Solar Panel Technology: How Does It Really Work?

Did you know that the U.S. Energy Information Administration states that the U.S. hopes to add 21.5 gigawatts of solar energy to its power grid this year? That percentage leads the chart at 46% with natural gas following at 21% and wind at 17%. 

How will the U.S. implement solar energy? With solar panels, of course. This article highlights everything you need to know about solar panel technology, so keep reading!

What Is Solar Panel Technology?

When the sun strikes the Earth, it sends energy and power that can be converted into thermal power or electrical energy. To convert the sun’s energy into useful energy, you need to use a photovoltaic panel (solar panel) or solar thermal technology.

Solar thermal technology converts the sun’s energy into mechanical energy and is used in power plants or large factories.

The Science Behind it All

Let’s take a look at some solar panel science.

When you set up home solar panels, find the area of the yard or the roof the sun comes into contact with the most. Put the panel in that area. When the sun emits rays, the panel digests that energy and translates it into electric energy. 

The photovoltaic panel uses its cells (PV cells) to complete the conversion. These tiny cells serve as conductors and create between one and two watts of power each. To survive harsh weather conditions, PV cells are protected by glass or plastic on solar panels. 

Benefits of Solar Panels

Some benefits of solar panels include:

  • Environmental Benefits- By using natural resources, you eliminate the need for greenhouse gas emissions or fossil fuel use. 
  • Limits Pollution- Since solar panels rely on the sun, you don’t need to use harmful gases to keep the electricity running.
  • Doesn’t Require Water- Some power plants use water to supply energy but solar panels only rely on the sun. Conserve water and use your solar panels during a power outage or a drought. 
  • Save On Your Energy Bill- Instead of paying a monthly bill to power your house, you need to make a one-time purchase for your solar panels. They are maintenance-free so you spend less on harmful power plant bills and put more money in your pocket.

Fun Facts About Solar Panels

Other fun facts about solar panels include:

  • French Physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photoelectric effect, the current did not change between light or dark conditions. This was the precursor to photovoltaics. 
  • It takes the sun ten minutes to send energy 90 million miles to a solar panel. 
  • Solar panels can help crops grow, heat water, and power spaceships.
  • The largest solar panel power plant is in the Mojave Desert. It’s 1,000 acres.

Buying Solar Panels 

Once you’ve decided you want to use the Earth’s natural energy to power your home, you’ll wonder where to buy solar panels.

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Interested In Solar Panels?

With no environmental harm, no pollution risk, and reduced energy costs, solar panel technology is on its way to providing electricity for the majority of the world. There is still work to complete, but looking at statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, solar panels are a wise investment.

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