Six Reasons Why eLearning is More Effective than Traditional Learning

Organizations offer employee training to help them upskill and increase their performance at the workplace. Training programs make the employees feel that the organization is investing in their growth. With continuous addition to their skills, employees will become productive, which in turn will help the company grow.

To offer the training programs to the employees, organizations have two options- provide in-person training or establish eLearning programs. Traditional learning has been around for a long time while eLearning is the most trending way of delivering training to the employees.

Online learning has been on the rise for more than a decade now but took off to another level, thanks to the pandemic. Modern learners are more inclined towards eLearning because of the amazing benefits it provides. eLearning is more flexible for both learners and trainers. 

Web-based tools like learning management systems have been the savior for organizations to manage their eLearning programs. LMS can deliver and monitor the course along with managing it. 

LMS such as Skilljar features some amazing add-ons like gamification tools, bulk user actions, certification management, attendance management, and many more that make online training more effective. 

Now, let’s look at a few reasons why eLearning is more effective than traditional learning.

1)You can learn from anywhere:

One of the fundamental differences and the biggest benefit of eLearning is learners can learn and attend the classes from anywhere. It saves the costs for traveling and accommodation for the learners. Organizations also don’t need physical classrooms, so they can spend all their training budget on hiring the best tutor which would be helpful for the learners too. 

In this way, both the organization and learners can benefit. The costs involved are way less than the in-person training.

2)Provides more flexibility:

No two people are the same. Everyone has their way of learning and understanding things. With in-person training, there is a certain pace with which classes are delivered and everyone needs to adjust to it. But eLearning allows people to surf through study material or lessons at their speed, regardless of whether it’s too fast, too slow, or simply moderate. It offers the flexibility to learners to start or stop their session whenever they like.

3)Offers greater convenience:

Imagine yourself taking a communication skills class at the comfort of your home by sitting on a couch or sofa, which is more convenient than in-person training. Online learning offers you the opportunity to learn at your comfort.

Online courses offer asynchronous learning with which you can plan your studies according to your schedules. You can watch lecture videos and study when you feel you have the highest energy in the day. So, online learning is more effective for people who seek flexibility, convenience and want to learn at their own pace.

4)Increased engagement:

For many people, sitting in classrooms and listening to long lectures might be a daunting task. Elearning helps to eradicate this problem. As discussed, LMS offers gamification features like badges, leaderboards, and rewards which makes learning more fun and engaging. There will be healthy competition among the learners when they compare their badges and reward points to their peers. This helps push them to perform better thereby improving the engagement levels of the employees.


For the longest time delivering lectures and learning was considered tedious. But with the emergence of many tech tools that make learning more fun and engaging, organizations can easily transition from offline to online learning. Hope this article helped you in understanding why eLearning is more effective than in-person training and why you should opt for it for your organization.

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