The Smart Office Becomes a Smarter Experience When Powered By the Huawei Super Device

During the pandemic crisis, many are working from both office and home. There are various gadgets such as smartphones, desktops, tablets and laptops to streamline work, but sometimes it becomes overwhelming to find a perfect balance between work and pleasure. With all these devices at your disposal, you may have created a unique working system but daunting to connect the devices to a single platform. You need not hardware configuration but an ecosystem where all the assignments are at your fingertips. The smart office solutions from Huawei combines the hardware of the devices to form a cohesive platform. 

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Flawlessly connects all the devices.

The system flawlessly connects all the devices into an interrelated network in a protected, convenient fashion. The dedicated network connects all office devices, laptops, P, C or tables, ts, under one umbrella and forms an integral part of the Super Device. It is a common programming language that lucidly flows from one device to another, recognizing the features of every device creating a potent Super Device. Because of the cohesive system, you can transmit files and connect to other devices giving you sufficient time to concentrate on your work. The created system is hassle-free of dangling cables or pen drives for transferring a file from one PC to another.

IoT (Internet of Things)

The technology used in the smart office is similar to smart homes or spaces in a greater context. The prevailing technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), cloud computing, data analytics have become smarter and integrated into a cohesive vertical platform of Super Device. Other technologies used in the smart office are AR/VR or AI, to name a few. The different smart system incorporates different technologies, data analytics, tools and services while the sensors and IoT nourish the platform. Employees of the organization can manage/activate the mobile application and see office parameters according to the hierarchy.

A focus point of the office

This permits the creation of a flexible, tailor-made working ecosystem depending on the work environment, keeping all the devices wirelessly connected. The system is futuristically providing a more convenient working environment. The Huawei MateBook D15 comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio that stretches your imagination limit; it is an ultimate tool for video editing, content creation and color, pixel calibration of photographs. The 4+K color display of the monitor with wireless projection and smart bar makes it a focal point of the office. The screen size is ample enough for multiple apps and document folders. Toggling has never been so comfortable. You can change the wireless projection to USB-C, HDMI, or mini display port with a touch of a finger. 

People and work-centric

A smart office use services/technology optimally, but it does not mean the organization becomes tech-centric. It always remains people and work-centric, with technology being the facilitator. Ideally, the office space needs to bridge the physical and digital realms creating a common ground. For instance, the extended model of MatePad acts as an extended display for MetaBook, giving more space for display content and is especially helpful for comparing and editing footage. The smart office manifests a more convenient environment where a user can toggle between emails, documents, and videos and transfer one device to another, creating a collaborative and unified environment. 

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