this app is popular.

Many movies and TV shows streaming apps in the market, but most of them are paid like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. Some people cannot pay the monthly or yearly charge to these paid subscription media platforms.

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People still want entertainment in their busy lives, so Showbox provides them with the platform to watch movies and TV shows for free or you can see via some of the best netflix extensions. Not only this on this platform, but you can also watch some web series. But sometimes the Showbox not working or Showbox app not working on your Android phone.

Why Is Showbox Not Working?

Different types of error could occur with your Showbox.

Fix Showbox Update Not Working Error

  1. Fix Showbox has Stopped Working Error on Windows
  2. Fix Showbox Video Not Available Error
  3. Fix Showbox App Cache Error
  4. Showbox Is Hanging Too much When Watching The Movie
  5. Showbox Keeps Loading Not Opening
  6. Showbox Showing Network Error
  7. Showbox Suddenly Stops Between The Movie And Starts Scrolling
  8. Showing Too Many Ads
  9. Showbox Not Opening On Android Devices

These ten errors are mostly seen when somebody using the Showbox on their devices. So we will try to give you the best solution to these problems occurs on your Showbox App.

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Solution Of All 10 Problems

SO we mention all the problems that Showbox users usually face when they use this fantastic and one of the most popular free movies and TV shows streaming media app. Now let us discuss the solution of these problems on Showbox not working one by one that works.

1. Fix Showbox Update Not Working Error

showbox not working

In some cases, Showbox suddenly removes from your menu bar or uninstall. Sometimes shows the error that app is not working that means your Showbox app update not working or Showbox not working. Now you need to fix this error with this simple method.

Just remove your Showbox APK from the file manager thoroughly after uninstalling the app from your android mobile phone or any other device. Now you need to download the Showbox APK from the official website or the play store google available on your Android phone. Hope your Showbox starts running correctly on your device.

2. Fix Showbox has Stopped Working Error on Windows

This error of Showbox not working on windows is the problem with desktop devices. It means that the Showbox APK isn’t working or the APK is just totally crashed in your desktop device. But don’t worry, there is a simple solution to this problem.

Solution guide for Showbox not working on Android the same method will be done for your windows device. All you need to do is, please remove the Showbox entirely from your windows device. Please remember to delete the APK from your windows device of Showbox.

Now again download it like we previously did and install it on your windows device and please make sure you guys download it from the main website of Showbox. Don’t use third-party websites to download the Showbox for perfect performance.

3. Fix Showbox Video Not Available Error

There are many platforms where you can download the movies illegally, but why to do illegal things when you can get those things like movies and shows legally. Yes, Showbox is the platform which gives you the best movie collection for free.

But there is a problem sometimes occurs that the videos on Showbox not working. It’s strange but true, but you don’t need to take tension for this problem you will get the best solution to that, and that’s why you are here. You need to follow this simple step to avoid this problem.

It would be best if you did is reinstall the APK of your Showbox app. Please don’t remove the APK from your device uninstall the app and reinstall it on your device. Go to the setting, click on the app, click on the Showbox app, and clear the cache of that app and your app is ready to show the movies with video.

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4. Fix Showbox App Cache Error

Not only video, sometimes your Showbox app will stop audio services like audio will come and go, and the same thing will occur with the videos. This only happens when you don’t use the Showbox app for a long time with this app; this happens with other apps.

But there is the best solution to this problem, and you can do it easily in 1 or two minutes, We think you will do it less than a minute. So you need to go to the application manager and click on the Showbox application because you need to clear the cache of this app.

All you need to do is clear the cache of the Showbox application, and all the disturbance in audio and as well as in the video will remove. You can enjoy this Showbox application perfectly and get rid of your problem that Showbox not working.

5. Showbox Is Hanging Too much When Watching The Movie

showbox not working

This is the most common issue that faces by the users of the Showbox app. When the peoples watch the movie on the Showbox App their faces the hanging problem. There are lots of reasons behind the dependent issue with the app let us discuss these issues.
There can be many reasons behind this issue, but the two problems are the joint first: your cache of this app is not cleared so please clear your app’s store with the method that we shared above. The second problem is your internet is slow; please check if your internet is slow because when you are watching the movie, you need a good quality internet connection to run the film.

6. Showbox Keeps Loading Not Opening

When you are trying to open the Showbox app on your phone or other devices like laptop, desktop, tablets, etc., the Showbox not working keeps scrolling, but not opening. Please check your internet connection first, and if your internet connection is working fine, then move to the next step.

If your internet connection is good but Showbox not working then it is a high chance that your Showbox APK is crashed. Now you need to delete the APK of your Showbox and download and clear your device’s cache. Now download the APK of Showbox from the original website and install it again your Showbox will work fine.

7. Showbox Showing Network Error

There are only two reasons if your Showbox isn’t working because of the network error reason. First, the Showbox server not working or down, they are working on some updates, and the second one is your network providers internet connection is not working well.

So it is rare that the Showbox server is down so please check the internet connection is low or not available. But there is one more reason behind the network error that the Showbox app is not available in your country. If the app is not available in your country, then nothing can fix it, bro.

8. Showbox Suddenly Stops Between The Movie And Starts Scrolling

This happens only when the internet connection is low in terms of the downloading and uploading speed. That happens like ping-pong effects mean internet connection comes and go. So it would be best if you upgraded your internet connection into a faster internet connection.

But you need to clear the cache of your phone time to time and update all the apps on your device so they can run correctly and clearly. This is one of the best solutions to your problem Showbox not working.

9. Showing Too Much Ads

Some people’s complaints that Showbox shows too many ads between the movies and the ads disturb them. Let me tell you guys that Showbox is free and the ads are the source of their income. You guys don’t pay the monthly or yearly subscription to the Showbox then how can the Showbox earn.

Guys, if you are getting something free, then please don’t complain of the minor things. So Showing too many ads is not a problem related to the Showbox not working. You have to deal with these ads if you want to watch your favourite movies for free.

10. Showbox Not Opening On Android Devices

showbox not working

The Showbox is an app that is famous on the play store, so it is one of the most-used apps on android mobile devices. If your Showbox is not working on Android, please clear the cache of your Android device and check your internet connection.

If all good, then maybe your android mobile phone is not the latest version or please make sure you have installed the latest updates on your Android device. If you follow the above solution method, then the Showbox app will work correctly without any error of Showbox not working.

Substitute Of Showbox App If Showbox Not Working

If the problem still occurs of Showbox not working, please try these free movie streaming apps similar to the Showbox and work similarly to the Showbox.

 Cinema APK

2. Titanium TV

3. CatMouse APK

4. UnlockMyTV

5. Kodi

6. TeaTV

7. CyberFlix TV

8. TVZion

9. PlayBox HD (Android, iOS)

10. MegaBox HD For Android

11. Movie Box

12. Popcorn Time (Android, iOS & Linux)

13. Crackle (Android)

14. Hub Streaming

15. Hulu

if you are really into anime you really should not miss the one piece Episodes and I know it is really hard to see thousands of episodes I suggest you watch one piece filler arc.

Final Words On Showbox Not Working

This guide on Showbox not working is 100% working because we include all the technical terms related to this issue as you can see that we have all the problems and their solution with details that works effectively. We hope this guide gives you the best solution forever.

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